How to tell if a guy likes you: 43 signs he has a crush on you

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How do you know if a guy likes you?

My name is Viktor Sander. I’ve been working as a dating coach for over 8 years helping both men and women understand the signs we give when we like someone.

Here are the 43 best signs to help you tell if a guy has a crush on you or not.

1. Does he ever stare at you?

You probably know how hard it is to NOT look at someone you like. Prolonged eye contact without talking is a big tell that a guy likes you.

But to be fair, it’s common that guys stare at any girl they find attractive. And it’s an easy way for him to show his interest without having to approach you. But who knows, he might even have a secret crush on you?

2. Is he mirroring you?

Mirroring means that his body language, posture, or even what he’s saying reflects what you said or did.

Examples of mirroring:

  • When you take a sip of your glass, he also takes a sip of his glass
  • When you cross your legs, he crosses his legs
  • When you get very animated/passionate in a conversation, he also gets animated
  • When you lean in, he also leans in
  • When you laugh, he laughs

Note that mirroring is done subconsciously when he has a good rapport with you. But it can also be done consciously if he really wants to impress you or bond with you. It’s a great sign either way.

3. Has he added you on social media (like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or WhatsApp) after you met?

Adding you on social media means that he wants to keep contact with you and might be a bit interested in you. This is also good because now you can more easily start a conversation with him online.

4. How long are his texts or messages compared to yours?

If his texts are about the same length or longer than yours, that’s great. It’s especially good if they’re longer than yours.

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If he usually gives short answers compared to you, that’s a bad sign. When you’re giving him long replies, but not getting the same in return, it means you’re probably too eager.

In that case, it’s good to step back a bit and try to match him better.

5. Is he teasing you?

Most forms of teasing (even mean teasing) are usually a sign he’s interested in you. It means he’s trying to create a flirty vibe between you and that he wants a reaction from you.

Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to tease him back! 😉

6. Is he doing the “lean in”?

If he’s leaning in toward you, that shows he wants to get closer to you (or he’s really passionate about what he’s saying). When a guy has a crush on you, it can feel like he’s magnetically drawn to you.

7. Is he getting “too close” to you compared to what is normal?

If you’re in a conversation and you feel like he’s edging closer to you, or as if he’s almost uncomfortably too close to you, that’s a good sign. He may be attracted to you and wants to feel closer to you both physically and mentally.

Note that different cultures have different “personal spaces”. So, if he’s from a different culture than you, see how close he gets to others to see if it’s just you or everyone.

8. Has he ever offered you a massage?

This is one of the more obvious tells that a guy likes you. Offering a massage is a nice thing to do, but it’s also a smooth way for a guy to get you both touching each other. (Remember to offer him one back if you like him!)

9. Is he smiling toward you?

If he’s smiling toward you from afar, that’s an invitation to approach him. (I’m assuming you didn’t just forget to put your pants on when leaving home.)

If he’s smiling toward you when you’re in a conversation, that’s a sign he likes you. Especially if he has a light smile while you’re not even joking.

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10. Is he giving you mixed signals?

Mixed signals are really tricky to interpret and can make anyone confused. But in most cases, they do mean he’s interested in you. Here are the most common reasons why he’s giving you mixed and confusing signals.

9 Reasons why he’s giving you mixed signals:

  1. He doesn’t want to come off as too eager
  2. He’s shy
  3. He’s nervous and insecure
  4. He’s afraid of seeming desperate
  5. He’s afraid you’ll reject him
  6. He’s inexperienced in flirting
  7. He’s following some weird rules or pick-up tips he’s read
  8. He’s just flirting with you (because flirting is all about giving mixed signals)
  9. He likes the attention or validation he gets from you but isn’t really interested in you

If you need help, explain your situation in as much detail as possible in the comments. I’ll reply to well-written comments and help you interpret the signs.

11. Does he give you any compliments?

Getting a compliment from a guy in your age is a good sign. If he’s giving you compliments about how pretty you are, it’s an even better sign.

It can be hard to tell a friendly compliment from a romantic one because they can sound exactly the same. To know for sure, look for other signs he’s also giving you or describe your situation in the comments below.

12. How large are his pupils when you two are talking?

If his pupils get large when you’re in a conversation, you’re doing something right. This one is quite subtle because pupil size is primarily determined by light levels, but secondarily attraction can also increase pupil size.

13. Is he holding eye contact with you for “too long”?

When a guy has a crush on you, it can be so hard for him to keep his eyes off of you. You can notice this if he’s holding eye contact with you slightly too long.

It can almost feel a little weird or intense when it happens. And that’s great (if you like him).

Click here if you want to learn how to improve your eye contact.

14. Is he giving you a slight smile when you get eye contact?

If you’re standing in a group, and when someone else is talking, you two get eye contact. Does he give you a slight smile?

Same thing if you get eye contact at a distance, in a park, or at a bar. A smile is an invitation to start talking. He’s interested!

15. If there’s background music, what’s his body language and what is he looking at?

This sign is most useful at a place with some background music, for example at a bar or a club.

If he’s moving in rhythm with the background music and at the same time looking at you, that’s a sign he’s attracted to you. Dancing like that and looking at you is an inviting form of body language. That tells you he wants your attention and is trying to get you to make a move.

16. Does he straighten his posture when he is close to you?

Is he straightening his back and standing up more straight? It means he’s a bit self-conscious when hanging out near you and he wants to make a good impression.

Not that strong of a sign because most single guys want to make a good impression on attractive girls. But if you see it together with many other signs, it means more.

17. What direction is he facing in group situations?

If he’s facing you more often than he’s facing others in a group, that’s a sign he’s into you and values you more than others in the group. This is especially telling if you’re not the one talking the most in the group.

18. Where are his feet pointing?

If his feet are pointing toward you, that’s a sign in the same line as if his body is facing you. He’s subconsciously focused on you which makes his feet point toward you.

19. Is he fiddling with or straightening his clothes or accessories?

This could be because of nervosity, but it can also be because he wants to look good in front of you. It’s a classic sign of attraction.

20. What direction are his palms facing?

If the palms of his hands are pointed in your direction that signals he might be interested in you. It’s a small sign, but it’s still positive because it’s part of an open and welcoming body language he has toward you.

21. If you touch him, does he touch you back?

For example, if you touch his arm, does he touch you in a similar area later on in the conversation? If he does reciprocate your touch, that’s a great sign.

If he’s shy or inexperienced, he might not feel comfortable touching you back even if he has a crush on you.

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22. Is he extra touchy with you?

A good tell he likes you is if he’s touching you unusually much compared to others.

Common areas to touch are arms, shoulders, back, hands, or thighs. Hands or thighs are usually more intimate if he touches those.

23. Do you ever have “peripheral physical contact”?

Peripheral physical contact is when some part of your bodies are in contact with each other when you are doing something else.

Example: If you’re both sitting down and your thighs are barely touching each other. Or if you’re walking side by side and he grabs hold of your arm.

This kind of passive physical contact means a lot and can build a lot of suspense and attraction. It’s the best feeling being close to someone you got a crush on.

24. Is he giving you more of his attention than he’s giving others?

The more attention he gives you, the more interested he usually is in you. Compare this to how much attention he gives to other girls also hanging out with him or in the same group as you.

Example: If you’re in a group but he seems to direct most of his attention toward you. It could be that he’s asking you lots of questions or that he’s laughing more than others at your jokes. Or just listening more intently to you.

25. Does he ever blush when you talk or get eye-contact?

He might just be shy, but he’s probably a bit extra self-conscious around you because he likes you. This makes him blush around you.

Social anxiety can also cause blushing. But it’s still a great sign.

26. Does he seem to look in your direction from far away?

Guys can be a bit sneaky when they want to check you out. They can make it seem like they’re only looking in your direction or just grazing you with his eyes. And if he has sunglasses it’s even harder to know if he’s checking you out.

So if he’s looking in your direction, especially if he does it several times, he’s probably checking you out.

27. Does he keep the conversation going when you stop talking?

What happens when there’s a pause in the conversation or if you stop talking? If he seems eager to get the conversation going again, that’s good. If he lets the conversation die out or excuses himself, he may not be that interested (unless he’s just shy).

28. How quickly does he reply when you text or message him?

A quick reply is a good sign he likes you. Also, if he replies with several texts to your one text, that’s even better.

However, if he likes you, he may also delay his replies to avoid seeming needy or desperate. But as long as he replies, it’s all good. If he’s slow to reply, it could just mean he’s busy or he doesn’t like texting, so don’t read too much into it.

29. Who texts or calls first?

Is he the one initiating contact or are you? If he is, that probably means he’s interested in you.

But if he never calls or texts first, that’s a sign of lack of interest. In that case, it can be good to take a step back to see if he will take initiative. If you’re always so quick to take initiative, he might never even have a chance to do it first.

30. How often does he text you?

Compare this to how often you text him. He’s eager if he’s texting more often than you, and you’re more eager if you’re the one texting more often. If he’s sending you several texts in a row without a reply it’s a stronger sign.

31. Does he stammer, stutter, or become awkward in a conversation with you?

This could mean that he feels shy or self-conscious around you. When a guy likes you, it’s common that he gets a bit extra awkward or stutters when talking to you. That’s because he gets uncomfortable and doesn’t want to mess up in front of you. It’s kind of cute, isn’t it?

32. Does he back off if you get a bit too close?

If he doesn’t even flinch when you get a bit too close to his personal space, that’s a sign he wants you close to him.

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If you take a step closer, and he backs off by a step, that’s a sign he’s a bit more reserved toward you.

33. Does he ever talk about things he wants to do with you?

Planning or mentioning things he wants to do with you in the future is a very strong indication of some sort of interest, romantic or platonic.

Example: If you’re talking about a newly opened restaurant and they say “We should go there someday!” or “I’ll show you how amazing that place is!”

34. How does he react when you discover you have something in common?

If he’s happy, that’s good. This sign is extra strong if it’s something very trivial, like that you live in the same part of town, that you’re the same age, or that you both like pizza.

Example: You discover that you both grew up in the same city and he gets really excited about it even if it’s no big deal.

35. Is he asking you any personal questions?

If he is, that’s telling you that he wants to know more about you and is interested in you. The more he asks, the better.

Example: Asking about your plans for the future, your childhood, or your favorite food.

36. Has he asked you about your plans for the day or the weekend?

This might just be empty small talk, but it could also be him trying to open a window where you can meet again and hang out. It’s more likely it’s a sign of interest if he brings it up near the end of the conversation.

37. Is he trying to make you jealous?

This is a strong sign he’s interested in you. But it’s also a sign he’s emotionally immature and manipulative. I would avoid someone acting like that. You deserve to be treated with respect.

38. Has he told his family about you?

This one is most relevant once you’ve already started dating. But it’s such a huge sign of interest (and approval) that I think it’s worth mentioning. It’s even bigger if he’s from a culture where approval from the family is important.

If he’s told his family, it means he is visualizing and planning a future with you. Congrats!

  1. Is he staying to talk with you even though his friends have left?

This is a big tell. If you’re in some sort of group conversation with him and his friends, and all his friends leave but he stays – he’s probably into you. Still might not be romantic interest if you just have a great conversation and have lots in common.

An example could be when you’re at a party, and all his friends leave to get a bite to eat, but he stays with you.

40. How can you tell if a coworker likes you?

At work, It can be hard to tell if a coworker is flirting with you or just being friendly. Usually, guys play it safer at work because he doesn’t want to create any awkward situations if he would be rejected. So, he might be probing to see if you like him before he gives you any clear signs of interest.

