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  1. Zuzanna


    Sorry for the unfinished comment before, I sent it by accident.

    I happened to be two times in this situation I’m about to describe.

    I have two friends who are twins. They seem to be extroverts, they are open to everyone and very talkative. There were two times when we met new people. And every time they were the ones talking while I was always standing next to them listening, maybe saying something once in a while. They were always the ones who people liked more and were interested in them more because of their personalities.

    I know all the things about talking to new people, how to ask them questions and how to say something about yourself but it is hard to bring it into life, especially right next to people who are much more social and lead the talk.

    Can you give me some advice how to open yourself to strangers and how to interest them in you? And how to do it when you are with someone whose more outgoing? It always takes me (not a lot but a bit) more time to be that open and friendly like the twins.