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  1. Chuck finley

    The fact that this website and the emails are free is amazing, it’s all simple stuff I already knew but reading it once a week in an email seems to revamp my social situations, and I’m finding it much easier to have relaxed conversations with anybody I’m close to, or even just met.I’ve definitely noticed a confidence boost as well. Thanks and looking forward to more great content

  2. jay

    Awesome article! Things finally started to click when I realized: Yes, I had the potential to have great conversations! For some reason, I was unable to bring that skill into interaction with other adults. Like I wasn’t good enough to be worth listening too or I really didn’t know how to be interesting.

    Granted, I was a teacher. But I was one that successfully taught social skills. How to talk to kids so they will listen (which is also a great book) is also how to talk to adults so they will listen too. It is to be relatable. Not too relatable or you’ll be too revealing. Not so secretive you come off as unreachable. Kids favorite adults or teachers were the ones that could take a joke even at thier own expense. That’s a great way to break the ice or get up after slipping on it. That method has never changed even as people grow up. Thank goodness.

    • elizah

      does that mean that it’s okay to make self-deprecating jokes?

      • Viktor Sander

        I think self-deprecating jokes work best in a position of power (like teacher vs students). But it can be more tricky if you do it too much when you’re equal to the lister(s).

  3. Dom

    Many times I have more personal conversations in bars etc. but people dont want to talk about more personal things. I asked someone what they did, whether they loved their job and then what they would do if they could do anything? They just said I dont know, still think about it. People don’t want to have deep and meaningful personal conversations in bars and parties, they just want to keep it light and have a laugh. That’s what I struggle with. Any tips?

    • elizah

      Make the conversation appropriate with the setting. Deep and meaningful conversation is best suited in private settings rather than loud and public ones. Also, make sure that the person you’re having a deep conversation with feels close enough to you for them to open up more.

  4. Mel

    Thanks for the help! What other personal questions can I ask, especially when talking to other teenagers?

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing and really great insights to being really authentic. Love your great sincerity and tips!

  6. Wole

    Whenever I get your mail, they bless me in ways you can’t imagine.my social life has been impacted by your words. Thanks for the acuraccy and consistency in delivery. All this post are really revolutionary for me. Always looking forward to the next post. Thank you.

    • David Morin

      So glad to hear that Wole. It means a lot to me to know that others are helped by what I write. Thank you!