6 ways to tell if a coworker likes you:

  1. He comes over to talk with you as often as possible
  2. He often teases you
  3. It seems likes he’s flirting, but you’re not really sure
  4. He tries to hang out near you when possible
  5. He tries to be funny when he’s near you
  6. He’s eager to do any work tasks where you work together
  7. He goes above and beyond to help you out at work
  8. He gets weird or stiff when he’s near you, but he’s normal with everyone else

I think this is super interesting, so if you have a work-related situation, write it down in the comments. I will 100% give you a reply and help you interpret the signs.

41. How do you know if your best friend likes you?

Here are 7 signs your best friend might have started liking you as more than a friend:

  1. Is he acting differently from how he usually behaves?
  2. Does he seem jealous or dismissive of other guys you might like?
  3. Is he suddenly extra touchy-feely?
  4. Is he unusually interested in your interests?
  5. Has his behavior toward you changed recently?
  6. Does he seem extra needy?
  7. Has he told you he has feelings for you?

If you’re still unsure, let me know about your situation in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.

42. How do you know for sure if a guy friend is interested?

You can’t really know for sure if a cute guy is interested just based off of a sign in this list. But there are a few rules you can use to help you know:

  1. Is he regularly showing you signs of interest?
  2. Does he act differently to others than to you? (So he’s not just flirty with everyone.)
  3. Has he shown any particularly strong signs of interest?
  4. Can you see any patterns in his behavior toward you?

43. Are you still unsure if he likes you?

Write down your situation in the comments below in as much detail as possible. I’ll answer the most interesting comments to help tell if the guy likes you or if he’s just being friendly/flirty/mean. I’m also hoping that you can help someone else by replying to their comment – that way everyone gets something.

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  1. So I work at a hotel and there’s this guest I hung out with once and he said let’s stay friends I was like cool. Then one day out of the blue I’m not at the desk weeks had passed since we hung out but he wanted to know if I was going to work or not. More time passes and we’re in shelter in place at sundown. He tries to get food from McDonald’s or something and comes back tells me about his issue with the restraunts I tell him were in lockdown again. The very next day he does it again and I’m still at the front desk and he still doesn’t understand what lockdown means or something even though I explained it the night before. not really sure what he wants at all.

  2. Ok so I have this guy in my class who’s always staring at me. I first noticed it when we were queueing to go out of the school. I caught him staring at me, then he looked away and so did I, so he stared back and I caught him again. He also stares at me in class, when we are in the schoolyard and when we’re in sport class. Once in sport class he was listening to the conversation we were having with my friend, he was bending over to hear it. I teased him on a sport thing he was doing and he teased me back, he also teases me when I’m doing the exercise next to him. Last time I regretted it so much when I put my foot on his best friend’s back while he was doing push ups to tease him and when I was afraid to do it on him, the worst thing is that my friend heard that he was saying “I can do it too” and I didn’t. It was the last week before lock-down. However, sport class is the only moment he is talking to me. Once he complimented me when we were in Spanish class saying I was smart because I had a good grade but he had drink smthg before …

    I’m questioning myself on a lot of things. For instance, once I was pushed back and he was behind and when we touched but not one of us moved. He also did try to push me off the queue once but he didn’t pass or in English class he asked me smthg and when he saw the English girl was next to me he said “oh I’m sorry I don’t see why im asking you”.

    So some of the things he does are really really weird and I don’t know what to think of them. Especially that the fact is that he is the “popular” boy type and that one of the girl in my class is really into him and he’s always teasing her, touching her but apparently they’re only best friends. He has his friends so he never talks to me when I’m with mines or ever. The thing I hate about this situation is that, even though he is the opposite of me we share the same thoughts and the same ideas. And sometimes I can see when he’s sad or not really proud of himself in his eyes.

    So yeah, my situation is really weird. Can someone please help me ?

    Thanks !!

  3. So I like my guy best friend and he knows it but he keeps giving me mixed signals. I had my best friend ask him if he liked me and all he told her was lol. He took my phone one day for the fun of it and put it behind his back so I tried grabbing for it and I touched his hand and left my hand there and he started slowly holding my hand. He started standing by me more and sitting next to me more. He started asking me if I wanted hugs randomly. He also offered me to come sit by him. He told me that when he’s ready to date we could try dating after I asked him out. Then the other day I was talking to his guy best friend for advice and he walked out and asked his friend what we were talking about and his best friend didn’t say anything then he was like is it the question of you asking me out again. So like does he secretly want me to ask him out is that why he brought it up? When my friends tease me bout liking him he joins in on it and I don’t know why he does that. He told me he’d take me on a date cause I’ve never been on one before but is that cause he actually wants to or just to show me what a date is like?

  4. im a tween and i have a crush on this boy in my class, but idk what he thinks of me. we’re kinda in a relationship where he kinda laughs with me. ok, this is a long story but its worth it: On saturday, my bff had a distanced party at the park, and he was there (oh my god im blushing). we (every1 at the party) had the BEST time. especially at the end, when we broke into the playground (i no!!). i was with 2 other girls, and him with 2 other boys. we stayed up REALLY late there gossiping and stuff. oh, and he goes to the same church as me. (i no, that doesn’t mean anything but i don’t care) so do u (or anyone else, actually) have any advice? should i tell him next time i see him or what? thanks!

  5. I saw him only once! But I gave request in instgram in 3 days! Initially I was the one who was initiating the conversation! And we became friends! He offered me for night show. We went and he never tried to flirt with me! Now we both equally start our conversations . But conversation is not lasting for long hours! Sometimes he comments my picture with shyness! And now iam very confused that whether he has intrest Or not! He stays Instagram for long hours! I don’t know how to make him fall for me

  6. hi
    So there is this guy and i’m not sure if he has a crush on me. Every time he stares at me, it’s in a different way. like one time he was staring at me (from a distance) with no expression on his face and he didn’t look away when i looked at him, all he did was blink rapidly. Another time i caught him staring and he quickly looked away all embarrassed. He sometimes looks at me from the side of his eyes when he is passing by. But what makes me unsure is that he ignores me and doesn’t look at me in other times, i don’t know what to think. I feel like he does but then it feels like he doesn’t. It would be helpful if some knew this kind of behavior, because i’m just really confused.

  7. I’ve known this guy for so many years; we’ve been worshipping in the same church since childhood, though we’re not so close as friends. I started having feelings for him in 2014 but he had a girlfriend at the time. In 2018, during a youth meeting, he said he was single since everyone in the meeting was asked to disclose their status. End of 2018, I started seeing some sort of signs from him like; he would seem kind of nervous talking to me, he would come greet me, though I would notice it’s like he was conflicting with himself as to whether he should come my direction to greet me or not, his eyes would seem watery in my presence, something that never happened before, he won’t look at me in the eye when talking to me, also something that never happened before and he during youth meetings he would always move his eyes through the crowd since I normally sit at the back, the moment he spots me he either gets out like for a minute then gets in the room and takes his seat or just sits immediately after he spots me. When addresses us, since he’s the youth chairman, I’ve noticed he stands in front at side that I’ve sat in that I see him directly and vice versa. Though end of 2019 he started avoiding me (but I believe it’s because I’ve also been avoiding him since I’m trying to forget and get rid of what I feel for him) and he’s still avoiding me though I’ve been told by a friend of mine that he and his friends have been talking about me of my strong personality, I not entertaining guys or any sort of nonsense, there has also been a background of like three guys from our church who tried pursuing me but I rejected them (one of the guys is my crush’s best friend, who still tries to pursue until now, despite rejecting him because I don’t like him the way he wants me to). Guys also say I’m intimidating coz I don’t entertain them. On the other hand I witnessed him flirting with another girl but any time he called her sweet word (honey to be specific) he would immediately turn and look at me, I think to see my reaction. Is it that my crush likes me but he’s intimidated by me or he doesn’t know what to do since his best friend is still stubborn and keeps trying to pursue me despite I saying know to him OR is he just not interested??

  8. So my story is a bit long but here goes nothing:
    This guy and I are in med school together and have known each other for about 6 years now (the duration of our programme). He’s very introverted and quite awkward with people he doesn’t know so we never really interacted until about 2 years ago when we chose an elective in the same department at a hospital in our home town. We were the only two students there so we had no choice but to interact and eventually got to know each other. We’d sometimes have deep conversations about our likes and dislikes but I thought nothing of this because we didn’t really know each other then.
    Fast forward about 6-8 months later (a year ago) and he asked me to a formal that the university was hosting for our class. He ended up getting sick and not attending the formal but he got his friend to give me the flowers he’d bought me. He also came to check on me the following day and apologize for missing the formal. That day was also the start of recess plus a second elective which we did in different places. During this time I also realized I had a small crush on him – we shared the same values plus he’s incredibly attractive. When we got back to school he got me expensive chocolates to make up for the formal but declined when I offered to cook dinner for him.
    And then we went back to the silence and zero communication.
    Fast forward to this year – 2 weeks ago to be exact. We needed to get back to school and being from the same hometown, we had to drive down together because no transport was running due to the national lockdown. As all roadtrips do, we started off playing music from his phone until we got to the first rest station. I generally don’t drink coffee but I bought one because it was quite early and I was getting cold. He asked what my preferred drink was and I told him before getting back to our roadtrip.
    I should probably have mentioned that in the planning process of this roadtrip I met his parents, who seem really nice, and our parents are now getting on like a house on fire.
    Back to the roadtrip. So now that I knew what music was on his phone (as the appointed DJ) but didn’t really recognise anything, he told me that I could play the music on my phone or whatever I liked. I went on to explain that I usually listen to a lot of RnB because I appreciate the lyrical content of songs. I decide to stream music and we took turns requesting songs. Does the man not start choosing songs with the absolute deepest lyrics??? Songs about men finding the one, being devoted to their lovers and the joy of simply being in love. I was so overwhelmed by the song choices because this was nothing like the music on this cellphone (which is what I’d assume he listens to the most). I didn’t know if he was trying to send subliminal messages or what he was trying to convey. When I questioned the music choices he simply said that that was roadtrip music. Anything more upbeat would be more appropriate for a party with friends or some other social set-up. I continued playing the music and we’d sing along to the songs we both knew.
    At some point we took a break and I took phone calls from friends + family checking in. We started back on the roadtrip while I was on the phone so that was that for the DJ.
    After my last phone call, he randomly started asking me about my future plans. Whether or not I wanted children. What my thoughts were on marriage. What my plans were for next year when we’re supposed to get placements for junior doctor positions and which places I was considering. When I told him that I wanted to go back to our hometown, he asked which neighborhood I wanted to live in and why, and he seemed to agree with everything I said. We discussed our faith, our challenges with anxiety and our families, and seemed to have a lot in common. He was also quite interested in my likes/ dislikes as well as what my long-term career plans were.
    In the moment I spoke openly and only afterwards did I begin to question the motives behind all the questions. Things my own friends had never even asked/ discussed with me.
    At our last rest stop, he surprised me with my favourite hot drink while I got us lunch. Once back on the road we settled into a comfortable silence. We had spoken about our hopes and dreams, we’d exhausted the RnB + gospel playlists and simply played classical music + movie soundtracks. I’d glance at him from time to time and he’d just smile.
    I continued being the contact person for his family, constantly updating them, and 12 hours later we reached our destination. He took my bags up to my apartment, we said our goodbyes and have not had much communication since. I honestly hate it when he leaves me high and dry. Does he sincerely like me or is this all one twisted game?
    I keep dreaming about the life that we could have (based on what we’ve discussed) and it’s all driving me crazy.
    Can he just ask me out already?!!!

