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  1. vicky

    What if in any restaurant/café you never find people likeable. Still as long as you’re likeable as person who is in personal level. You no longer find difficulties on being there. You have a good point David, likability is important for Interpersonal happiness.🙂

  2. Nena

    Still they keep messing up your order! I feel like getting to know them on a personal level would save you some money and bad coffee! Also, it’s an excellent business model if they suck so much and yet you keep coming back!

  3. Jean

    Sounds like a nice place with nice people that you feel connected to.

    I’m wondering BEFORE you actually broke the ice, David, who initiated conversation first? You or person/s who work there? and if you still remember, do you mind telling us what was said as icebreaker (beyond “hi”, “hello”, “how are you doing?” and stating what you want to order)?

    • David Morin

      It was a year since my first visit so I can’t remember the exact conversation, just that it felt very natural.

      However, I’ve written about how to start a conversation at places like these: You can scroll down two thirds here to “Starting a conversation when you’re not expected to”: https://socialpronow.com/start-conversation/