  9. so there is this friend that i have and we’ve known each other since kindergarten. He is a year older than me but we are great friends. the thing is i like him but he has a girlfriend. i know that is wrong but he is just super cute and funny. Any way, we keep on making eye contact and when ever he sees me he will come and push me like a friendly push. so i push him back, he makes me laugh too. we don’t text much though. anyways i don’t know if he likes me or not. I want to tell him i like him but i don’t want to be embarrassed if he doesn’t like me back. so if anyone could help me out on what to do that would be great. Thanks.

  10. Hi
    there is a boy in my school that I like, but I don’t know if he likes me back. last year we were talking on messanger and my mum saw messanges on my ipad and she took them to my teacher and my teacher suspended for a few days and my teacher told us to delete each other on social media.

  11. Hi, I got back in touch with a guy after 16 yrs. Now we have been talking for almost 1 year over messenger. Only met one time several months ago and both sat in vehicles and talk for several hours. We talk daily most time, sometimes we will go a couple days and not talk. I always usually message him first unless it’s been maybe a week and he will out of blue message me first. We live about an hour apart but his town in close to my parents and I have a close friend who lives there also so I got there alot to go to walmart and stuff. I really like him and I’ve been asking for months to see him again but seems there is always an excuse. Hes busy, hes going to a buddies, hes at his parents etc…. Let me also say I am married!! Been married for 8 years now but it’s a bad marriage. A marriage that I’m not happy in anymore…. Me and this guy I’m talking to are really close over texting. I’ve tried to break it off several times and he would blow up on me saying things such as guess I’m not good enough for you then, guess you found someone else, its whatever I dont know what’s wrong with you. And in a few days I always tell him I’m sorry for things I said and we are fine again….. He says he hasn’t dated or had sex with anyone since we started talking almost a year ago and we talk all the time it would be hard for him to have a relationship and talk to me.Plus we send selfies and other pics back and forth all the time. My close friend also works with him amd she says he works and goes home and isn’t dating anyone. Him and I joke around alot about me surprising him at his house, him cooking for me, me cooking for him, us laying around cuddling ,and even us having sex together. But seems he is scared, shy, afraid or wants me to surprise him and show him my actions since I’m married that I really do want him. I’m confused as to if he just likes my attention or if he really is interested in being with me amd waiting on me to leave my husband.Which I did twice in the past 6 months but I went back to my husband due to financial situations. Seems like along time to talk to a girl if u have no feelings for her and especially getting upset when she tries to break it off. Anytime I ask if he wants me to come over he will says yes. But if I ask for him to meet me its and excuse. So I wonder if he just wants me to show up.His Birthday is coming up in August and he done said he wants me to make his favorite cake for his birthday. But yet still hasn’t seen me in months. I think he just show me to take action for him… Please help me Thank You😊

  12. Hey, so there was this guy who I had a crush on during the first time we met, it was during a work event, we started to have a great conversation and got to know each other more. At that time i was just not sure if he likes me, but when we met after months again for another work event, he started teasing me and praising me to his other coworker. He showed even greater signs but the thing was he never once texted me or once in awhile i tried but he would just seen my message. However he did tell his friend that he liked me and wanted to talk to me but was shy. So one day, i texted him telling that I had a crush on him, but he never replied about his feelings. He just told me not to be bashful about it etc. So im really curious about his feelings, does he really like me? Because he showed many signs when we meet but when it comes to texting i just feel he does not like me. What should i do?

  13. Hi. I really confuse and need somebody to tell me what’s going on. So here’s the thing. We first met in a group. But I never talk to boys and socially awkward too. He is a very kind and social guy. Everytime he greets me, he will do it very cheerfully. The first greet he gave me was in a quite high pitch happy tone, looked very excited, smiled widely, waved at me and called my real name (not my nickname, I asked people to call me only by my nickname). I was quite taken aback and maybe said mean thing to him like “why so excited?” Then, after a while we started to chat. But mostly work-related. But sometimes, we talked about our life. Like how stressful we were, my interests and his, he also complained about his sunburn. During that time, I loved my senior and he knew about it. I even told him, I would like him if I havent fall in love with that senior first. He is a very nice guy. I saw him arranged all the shoes in front of the doors because the floor was wet, so that our socks didnt get wet. Then, someday, I got my hearr crushed so bad and never wamted ro fall in love again. Well, we are friends but till recently, I am confused. Like I said, he is a friendly guy. He texted my friends too. So I thought, I am just like his other girls friends. One day, he texted me. Something really deep, “wants friends but hates socializing, wants to be alone but hates loneliness, feel everything but numbing”. Then he asked me, what is that feeling? I told him what I was thinking and asked him if he was okay. But the thing is, why would he ask that to me? I mean, he wont probably ask other girls about that too right? Why me? Guys usually dont talk about deep feelings right? Especially to girls? From that day, I began to doubt our friendship. When he greeted me on his bike, with waves and smiles, I unconsciously waved back (I usually just nod to greet him back). Because I didnt take control of the waving, I was like making this weird face portraying, “why am I waving?” while looking at my waving hands. He saw my reaction and laughed. Thats the beginning of awkwardness. Then, the pandemic sent us home. And we conversed more and more online. He began to asked me about petty things and my opinions. Like, he showed me pictures and asked me what the emotions portrayed, he told me about his past, he asked me about grammar things, he asked me whats the answer for this question, some other more. Seems to me he is trying to make conversation to me.

    What do you think?

  14. I told my crush that i like him and he responded “ good and he is happy to know that” and i told him i am feeling awkward and he told me not to feel that way. He also told he is happy to meet me whenever i want. What does this mean?

  15. I like this guy a lot, I have liked him for a year or a little bit longer. He was my boss, but he was just a few years older than me. I always felt some sort of connection between us, and I felt like he liked me too, I don’t know how to explain it, but there was something. I tried to shoot my shot about 5 months ago, but I ended up giving up, and now I still thinking about it all the time. It makes me wonder if he actually thinks about me too, I find it weird that I think about someone I don’t talk too that much!!! He used to give me random compliments, but I preferred to overlook them telling myself that it was just him being friendly. Now I recall all those random moments and tell myself there must have been something else. Is it because I want to believe there was something, or was there truly something going on? He would give me random compliments, for instance he would say something like “we had a great time today”, or “you look nice today, almost younger”,etc. I really like him!!!! How do I approach him without beating around the bush this time around…

  16. There is a guy that I have been friends with for over 5 years. Sometimes it seems likes me and other times no. 3 days ago, for the first time, he invited me to go somewhere with him. It is a place that is abandoned that closer a long long time ago. We had a blast. Didn’t drink or anything. Even climbed a fence and onto a roof. He was so impressed and so excited that I actually did that. He told me that none of the other girls(now ex girlfriends, friends) he tried to get to do it would do it because they were too scared. He was amazed, blown away, so happy, etc. Does any of this indicate that he likes me?

  17. There is this guy at work, we have became friends and I have become to really like this guy. Some of my coworkers tell me that they can tell we like each other but I have always been bad at figuring this kind of thing out. He gets really talkative with me even more when it is one on one. I have noticed that his voice sometimes gets higher when he sees me and starts talking to me. He jokes and teases me alot, sometimes about sexual things and I will joke and tease back. I started touching his arms and standing a little closer to him and he doesn’t move away. When I’m teasing him I will sometimes call him hon, sweetie or honey and he will play along calling me names like that right back. He told me once that he hopes I keep the same work schedule as him. I have caught him staring at me, the other night when another guy was talking to me I saw him watching us. My guy friend also stood up from me with my boss saying that he would help me get a task done. He always helps me when I ask and sometimes he comes around were I’m working to check up on me. He has started to open up to me about his friends and family. He seems like he gets mad when someone makes me sad. He smiles whenever he sees me and most of the time we are talking he is smiling. One of the only things that throws me off is that he doesn’t really text. He does every now and than but sometimes when I text him he doesn’t reply. Sometimes if it was a question he will wait to answer it face to face. If anyone can help me decode this it would be a really big help. Thank you

    • He stares at me but immediately looks away when I look at him….he is.married and I work as a househelp so last night he knocked my bedroom door just to ask me about his phone and asked me to call him…he like making funny jokes and glance at me

  18. Hello,

    I first met this boy at the orientation for the musical that we are trying to perform. He is responsible for the background and the film. I am one of the dancers for the production. When we first met in early December, he had a girlfriend (I think). We did not even talk to each other that day. But, when I met him for the second time in late February, he started talking to me and asked about myself and whether I remember him. When I told him I did remember him, he seemed happy and told me that he was glad I remembered him. Later that day, our club decided to go eat dinner together. And when our club decided to carpool to the restaurant, he sat next to me in the car and when we arrived, he also sat next to me and kept on giving me meat (we went to a Korean BBQ place). It also seemed like he was showing off his cooking skills because he cooked the whole time. Also he asked for my phone when we got to the restaurant saying that he might need to contact me regarding the filming for the musical. So, I tried to give him my number, but he asked for my phone to put in his number and so I gave him my phone. After he was done saving his phone number on my phone, he called himself with my phone to get my phone number. That day, he was also very kind to help me carry my bag (it was heavy and I had a lot to carry). However, he never contacted me…

    After that day, he was always very nice to me whenever I went to practice (every Saturday). He smiled and waved hi when I arrived at practice. He always opens door for me, helps me carry my bag, and walks at the same speed as me when we walk somewhere together. He always sits and stands right next to me. He offers me his cold drink when I am sweating and seem tired. He faces me when he is talking to other girls, but he seems shy or uninterested when he talks to me, especially when there are a lot of people around us. I don’t know if it is because he doesn’t want to talk to me or he is shy, but he does try to talk to me whenever I am on break. However, he does not linger around when he says goodbye and he never contacts me first when we are not together. When I contacted him first, he responded back and we texted back and forth and he told me that we should go out and eat sometime. But then, he stopped texting me after three days of texting together. So I texted him first again after 2 days of no contact and he responded, but we went silent again. I called him “accidentally” after a month of no contact and he answered, but the call was pretty dry. I don’t understand, I thought he was interested in me. Now, I am not sure at all. He seems like he is interested in me when we are together, but he seems uninterested when we are apart. Is he not interested in me anymore or is he just shy to contact me first? What should I do? Should I just move on? Am I chasing him? Please help me

    *Btw, we only met like 3 times in total due to the Coronavirus…

    • I forgot to say, when we were at the Korean BBQ place, someone asked us if we were a couple. He said that we weren’t and that he break up with his girlfriend and that he is single now.

  19. I have a new CEO who started in February. I met him a few weeks after because a severe incident where a different colleague threatened and behaved violently in the workplace toward me when I approached him with a simple request about changing how he interacts with me. My manager handled the situation poorly, so it got escalated to the CEO as I was considering legal action. At that meeting, I went through the incident in detail (I did my best not to cry and hold myself together, but failed a bit) and because of how stressed/upset I was, I went into A LOT of negative things about the company/managers, genuinely do not remember 100% what I said). At the end of the meeting, he said I was courageous and was abruptly pulled out of the meeting by someone else.
    A few days later, late on a friday he sends me a lengthy email going through what had transpired with that colleague, who was now making (false) allegations about me that needed to be investigated and would have to respond to next week. In the email he acknowledged I was courageous and would be upset, provided his number to call him over the weekend if needed and that he had not approached me directly because he was concerned about enticing rumours. I did not call and had an awful weekend.
    On Monday, he looked really awful and asked me about my weekend (told him it was awful). Long story short, that employee was made to resign.

    A few days later he sends me an invite for a 1:1 which he was doing with everyone to get to know us, tells me it can be more casual in a cafe and for as long as I need.

    Meeting happens in his office and it’s got this weird vibe/energy to it when I walk in. I feel nervous because I said a lot of bad things about the company. I have a little list of things to talk about the incident (that could be improved). As soon as I sit down, he says he acknowledges incident was poorly managed, pity it happened etc. He pulls out a little book, smiles at me and says it’s getting quite full before telling me he has taken on everything I have said, is pursuing getting consultants in, etc

    He then smiles and asks me about why I am the only member of my team to access a certain program offered by the company, I tell the honest truth (which is again because of poor management) and he looks shocked and lost for words.
    He then asks me what I would do if I had his job, so I tell him management need to focus more on staff wellbeing and connecting with staff, I was explaining we were like passing ships when he interrupts me and says in a frustrated tone,
    “The amount of times I have walked past your desk and you just don’t look up, no one does, if you look up, then maybe I would approach”. I was shocked as had no idea.

    He then asks me if I have any questions for him, which I do and when he answers them he says “I shouldn’t tell you this but xy”, “I haven’t told anyone else this … xyz.”
    He pretty much tells me a lot of things he shouldn’t. Told me he was rambling and continued for a while when I said it was good to hear his thought process.

    Eventually he stops, my head is spinning and I shake my head when he asks if I have any more Qs. He then jumps UP from his chair and wipes his hands on his pants looking uncomfortable.

    The next day I see him walk past my desk and notice that he suddenly blushes (he didn’t notice me looking); a couple days later I happen to look up and catch his eye as he passes, he gives me a huge grin and blushes as he continues walking. Same response when I say good morning to him.

    He then approaches my work and asks how everyone is (this is something I told him management need to do more of), my coworker then jumps on him and starts bitching at him. He comes closer to my desk, enters my eyesight and we make direct eye contact for over 5 seconds before he breaks it to deal with my coworker.

    That was the last time I interacted with him because of COVID-19 restrictions. I have since noticed that he will occassionally end emails with my sign-off (kind regards) whereas it was normally more formal.

    We had a zoom meeting last week with the whole company and he touched on some of the issues he had spoken to me freely about, but did not go into full detail.

    He is my mega boss which really complicates the situation, coupled with the fact that I am pretty sure he has a partner.

    I think I have sparked some interest on his part, but do you think that he is pursuing me?

    I am feeling kind of indebted to him but in a really awkward position because I am not into taken guys or dating in the worplace.

  20. There’s a guy I work with im totally into.We talk and joke alot.He opens up to me as if we known each other for years.He constantly stares at me even in group conversations his eyes is on me only.He always find a reason to touch me and its nice.He knows that I like him and he stills act the same towards me.I read some of the signs posted but im not completely sure if he likes me back cause he wont say it.He always looks out for me and asked me to trust him and I do.He told me he trust me with any and everything as well.We confide in each other and can talk about everything.He seem to love wrestling with me every chance he get and a few weeks ago he walked by me smiled and winked at me.He is really different than the usual guys i date and its so
    much to this man.He even told me about his future plans.Am I reading to
    much into it?

  21. There’s this guy I really have a crush on. He’s new to our group of friends; we’re not very close, but he is close to my other guy friends. I’m not sure if that’s just the way he is, but he would reply to my tweets from time to time. However when I reply, he doesn’t reply back. There are several times that I catch him looking at me, and there are times that when I’m laughing I would see him smiling at me. There were also times that I’d pass by him and he would stare directy into my eyes. There was one time that we were in a crowded place. I didn’t know that he was behind me, then suddenly he just gently put his arm on my shoulder while I was fixing things the group needed.
    Despite this, there are also many times that he just ignores me, and doesn’t look at me the whole day.

    I don’t get this guy. Is he just friendly?

  22. There is this guy that is a very close friend of one my closest friends. I could immediately feel that he was into me when we first met. But I was not interested back then so I was just trying to ignore his attention and try to become friends. As time passed and I got to know him, I started to grow feelings on him. I can still feel that he is interested in me. For example, he compliments me a lot, he returns my messages so quickly, he makes me feel happy when we talk, our conversations are just so smooth all the time, he teases me all the time etc. However I still can not be sure of his feelings because he sometimes talks about other women being hot or beautiful..

    • I have a similar situation. I think he might like me but I’m really not sure because he talks to me about his fictional crushes and also like you said mentions other girls being sexy although they’re always celebrities.
      He has also said he has a crush on so and so but texts me more than once everyday and flirts with me. He asks me deep questions and says he wants to know me and if I make an offhanded comment he always asks what happened.
      Haha I’m a little confused.

  23. My friend I know has been crushing on me for a while. We work together and his friends would tell me how much good he talks about me. He is constantly teasing me and playing around with me at work. We use to go out every weekend but that stopped. He recently got out of a breakup a few months ago, it was a 1 month relationship and has stopped hanging out with me but he never changed at work. He keeps playing and teasing. He calls me every morning before work to talk to me but leaves me alone on the weekends. I even try to invite him and he straight up tells me no. He even talks about how good looking other girls are and checks them out when we are together. My co workers confronted him without me knowing and asked if he would ever date me and he said he would be so lucky to date me but he is scared. He even said we have different backgrounds. But his friends say he still talks about me all the time. I ended up writing a letter to him about how I feel and he refuses to read it. He told his friend he was gonna read it when he was ready.

  24. So I have a crush on this guy. We’re in the same class in university. I think he likes
    me too but I’m not sure.
    I first met him in a class field trip. It was the first time meeting my new classmates so I was checking everybody out. Our eyes met like three times.
    There was a time in class when he suddenly left his seat and sat down next to me but he didn’t strike up a conversation. His friend made a comment, he said ‘so you left your seat just to sit with a girl’. He left after that.
    The first time we actually talked was when we were sitting next to each other and I said hi. He became more open and asked me questions about myself. We had a really nice conversation and it was then I started to like him. After that, I usually greet him whenever I see him and he replies. Sometimes he acts as if he’s ignoring me but that might just be in my head but most times he says hi whenever he sees me.
    There was a time I thought he was going to ask me out because of how his friends were behaving around me but he never did. He always stares at me in class and looks away whenever I catch him. There was a time a met him in a shop and he paid for my drink. Sometimes when I’m around his friends would tap him to let him know I’m there.
    In our lab classes, he always positions himself opposite me so he can stare. There was a time he was staring at him and one of his friends tapped him and was like stop staring. Sometimes he intentionally comes close to me pretends to touch me casually.
    Recently, he added me up on social media. I accepted immediately and texted him. We had a nice conversation but he didn’t text me again till after 3 weeks when I decided to text again and we talked. After 2 weeks he actually texted me and we talked again. 5 days later I texted him again but it’s been 4 days now and he hasn’t replied yet. All the times we’ve texted he usually replies late. Sometimes he doesn’t even reply for a whole day. I know he’s not a person that likes to text because I actually heard him telling his friend that he’s really bad at texting. But still it worries me a bit. I keep wondering why he hasn’t made a move yet because I’m pretty obvious about liking him myself. I always say hi and smile at him whenever we see each other. If we’re in a group I make sure to greet him specially and I always strike up a conversation whenever I can.
    I really like him to be honest so I’m scared as to why he hasn’t made a move yet. Does he like me or not?

  25. Hello! So my name is ally, and I would like to know if my crush is even interested in me. So I’m in a private college where all students share the same building/classroom but we’re split in half from each side of the room. My crush and I have never talked and all I know about him is his name and face, but recently he’s been passing by my desk area and I’ve recently seen him glance in my direction so i can’t say for sure he was looking at me. There was this once where we were both in the break room and we were standing right next to one another but the whole time he kept his head down and looked to be in a hurry for his food to finish heating up and then he quickly left. So that got me thinking he probably doesn’t like me or I make him uncomfortable. When comes around with his friends who sit a couple of rows behind me he’ll stand facing my direction and he’ll turn his head to talk to his buddies. Not too long ago when we would have lectures, he would sit at the back of the class with his friends and then one day he sat by me…. again we never talked and neither of us made a move to talk but I don’t want to initiate conversation because I don’t want to look desperate or let him know I’m into him.

  26. So last year I left a comment on this site, to get an idea if I guy I was crushing on at work, like me too. He was playing hot/cold, and showing signs. I was told he showed signs of likely me, but something was holding him back. I lent back, see what will happen, he seemed to play hot cold. Finally a mutual friend who is also in a relationship of his own, decided to tell me what was going on……so as a update I thought I would let everyone know. The mutual friend told me he’ll definitely string me along. He is a player, plays victim to get your empthany and validation. Pretends to be interested and likes U. He plays women, and on Australia Day long weekend I was told he was planning to catch up with a married Asian women for a booty call. More than likely message her on a dating site, he knows she was married, and didn’t care. In meantime he was leading me on, he knew I wanted to catch up outside of work. He knew how I felt. The moral of this story ladies, if U come across a guy who is hot cold…….run!!!! Run like the wind. Be careful ladies, players are stepping up their game to be more cold to get what they want. A guy plays hot/cold………Run like the wind, because a guy if he truly likes U, will never give an opportunity to loose U. Make him work hard to prove himself.

  27. I have one about a coworker. I don’t know if he likes me or is just being nice, so he’s a manager I’m a crew member, I’ve noticed him being around me more often then other times, like today I was doing the dishes and he kept passing by me, a coworker of our came by and said is (Let’s call him Jay) “jay’s passing by here a lot” I shrugged my shoulders then another coworker was going to do something that involved passing by me a lot he said I’ll do it, I was like okayyy that’s weird then he kust kept passing by me, another time him and another coworker looked at eachother he told him something the other coworker looked and me then looked back at him smiling then he left. I was so confused by that, then I’ve noticed he’s been trying to talk to me more,I’m a really shy person, and I’ve noticed he’s been trying to talk to me more and work by me more. I don’t know please help me I don’t want to think something and it’s not that , please some reply and help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  28. Currently I’m a sophomore in college. Well, last year there was this guy, who I kinda thought was attractive but, i was in a relationship at that time and did not pay any interest to him. Well, now I am single and I’m going through somethings so I’m really sensitive right now and I try not to be but, I have recently gone back to hanging out with my friends, which are also his friends. A few days/weeks ago, he kept on making comments “I want a kiss from you”, “When am I going to get that kiss”, or “If we win the game or if I do great will you give me a kiss” (And everytime he would see me he would always ask this)and he sometimes makes moves to were he hugs me from behind and he also asked me randomly “how many kids do I want” and one time our friend was giving him something to throw away and our friends arm was in the way of my computer so I go to take the plate and then that is when he decides to grab the plate in the exact same place I grab it and he “holds my hand” for a few seconds. This normally happens around our friend group and he does not do any of these things to the other girls in our group from what I see. I just do not know what to think if I’m being honest. I got really flustered when this happened. I just want to know if he has an interest in me from what I have typed

  29. So my coworker and I have been friends for about 4 years. We met when I worked at mcdonalds in the town we live in and he was a police officer in the same town. He would come through and if I wasn’t in the drive thru window he would have who ever was there to come get me as he wanted to talk to me and would tell me about his day. He transferred to a police station about 30 minutes from the town we live in about a year after we met yet would come by.
    It was at the end of my employment there when he was telling me about an opening at the station he worked at and he said he would make sure my application was at the top of the list and he was even like I laid down the ground work for you . He personally called me up to let me know that I would be getting a call for a interview.
    Well I’ve had seen him for the first time since I had started he was working the same shift as me and he came in touched my shoulder and was like hey all happy to see me. After that I was suppose to do my ride along with him and we went to the supply closet to get me a bullet proof vest and he made the comment you can either wear it on or under your shirt(as all the officers wear their under their uniforms) then made the comment dont worry its just the vest I’m not really fat.
    I eventually admitted I like him and he put a shocked emoji on the message and I asked why he did that and he was like oh it was by accident.

    Since then when we worked overnight together he would come into the dispatch room to just say something random then walk back out he did this countless times. One day he came in and was like you can stop crying I’m here now and I was like huh what. Then one night he came into the dispatch room and our eyes locked and he never looked away I of course did with a smile on my face and he then started talking just to get my attention back.

    Now he does call me little one never my name. It’s so sweet. Now he will only do any of this when we are alone never when anyone is around.
    Now today I was there as well as another dispatcher and he came in twice with a glance towards me but wouldn’t say anything.

  30. okay so i like this guy, and he used to be really nice and sweet to me but after i texted him i liked him he stopped talking to me and avoids me. i didnt know he had just gotten out of a relationship and its really confusing me. before he would give me high fives and smile and talk to me, now its just like nothing. and he blocked me twice because i was “annoying” when i asked to forget it and be friends again. i dont understand. he gave me his number willingly and got mad when people gave me the wrong number. hes giving mixed signals and ive tried to act like i dont care and not bother him but its really bothering me….

  31. I know this guy who is talking to one of my friends, we had kissed once. couple of years ago but nothing ever escalated. fast forward a couple of years we become friends again, at first everything was friendly. almost no physical contact and not much flirting either but now, a few months after reuniting. hes been extremely touchy, more than usual. a few examples of how he touches me is putting his arm around, leaning his forehead against mine, resting his hand on mine, resting his hand on thigh while picking up something, hugging me every time we part ways, once he even brushed his fingers against my lips. I thought this was all just a way from him to show how friendly he was to me until he walked me home a few nights ago. the whole walk he had his arm around me. he then told me that if he wasn’t with his girlfriend he would have chosen me and that he wanted to make a move on me but of course couldnt due to the circumstances. only problem was in the moment he was drunk, I asked him if he meant it despite him drinking. he said yes but we havent talked since. so im not sure if he actually likes me. please help?

  32. I am right now doing my internship. I have a crush on one of my classmates. I really don’t know what to call it as. Because, it is kind of, I want to share all my views, sorrows, happiness with him. So don’t know what term to give to it exactly. And I also have a clue that he likes me. But I am not at all sure about it. He stares whenever he sees me. And will be waiting in the cafeteria till I come. As soon as I enter he starts combing his hair and do other gestures. Till today we haven’t spoken but once he only did. He just asked if the guy who sits next to me went after class. And that statement I will recall again and again. Coz, that was the only tiny conversation we had. I don’t know if he also has same feelings on me. I feel like i really need him. I should talk to him for hours on various topics. Please help me to find out if he likes me. And if he does, how to make him approach me sooner. Coz my internship ends in a month. So within that I should make him vome and propose me. Kindly help me with this

  33. I like someone, so I gave them a note. They just wrote “no comment” on it. I’m guessing this means he’s not into me, but just want an expert opinion

  34. So I told this guy that I liked him today this is what I said:
    My friends wanted me to tell you that I liked you for two week. His respose was Oh ok. And everytime I look at him I think he is smiling at me but I do not know. Can you please help me with my situation please?

  35. I have a huge crush on a guy at work and often i feel that he feels the same. I feel at times some real magnetism there, then some days he’s distant. We stare into each others eyes deeply and smile and laugh a lot. We spend most breaks and every lunch together (in a group though). He’s a very nice guy to everyone including other females, and he’s nentioned how he’s flirtatious and some women think he likes them when he doesn’t.
    Everytime i talk about a giy flurting with me he will make a comment like they’re just being nice ect. Honestly when our eyes connect i definately feel it and thats when i think he feels it as well. He remembers details about things i tell him after only telling him once.
    He hasn’t initiated anything outside of work with me and i would really like to spend time with him out of work to see if we are compatible.
    We both have children but i should mention, i am 13 years older than him but we look the same or close enough.
    I told him jokingly (but meant it) that i was giving up on him making a move and “us” in general, and he actually asked me why?
    What do i do here? Do i make a move and risk humiliation and rejection? Or wait for him to give me clear signals?
    Please help. I’m no spring chicken but have never dated. My first hubby i was 15 to 28 yo and 2nd relationship was 28 to 42. So i am inexperienced with these situations…..
    HELP please. I really am interested in this guy.

  36. I really like this guy i work with ive liked him for two years then got over him but now i like him again recently hes been saying hes leaving work which is really annoying me and i said this to him i was like i dont want you to leave and he doesnt even say anything its like hes trying to hurt me part of me doesnt understand why i like him but i do he teases me all the time,he mocks me we have a laugh but it means more to me than it probably does to him the thing is with this guy is he lies i believe hes lying about leaving work but he wont admit it, last week this girl was mentioned that he might be seeing i was really upset cause he said it wasnt going anywhere its whenever he says it is and a girl we work with said she was his special friend the other girl not the one who said that which makes me think there friends with benefits plus when he said this i was standing around the corner and he looked to see if i was there but then the next thing people are saying he hasnt asked her out yet but he said she has a kid and he said he didnt want to get tied down or settle down he was like im still young so i dont get whats changed i hate the thought of him with her plus i heard that she didnt want him going out with his mates and was a bit pyscho i dont know what to do i feel im finding it hard to hide how i feel part of me thinks he knows i like him and thats why he thinks he can say hes leaving to get a reaction out of me i really wish he liked me we hug we get selfies together we message each other although its mainly me messaging him he stares at me sometimes but its weird staring plus he can be nasty like cursing at me he says hes joking and im like you better be a customer called me a princess and he was like she is plus people we work with have said ive been flirting with him but he doesn’t say anything and a girl we work with said have you two thought about getting together and said young love in front of us and he was like tell me about it but i dont know if hes serious and he lets me ruffle his hair and ive massaged his shoulders and he just lets me at our Christmas dinner 3 years ago we got a photo and he put his arms around me i didn’t want to let go and i think i kissed him on the cheek that night and he kissed me on the cheek one time as well do you think he is just playing games with me i really hope not

  37. Hi! So there is this guy I am in theater class with and I think he likes me but he already has a girlfriend. However, my situation is tough because I like him and he seems to like me, too. He always asks to sit with me on the bus and during our theater class, he gives me hugs. Today I was in theatre and he comes up and hugs me from the back. Usually, this is a good thing, right? That what I thought. Of course, before this he had done the same thing to his girlfriend which is also in theatre with me. His girlfriend and I are friends so she didn’t give me a look and it’s complicated because nobody suspects anything because I’m good at hiding my feelings. Anyways after he hugs me we talk a little and sometimes he gives eye contact but he doesn’t really look at anybody so it’s kinda different. He shows some of these signs and we hug a lot. He seems to be more comfortable with me lately. We talk and sit very close to each other on the bus and ever since the hug from the back I’m torn because I don’t want to ruin his relationship but I really think he likes me but does any of this make sense? Let me know pleaseeee.

  38. Ok so my name is laura gardner there is this guy friend that I like well I have a crush on him but he looks at me every time I go to his house but I am married and my crush just got married but fixing to get a device and me to and I keep having dreaming of him and me I want to know if his in to me

    • I don’t know of he is into you, but can you take a moment to think why you got married to the one you are with now
      Do not let things of the past destroy your marriage
      Lastly you can always pray to God because he alone have the answer to all things.

  39. Hi OK well there this guy that he always makes a point in sitting next to or across from me in the pub and he’s always smiling at me he copys me as in if I fold my arms or cough he does its alot of little things like that he even asked if he could buy me a drink anyway I’m in my 30s never had a boyfriend anyway I just want advice if he likes me

  40. There is this guy at work who would always compliment that I was good at work and when I left the department where we worked together because I was only a temp subbing for someone on maternity leave he tried to help me find another job by asking his connections and told me over the phone. Now mind you we are not close friends or have a relationship beyond work collaborations and when he did it he asked me on the phone if I would be interested and told “please so we can still work together” after awhile I went to the interview but found out that the position will support a very difficult person and so I called him up saying I do not think this position is good or suitable for me. When I sent out my farewell email he replied saying “i am happy for you my dearest and then my name.” 10years I transferred to a new job and lo and behold he is part of the team that I recently joined in. A few days after I started he came up to me and said “hi it’s been 10years and told me he first time he saw the email announcing I joined he thought “what a great asset” because he has always complimented my work performance and ethic-to be honest I don’t see it any special as my other co-workers. After new year he passed by with a colleague and I greeted him a happy new year and all of a sudden he leaned and gave me a short hug but the tip of my ear slightly touched the side of his face. He said nothing no small talk like a happy new year too (just hugged) or how was your holidays -nothing! And the other day I saw him out and he just nodded and left without saying anything else. Mind you I was behind him but upon entering the building he looked slightly side ways to my direction meaning he knew I was behind him! This guy is giving me mixed signals?! Acts too nice one minutes and then acts like he does not even know me the second. Would say nice compliments but does not make any small talk when I see him in at a hallway at work. What is up?

  41. Hello
    My crush is my senior in the university, i have crush on him for three years , we are friend on Facebook but we never had a conversation in real or media live.
    On 31december of 2019 i but my photo on Facebook story he saw it and on the first day of new year he sent a message for the first time he introduced him self and so did i , but he didn’t ask to meet in the university, and its now almost two weeks he never sent a message.

  42. Hey there!

    My crush and I used to talk all the time during 7th and 8th grade. Now, we’re freshmen in high school and we have one class together so we almost never talk.

    Last May, I decided to tell him how I felt but he didn’t respond and I was really confused with how he felt for me. We didn’t talk very much after I confessed my feelings for him either.

    We stayed friends and he showed some of the 43 signs above but our relationship is still confusing. I ended up getting his phone number a few months ago and when we first started texting, he seemed very happy about. Now, we rarely text and when I try to start the conversation, he doesn’t answer.

    I asked him what he would say if I told him I still liked him and he responded, saying that he likes me a little bit but we never talk anymore. I told him how I feel annoying when I talk to him first and how he never seems to want to talk. He said that he would talk to me more but this happened in October and the only thing we’ve said to each other since then is “Hey” in the halls at school.

    Sometimes he shows these signs that he likes me, but sometimes he makes me feel like there’s no possible chance he could like me. I hope you can help.

  43. hi i’m in high school and i really like this guy in one of my classes. in eighth grade he and i were friends and he would send me cute animal videos and buy me dark chocolate that i loved. in ninth grade we didn’t see each other very much. we have never seen each other out of school not in a big group setting. this year though he likes to hang out with me and my friend in math. he never teases my friend but he always teases me about my height and the other language i speak. he writes my name on my teachers white board whenever we finish our work and i always try to erase it whenever he writes it. on monday it started getting physical with him and he kept pushing me and laughing and blocking me from the board and it was hilarious and really fun. before that i was playing a game on my computer with my friend and he came and pushed me out of my seat playfully saying he wanted to play. i kept trying to push him out of my seat but eventually we ended up sitting on the same seat and playing the game together. my friend has a boyfriend and i feel like every time i’m having fun with him in that class by the front whiteboard everyone thinks something is going on including her. i don’t know how to interpret whether or not he likes me because i really like him

  44. Hi Viktor!

    I met the guy on a coincidence through mutual male colleague (my colleague is attached). This guy behaved exceptionally gentlemanly, brought chair for me, cleaned up the table and poured my drinks. He asked if its common for me and my colleague to hang out like this (not sure if just to test the waters). I also noticed the shift of his body during the drinking session, he started to face me with his legs wide open and placed his foot on my chair.

    After which, the group of us went for supper and I only picked a drink and passed my colleague. This guy came back with my drink and a set of utensils for me (how thoughtful).

    I took a week to follow him on Instagram in which he accepted in 15 minutes. After two days, I proceeded to pay him for the drinks (on dutch basis for everyone) and texted him from there. He responded my text messages within 5-10 mins each time. Eventually, the conversation died out.

    The following week I went to the same place and met his other best friend by accident and his best friends told my male colleagues they will help to wing this.

    What should I do moving forward? A friend of his recently passed and I am trying to give him space to grieve thus not initiating anything yet.

  45. I have a crush on him. When I was in 8th grade, I saw him for the first time. But at that time I didn’t feel anything for him. He was also in 8th grade at that time. He used to talk with me a lot at that time and somewhere I felt he had some kind of crush on me. I felt that by his conversations. He used to stalk me a lot, seriously a lot. I didn’t care much at that time. He lives in my hometown and I live in other state. Now, we both are in 12th grade. I met him a month ago after 4 years. After 8th, I never went to my hometown. I felt that I fell for him. But now, he isn’t caring much. He barely talks. He use to play with his puppy only. Once or twice I accidentally had an eye contact with him and he smiled at me. Hardly once he talked to me, that also a very short convo, very short. I fear he has a girlfriend. I don’t know whether he has or not. Will he like me or does he today?

  46. Hi, I knew this guy for like a couple of months now. We just meet every Saturday which is our school day, we are classmates by the way. Fact, I like him. Fact, I don’t know if he does. Between us, he’s always the one approaching me (I’m scared to approach him cuz I don’t wanna look like as if I’m chasing him and someone might tease me). He’s giving me mixed signals, when I’m serious he laugh. when I joke he’ll TRY to act serious and hold his laugh. One time he asks me ” what do you like?” and I’m like ” oh I like coffee” and he will be like “Oh I thought it’s me. lol” and Like “Are you happy?” and I will be like “Yeah of course” he like ” why are you happy?” I’m like ” ohh because blah blah” and he will be like “Oh I thought because of me”. He is sooooooooooo confusing and one time! He told me not to take everything seriously and I was hurt! but then again when I said I’m not serious “that hurts.. you’re never serious about me” What the HELLLLLLLLL brooooo. What should I dooooo? I really reaalllyyyyy need your help. Pleasee

  47. I work with my crush. I started in February 2019, when I first met him I was attracted to him. After that we started talking little by little. Then it turned into longer conversations, he would come in my department and chill with me. After my shift we would walk around the store and talk or go outside. We have messed around, did not have sex though. We still flirt and talk but I don’t know how he feels. I want to tell him but at the same point I don’t want to be vulnerable. He does little things that make me think he feels the same but I’m not really sure.

  48. I like a work colleague and I have told him this, he told me from the beginning he didn’t want any relationship as he is bettering himself! Up until Christmas we messaged everyday for over a month, these were flirty messages that generally lasted an hour or so constant messaging and in these messages he would slying add sentences to say I was hot or mentioned I was attractive. He messaged me early hours Christmas morning wishing me a merry Christmas, this is likely to be the first time he has ever messaged me first. I asked him a few days later if he was still set on not having a relationship and he told me he had no mutual attraction and couldn’t see me and him together in the future. We still message each other but I found he messaged me like he used to the other night when he was drunk which went on for over an hour again. he has been away so it will take him a long time to reply. I am so confused, he told me he barely used chat yet I see him online every hour, i don’t know if he likes me and is scared. he told me when we went out for lunch one day that when he has a girlfriend she is the only one and he puts all his time and effort into a relationship and he doesn’t want to get hurt. He also told me previously that I am a bit of a distraction to what he wants “bettering himself” and he sometimes has to stop leading me on so he doesn’t lead himself on. I also made a comment to him about eye contact and he said that I intimidate him and make him nervous which is why he doesn’t make a lot of eye contact with me.

  49. Ah I feel silly to be doing this right now but here goes nothing…
    I attend swing dance lessons every friday night, I really enjoy dancing and it forces me to make new friends and socialize. Ive met two guys there that i think have an interest in me? They will ask me 5 or more times in a night to dance, and by now I have both their numbers. One is kyle, one is dekota, and as much as i think they like me im not certain.
    Kyle pulls me closer, and will switch to ballroom dancing to keep me close. But he has no problem holding a conversation, while i get flustered and stumble for words because im too busy worry about how close he is (lol). Dekota will always offer a hug after a dance and tends to hold more conversations about what i enjoy doing outside of dancing and school, and we get along quite well when it comes to passions and hobbies. I JUST got their numbers the other day, so all thats been communicated over text was a short goodnight and i was glad i met them. Is there any way i can make moves back so they know im interested? I dont know which one i like yet, i dont know them enough but i really do find their personalities both attractive in their own ways. Thanks!

  50. Okay so I like this guy, he is in only one of my classes. He bugs me all the time. He also says pick up lines to me.
    When we hang out at school he walks the same speed as me, and a lot of the time follows me around. He started following me on Insta, but we don’t talk out of school. What do you think? Does he like me??

  51. Ok so well theirs this guy i like and hes my best friends brother but we have some history and i went over to his house for his little sister and he knew i was their cause it was during chritmas and i gave him a little chocolate cause i gave everyone in his family something and he gets out of the shower with just a towel around his waist and he’s like hey hows it going and he looks at me when he says that when he said it and he smiled big and so he always texts me back but this time on chritmas i said merry chritmas and he didnt reply but it said he read it buttt he didnt awnser my friend etheir cause she said the same thing to see if he would awnser and im gonna see him this week and i mean do u think he likes me still?

  52. There’s this guy I’ve known for a few years but I know him through some friends and when I met him he was dating someone that’s a friend of some of my friends. Back then we talked a little but it was all platonic cause obviously he was in a relationship. They’ve since broken up and we didn’t talk again until this year. He’s also shifted friendship groups so he’s not really close with most of the guys in my circle anymore. I should also note that he goes to an all boys school and I go to an all girls school. Thus, I rarely see him in person except for the occasional party. However, recently we have talked a lot over Snapchat. He engages in our conversations and responds quickly. Not only that, but he’s usually the one to initiate the conversation. Sometimes he jokes and teases me, for example he sometimes jokes about me being born the year after most people in our year level, and he also calls me nicknames such as champ and kiddo (which I assume is because of me being a year younger than him). Most of these things I would consider good signs, however I know he is online a lot and talks to a lot of people, which makes me think that maybe he talks to all his friends in this manner and enthusiasm. I also know that he still talks to his ex (whom I mentioned earlier and dated for nearly a year) a lot and that they’re still good friends, but I don’t know if he’s still interested in her or if he really does just see her as a good friend. When I talk to him online he’s really nice and easy to talk to, however since we rarely see each other in real life and never call each other, it’s very awkward when we do see each other and we end up not talking much and going to other people to talk to instead. Am I reading too much into this? Does he potentially like me or does he just see me as someone nice to talk to over text? I like him but I’m too scared to make a move (I know, I’ll have to get over that fear eventually).

    • If you want an outsider’s opinion on your situation, it may not be what you want to hear, but at this point I’d say you’re reading too much into it and he’s probably not into you in a romantic way. Not at the moment at least! If you really do like him, continue to talk to him and interact on social media. And when you see him in person try and actually talk to him about something you know you have in common. Ask him questions. If he asks you questions back, that’s a great sign. If not, you may be wasting your time. Everyone deserves to feel wanted. But don’t worry, you’re still really young and have so much time to meet people and date, I promise. Good luck!

  53. Hello, so I met this guy that works in the same center I work in but different companies. He’s 14 years older than I am. We had a meeting two weeks ago and it turned into a 3 hour fun conversation where we shared a lot about one another. He shows he’s interested with his body language but is not making any move. He once asked me if I ate I said yes he said well I was gonna tell you have lunch with me and walked away. That was it, He’s giving me mixed signals I can’t decide

  54. Hi I’m a single parent. I met guy at his place of work. When I’m there he will come over to talk to me but he has to be careful as he can get in trouble for talking to customers about private stuff. He always treats my child differently to the other customers children by giving him extra turns or toys to play with. One day he got me on my own to tell me I was beautiful. A bit later he said I have a lovely personality. Since then he asked me to add him on social media. We chatted a fair bit on there. He keeps complimenting me on my looks and personality. Anyway a few days ago he gave me his mobile number and gave him mine and we have been talking all day since. He could get in a lot of trouble at work if his boss found out. The guy knows that I had a bad breakup with my sons sperm as he left me when i was six months pregnant.

  55. Hi, I used to ride a bus to get to work and there was a new guy who just moved to the area. And I had never seen him before. One day there were only a few people on the bus. And he got on the bus and started staring at me like a crazy person and wanted to sit right next to me but I didn’t move my bag and did not offer him the seat. He had gym clothes on, that was the only thing I noticed. I generally don’t talk to strangers and didn’t even look at his face. A few days later I saw someone on the bus and he seemed very mad at me. That was pretty weird. And I kinda figured that he must be the same guy. He would still stare at me and mirror my actions but he never approached. Later on, I somehow learned that he is a med student and a former marine officer. He’s been doing the same thing for two years now. I am shy and introverted by nature, plus I grew up in a different country and moved here not too long ago. That being said, not fully familiar with the cultural norms. On top of that, I have never dated anyone. His mixed signals were driving me crazy. I was curious to know what he had in his mind. So, I decided to send him a follow request on Instagram along with a text asking how he’s doing and where has he been? He never replied and posted his dog’s picture with the answer to my question instead. A couple of days later he canceled my request. However, he is teasing me until now indirectly. As soon as I post something on Instagram, he would do the same. I am very confused about the whole thing.

    I don’t know if sending him the following request and the text was a good idea or not. Keeping in mind that he is a med student and stays very busy and is able to find time to play these mind games. I am a student as well and trying to find a solution to this issue. I would highly appreciate your thoughts on it. Thanks!!!

  56. A work colleague always stares at me, I didn’t notice at first but now whenever I look over he is looking at me. We would have a laugh in work sit next to each other and get on really well. But recently he has started to avoid me but continues to stare. He would not look away but also doesn’t smile when I catch him looking. The problem is now he is my boss. Do men stare at women they don’t like?

  57. There’s a guy I have a crush on at work. He often does little nice things like printing out and bringing a document to me, or getting my mail from the office mail box, without me asking. For example, our boss emailed the whole office with a schedule of duties. I was in my office, minding my own business, when my crush comes in and puts a copy of the schedule on my desk. I hadn’t asked or even hinted that I wanted him to get me a copy (cuz I could have easily just printed it out myself), so I thought that was really sweet.

    Also, he does this thing where, when we’re talking if there’s a lull in the conversation he’ll do a deep sigh and say “Jane, Jane, jane” (my name). That one kind of gets me going, cuz it’s kinda hot to hear him sigh my name like that, haha

    He’s also started to tease me in goofy ways, like reaching in and switching off my office light as he’s walking by. I’ve reciprocated by doing some goofy things too, like throwing a bouncy ball into his office when I walk by. We’re calling it a “prank war”.

    He can also be somewhat touchy feely. For example he puts his hand on my shoulder to reassure me a lot. Or, one time, when he was talking about how he’s had to “hand hold” our customers, he was saying “Yea, they expect you to…” then he grabbed my hand to demonstrate holding their hands/leading them along.

    Yet another thing – he often calls me into his office show me something mundane or ask for my opinion on a mundane thing. Like the other day we were cleaning our keyboards and he had some trouble getting the space bar back on. The next day he called me into his office just to show me how the space bar was still jiggly. Then we ended up chatting for like a half hour, which is what usually happens when he calls me in for a random mundane thing.

    Anyway… flirting or nah? I feel like it’s gotta be! I know you’re not supposed to crush at work, but he is freakin adorable!

  58. There’s this guy I work with. More like my work requires me to come into his work and pick up items at his store and deliver to them to customers. He will constantly joke around with me and be like- I saw you in aisle 20. When I was only at the store for maybe 30 min and for him to see me seems like he’s looking for me. I always joke with him and say are you creepin? The first couple times he said no and would laugh. The last time it happened, he said well maybe and laughed. One time I saw him at the store when he wasn’t working, but there shopping for himself. I told him he was my favorite person that worked there, that and another guy who are both really nice. He gave me an awkward side hug. He followed me around doing my shopping and talked to me a lot, without grabbing any more items for him even though he said he was still shopping. When I was ready to check out, he came with me and unloaded my cart with me into the checkout stand. He only had a few items in his basket so I said why don’t you go first. It turns out he wasn’t even ready to check out yet! So he stayed with me and helped even when he had other shopping to do. I made cookies for the other worker that I mentioned and when he heard about it, I made sure to bring him some too. He told me they were the best cookies he ever had and that I made his day better. Said he only shared with one friend because he wanted them all to himself. He made a joke that I always come through his line and I said I try to either go to yours or the other worker guy that I like. I joked and said do u want me to go into another checkout line? He said no, no, don’t do that. Around Christmas time I told him about these pastries I make for family and he said they sounded so good so I made him some. My work causes me to have to go to this certain store multiple times a day. So after I made them I brought them with me every time this one day but he hadn’t come in yet that day. As the day was coming to a close I joked with the other worker that I had these pastries for him and he said he will be in in 15 min. So I sat and waited for him. Once I gave him the pastries I told a funny story about how I had tried to give them to him all day and I laughed (I’m super sarcastic and was totally joking). But he has this weird look on his face. Like he thought I was upset. I can’t explain it. I said I’m not mad I was totally joking that it was funny how much I tried to get them to you today so that they would be fresh. Then he hugged me and as he hugged me I saw his manager was standing right there. I told him bye and left. The next day that other worker told me he got in trouble because when he was talking to me and accepting the pastries that he was supposed to start his shift, and I was holding him up. When I saw him next I told him how sorry. He said it wasn’t that big of a deal and it was totally fine. I joked with him that if he was going to get in trouble, that that should have been a better hug. He was awkward at first, I understand how that come off but I jokingly meant a longer hug or more intimate hug? I think he got it after a minute because he laughed and said, right! I got drunk one night and my friend told me I should try to text him. I don’t have his number though, so my friend somehow found it. She’s a crazy social media person so I chalked it up to that. I just texted him Merry Christmas (because it was Christmas Eve). He didn’t reply back until I was already asleep but basically he wanted to know who this was. In the morning I was so embarrassed. I told him I don’t normally drink, told my friend he was cute and that she found his number and I didn’t mean to actuallY go through with it and said my bad. Naturally, he was still curious who this was. I told him I was severely embarrassed and kind of didn’t want to tell him. Because he persisted, I made him a deal. If he guessed who I was, I would tell him. He said it would be weird for him to just start listing names and I joked that it would embarrass him just like I’m embarrassed right now. So he decided to say two names. One of which was my name. Which I didn’t know if that was a good sign or not. Either it could be women that he wanted it to be, or it could be women he just thought liked him… so he asked questions to figure out which woman I was and eventually gave in and told him, because after all I didn’t say I would admit it if he guessed. He said my pastries were the best in the world when he found out who it was. I joked I would have to go through another line now at checkout and he said no don’t make it weird, I consider you a friend and I’m glad I met you. And he said he was glad I got his number. From my perspective, it kind of meant he was friend zoning me. I mean even though I was embarrassed, I still admitted to him that I thought he was cute. And he was basically like… you’re my friend… Am I being crazy to think that it seemed he was into me and now he’s not? I know the texting thing was a little weird but we all make mistakes and I do think that the light hearted game of text guessing who I was took away from the weirdness of how I got his number. And for the record, he hasn’t texted me since then. Which was a few days ago. So he can’t be that excited that I have his number or he would be using it lol.

  59. So i like this guy in college.He is in my class.I am not sure if he likes me or not.
    He at times seems like a player but maybe he is not.
    Whenever there is a group project i interact casually with him and share some laughs .
    He views my ig stories sometimes too quickly and sometimes after a long time.
    Also he and i have similar music taste though we have never discussed about it but i get to know about it from ig.
    Also when speaking to me he is extremely polite .
    Also i haven’t seen him interacting with any of the girls of my class.
    He tries to speak in my native language sometimes.
    I don’t know know whether he likes me or not.
    What should i do?

    • Continue to be friends with him but don’t be easily fooled and don’t catch feelings so fast. Always mind the signals that he gives. In my pov, it’s good to continue this kind of thing with him, like getting to know him through similar interests and such. My main point is, be casual around him and don’t overthink as well and just be yourself.

    • Continue to be friends with him but don’t be easily fooled and don’t catch feelings so fast. Always mind the signals that he gives. In my pov, it’s good to continue this kind of thing with him, like getting to know him through similar interests and such. My main point is, be casual around him and don’t overthink as well and just be yourself.

  60. We’re in the same friend group, and he does several of these, we text back and forth daily, and even say good morning to each other. He met my parents, and that was adorably awkward, and we’ve caught each other staring multiple times. On my birthday, he tied a card to the tree in my front yard at 5 in the morning. He’s always super supportive and caring when I talk about my problems or anything, and shows genuine certain for my well-being and safety at times. His parents are super nice to me, and even though him and I have only been friends since this summer, they know me by name and give me compliments. Almost everyone I’ve talked to about this has said that he probably likes me, but it’s really difficult to believe that for myself. One of the things that confuses me is that whenever accidental physical contact happens, he shies away, or pulls away, like if we’re sitting together and our feet touch, or sitting across from each other and our fingers touch. I’m mostly lost as to what I should be doing and how to respond at this point. What do you think?

  61. Hey so long story short I have a best friend of the past 11 years who I’ve fallen hard for in recent months. Problem is we’re both guys and he says he’s straight. However he really doesn’t seem it to me he treats me differently from other friends and flirts almost constant. He is always teasing me by saying things such as “I like your new outfit but it would look better on my floor, I wanna caress you and kiss your lips, everything alright beautiful” etc… and a lot more things that are a bit mature in content….but I understand guys do this messing with each other sometimes heck I do it some of my other guy friends and I mean nothing by it but I feel he crosses the line and seems half serious with what he says. He also play fights and touches me a lot whenever he’s passing me something or if he just takes something off him without fail anytime I try to get it he’ll play around with it in his hand and twist it around so I can’t grab to the point where I’ll have to grab his hand and try take it, where he’ll say something along the lines of I’m getting very touchy or “feeling him up”. I’m not out myself only recently found these feelings but he always insinuates that I am as if he knows. And I can’t help but smile and blush like an idiot when he does these things I’m always 100% sure he knows. However he can be homophobic sometimes but it never seems truly genuine it almost seems like he’s projecting or that he feels the need to be so that nobody thinks he is himself. I personally think he is and can’t admit it as he’s had a lot of trouble in his past with abuse from male family members and I feel that really may be affecting him. Everything points to him being at least bi but I may be just holding my hopes up for something to happen. So please any outside opinions are welcome I’m in dire need I want to spend the rest of my life with this person and don’t want to be wasting my time if he’s not reciprocating the feelings the way I believe he is.

  62. We had been friends for more than 3 months.He is the one who initiated an eye contact with a smile.Before a week I showed my interest towards him through text, he didn’t answer me ,but he is behaving very casual to me. After a week I texted him sorry if I had hurted you, the reply from him was I had no clue how to respond to this that’s why I didn’t reply you & sorry if you’re hurt.
    But till now I didn’t get any reply for my proposal, but he is behaving very casual to me till now.

  63. I have been working with this guy for 5 years, we worked closely together for 2. At out year end function we hooked up. We never really spoke much throughout the years in a personal note and he is the quiet guy out of the rest. I have always found him attractive and when we kissed he admitted the same. It’s been 3 weeks, I told him how I felt and he Santa to speak in person. He has been on leave and so have I and he would like to talk at work. We both have very similar things in common. We greet each other now, however he is difficult to read. He never looked at me when I spoke to him about work but now he does when we greet – keep things the same at work. I am now just a little nervous and scared as to when we will talk as I am not going to push him on it. However it’s the mixed signals I am not quite understanding. Is there a reason for any if this?

  64. I met this guy a year ago at church after beginning serving in a ministry. Over a span of a year, he’s randomly gifted me with a present, he shared his breakfast one day, playfully pulled my ear lope another, leans towards me and has even called me pretty. Recently he complimented the smell of my hair following a hug. But he won’t make a move. There’s tense energy when we’re in a room together, I felt it last Sunday. I shifted uncomfortably and noticed he did the same. ♥️

    • He is most likely interested but fearful with today’s me–to movement. I have had several crushes from various church’s I’ve attended but left two of those parishes cut to miss reading very friendly for interested.. one time I was close and went for a quick light kiss, ended that friendship instantly and though not asked to leave, things got cold.the other time, she would join for brunch but when I bravely tried for more, it ended. That hurt my ego, my chi, my me … bad enough that I didn’t want to go seeing as I was the one who didn’t notice how friendly she was eeveveevereveeveryone. And I’m usually excellent at reading people, even getting others to want to do things they would normally never even consider, both a gift and a curse. Comeiing in for an ink cartridge and leaving with both a new computer and printer… dating a guy who is there at the club with you and you in my bed an hour later… ready to write me up or fire me and I walk away with a free day off or a promotion… but at church I fuuudhge it up. Give the guy a break, be forward and ask him straight up, first ask if he would like to get brunch after church, then ask about dinner the next time. If he goes for the dinner, then he is ddedefddefinitely into you. Me? I’m now in my 40s and getting a little out of shape, or in shape if round is a shape, but I always shower the pretty girls with compliments as well as employees of stores I want extra better service. My local kfc-tsco bbell gets tons of love via their online receipt surveys, even got several promoted to leads or management, now they go out of their way to make my visits spectacular. tthe local grocery girl, maybe 20yo, I sorta jokingly profess my love, compliment her pretty small round face, tell her things (cleanly and not wierdly) that I’d do with her ,, only if I were younger. She knows I’m not a threat aaand is starting to reciprocate ssosomsomsomesometthtthe niceities. . TThThrThThrow him a line and see if he takes it or if he is like me and just likes to compliment.

  65. Hey so I have been liking this guy and he is the type of guy which u can’t predict. Our parents work together and we hang out on meetings he also goes to my school and we are in the same year group since September on meetings he would talk to me more and then he started holding my hand out of no where a few weeks earlier he told me that he likes my friend so this countinued lately we also have been hanging out with friends but when I am with my friends with him he kinda ignores me a d doesn’t talk to me and one day I was driving home with him after the hangout and he started holding hands with me even though before he kinda ignored me On Christmas we spent time together and we played billiard alone and he teased me a lot and laughed together a lot and he played with my hair and stuff and held my hand but on the next day we hung out he ignored me so I decided to confront him why he is going ignoring me he said he didn’t and after the hang out we drove again together and he kinda held my hand but it felt kinda akward and not right which I thought was very weird because that never happend my friend then asked him if he liked me and he said no so I am kinda confused I asked my friends and they are aswell so ya

  66. My shy tall crush @ gym. I know for sure this guy likes me or he did, it’s been a while I don’t go to train to the gym we met but never spoke really 2 years ago. He is 38, handsome, rich, shy, don’t talk much (with others) and he got a 12 years old son from an ex relationship (Facebook stalking). I admitted I liked him too and I felt awkward to smile him when I feel he was looking at all the time (I’m attractive for I can tell at the gyms guys’ looks), but Felipe looked up me even when I was talking with others trying to listen the conversation, he also imitated me (for example: putting his hat backwards like me when I used to do that (we both were hats, sometimes i wear other things). He noticed I like tennis so a couple of times he spoke loudly about tennis to caught my attention, his personal trainer talked me and both planned introduce his pupil at the gym café, I noticed that and I don’t know why I didn’t sit for a coffee (he used to take a table close to me and we both try to wear nice clothes) there and I just left. I can tell many other sings that showed he was interested on me and learn somethings about me, but to get to the point is after I left that gym, a couples of months after, I texted him saying: “hi, it’s xxx, do you want to go for a coffee.” This message was underline a screenshot showing a message that said (Felipe likes you but it’s too shy to tell you) that message was no real. He never answered. I don’t know if he knows I did know his name, because we just talked 3 times and it was only for ask about the machines. I still think about him, because he was so cute with all of his attentions and shyness, but I wonder why he didn’t accept the coffee. I attached the no real message to not look weird. Why should I do? Pd. He never post anything on FB and he doesn’t even has his picture on his profile, he uses a dog draw (I guess he also does breeding.

  67. My crush is a doctor. He ‘s just learning to become a doctor
    But he works at his uncle’s medicine shop
    I once went there And he asked me how did I got
    Fever ?? I was quite unsure and I did not knew what to say.
    I was only 14 year old. I kept quiet.
    Then he went away. And I got medicine from his uncle
    It was quite an awkward situation
    Then we met again after a year. I was sitting in the shop He came after me. And stand up facing towards me
    I was sitting on chair
    We both looked at each other. I was wondering if it’s the same guy I’ve met a year ago. And I just couldn’t take my eyes off to him. His uncle , my dad and many other people were also there. Some of them might be starting at us also.
    After some time he broke eye contact And came towards me. Before my chair there were medicines. I don’t know what was he doing there. I also wondered if he was even looking at me
    Or at the backside ??
    Then I went home after taking medicine
    I couldn’t forgot him
    I actually thought his name. And his name was actually what I thought. After that I wanted to meet him again and again
    Once I went to his uncle’s shop. I saw him wispiring about me to his cousin.
    After two years , when I quietly forgot about him. I saw him. He stared at me.
    But I didn’t gave any respond.
    After this incident I realized that I cannot forget him. I’ll always love him. And my feelings for him would never change. I hope we will meet someday. My dear Karan.

  68. He’s a public figure, and I’m a public figure. I made a donation to his account with a note to recover quickly from an illness, but it didn’t go through. I then had to send a DM on Insta to ask what was going on. He said the email had an issue and to use another one, but there seemed to be a lot of flirty signs, like emojis with heart eyes and kiss lips. He saw the message and liked it 2 hours before I woke up and responded as soon as I hopped on. I had only ever previously left neutral comments on his posts a few times in the past few months. After the DM convo, he didn’t follow me on Insta. I wasn’t flirting but had had a legit question and was donating out of the kindness of my heart and to show support. Just kind of confused now. I looked at his Insta stories the following day and the day after that but wish I hadn’t, because I realize he could see that. I didn’t look today, but I swear the photo he took looked flirty, and the one yesterday was a bag of round pastries and the caption said, ‘you wanna taste my….’ He didn’t post stuff like that before, so it seems it could mean something but also not. Ideas? Maybe it’s just in my head. I dunno.

  69. I have a crush on my coworker. He used to talk to me every day asking about everything and anything or just talk to me when I had no intention of wanting more and thought he was just being really nice and social. We had a few moments looking away and shy away. I always smile when he came to see me and blushed. He used to ask me why was I laughing, but I never answered him. We had a little moment. Three weeks ago we had a Christmas party at work. We spend the Christmas party at a bar/dance club type of thing. Music was kind of loud. He did not come talk to me like he normally does. I kinda figured he kinda ignored me for a bit and talked to other people which is fine. Suddenly, he started drinking and became more open and we danced a bit. The weird thing is he kissed my hand while dancing… called me baby while we were sitting down. I seriously thought he was just drunk and did not think about it too much. Had a candy cane in his mouth and even asked me if I wanted it…. The next Monday, we talked a bit, but nothing special happened. I just felt really awkward because it was a coworker. Tuesday passed by and I don’t know why. I could not say hi and when he passed by. I just turned without say hi twice in the same day. I kind of regretted it afterwards because I felt like we knew what happened. He was awkward for almost a whole week. Stopped coming to my office to talk. Passed by and only said hi. He tried to talk a few time but I think I was just too embarrassed and shy. Later, I figured I was slowly having catching feelings for him. I tried to talk to him but was kind of shy. I tried to sit next to him for dinner with everyone and make little gesture to make me comfortable around him. One time, I was near his desk at the printer center. Another male coworker asked me if I needed help. I said yes please. The other coworker could not help me. My crush came to talk to me and asked if I needed help. I ask if he knew how to do this even if it was extremely awkward. I could not even look in his eyes. I told him if he has something else to do its fine. I would try to figure out on my own and then he said okay. This past Monday, we finally talked. He talked to me while looking in my eyes. I was so shy my eyes shift. I could not look at him the whole time but he kept looking. He came again to talk to me afterwards about work and while I was sitting. He did a ”squat” and was really close to me. He said can you help me with something about work-related stuff. I joked around and said no. Then, he laughed and kindly said with a sweet voice ” oh you don’t want to” but I laughed it away and said for sure I will help you out. After dinner, he was walking towards me. I was looking down because I felt he was looking with a smile at me. When I finally found the courage, I looked straight to his eyes and smiled. He said afterwards, yes I need to talk to you with a big smile like he was so excited. He told me he made a mistake and wanted my help for something work-related again. I was walking towards him and we came so close to each other. I said what did you do again and he smiled and said I think it was a mistake what I did and then he asked for my help and I joked around and said don’t make the same mistake again okay.
    Then he told me he was going to send the mistake and request to me by email. I found out afterwards it was not a mistake so I went to talk to him about it at his desk. I came close to him but he did not flinch and I touched his keyboard and computer. He did not move. Just stayed there without saying anything and after finding out there were no mistake he looked at me with his eyes with a smile and a smirk. Again, I shy away and moved to the other side. I wanted to go back to my desk but he asked me to stay with him to verify if everything was really okay. Then the next day, he tried to talk to me but I was shy again and did not say much. He tried to say hi and I smiled at him. Wednesday, we had a Christmas dinner at work. He was talking to everyone except for me. At one point, he put not his entire back towards me but I could see a bit of his left face and talk to other people. While I was listening to them talking. He did an amicable hugged to his female coworker/ friend who has already a boyfriend. I felt like he was ignoring me. At one point he talked to a coworker but his feet and face were facing me. Thursday came and it was his last day at work before the Christmas holidays. He said hi to me while putting both of his hands in the air. A really weird hi from him. He then came to talk near my desk but with my supervisor but did not talk to me at all. I called him later on asking him something for work before his flight. At the end of the conversation, I told him to have great happy holidays. He told me to be careful. I am just wondering if he is interested because when we talk I feel there is chemistry between us and a weird attraction. I don’t know if I am just being biased because I over analysed things cause I started to catch some feelings. I feel when I am around he changes his attitude. He becomes sometimes overreacting with other coworkers or he does not talk too much but I can feel his awkwardness. I want to make moves after the holiday break but I am just scared that he did not feel the same way and that I imagined the ”chemistry”. I was deeply hurt from a past relationship. He cheated on me. So I had to put my guard up with guys. Need advice for what should be my next move and I want to know why I feel mixed signals from him. Is he interested or he is just not interested. Or he is scared like I am.

    Ps. He never asked me out because we are only coworkers who spoke once in a while.

  70. I went to this house party and maybe 30 mins to an hour in I remember looking at a guy once or twice across the room, but I knew he was a little out of my league so I dismissed my chances. Maybe 30 mins after that I was standing and watching people play at the beer pong table and he came up to me. I don’t remember how exactly he started the convo but we started talking and there was a lot of eye contact. He then went to get a drink and when he came back he kind of grabbed my hips to surprise me for a second and said “did I scare you?”. I said he did a little bit, and then we kept talking and I asked him what grade he was in etc just to make sure we were the same age (which we are). I really enjoyed his sense of humor and I feel like we would click more if we had more conversations. Eventually I mentioned I forgot to take my watch off and he laughed at how I held my arm up to check the time, and made fun of how I wore a scrunchy (or hair tie or whatever you call it) on my wrist. I was embarrassed for whatever reason (probably because I thought he was cute) and then I eventually asked for his Snapchat and he gave it to me. I danced a little to myself to a song and I noticed he started dancing too which I guess he was king of mimicking my actions. He asked if I had any friends I was here with and I pointed to them (idk if he was trying to make sure I was alone or if I’d be able to get home ok). Eventually my friends told me we were leaving but he went upstairs a couple minutes before that so I didn’t get to say bye. An hour after he asked where I went on snap and I said my friends wanted to go and he snapped back “I wish you would’ve stayed longer”. Ik this is an obvious sign that he was interested but the next couple weeks all we did was start a streak. He started one convo where we talked about where we both lived and he mentioned I was four hours away which was really far, and how he wanted to see me really bad or whatever. I told him that we go to the same school so we’ll be closer most of the year. I even said we could study or hangout whenever he wanted and gave him some times I would be free but he never really contacted me. At one point (the night before my birthday) he posted on his story asking if anybody wanted to study with him, but it was 11 pm so it was a little late for me, plus his dorm building was a 10 min walk in the cold for me so I didn’t go. Basically every streak he sent after that is a full face picture and it’s usually at night. The past couple of days we haven’t really kept the streak going and I think he might’ve just lost feelings or just doesn’t want to put the effort in? If you could give me any advice as to how we could talk more or hangout that would be really appreciated. I know it’s rare to actually form a relationship with people you meet at parties like that but I don’t know if I should give up any hope I have left. Thank you for reading

    • He was trying to get you in bed, I’ve used parties like that very successfully many many times. Your best off not with that player.

  71. There’s this guy who I’ve known for a little while and have a slight crush on. I can’t understand why, but whenever we run into each other, he says hi and seems really friendly then clams up and looks away whenever I glance at him. He waves to me and says how nice it was to see me again even if we hardly spoke. He currently has a girlfriend and I don’t see him often, yet it’s always super awkward when we’re together. Any advice?

    • It sounds like he might have a crush on you or just thinks your cute but won’t act on any of his emotions because do his relationship. Guys that don’t say anything but tend to linger after a convo usually want to keep it going but don’t know how. You could ask him about it but I feel like it would make it more awkward. I’m sorry for your situation though, don’t we all love mixed signals 🙂

    • Since he has a girlfriend, don’t interfere with their relationship. Just act casual as your are and be yourself. And sure he seems like a nice guy but it’s good to be friends first with someone you like because that is a foundation of a solid relationship.

  72. I’m a sophomore in high school and I’ve liked this guy (let’s call him X) since the end of ninth grade. We have health class together every other day, and he sits across from me at lunch. We see each other between classes and he always says hi to me, and if we’re going in the same direction we always talk to each other. We’re incredibly similar so we’re really good friends. I look forward to seeing him at school to the point where I’m actually excited for Christmas break to be over so I can see him again. And more often than not, he’s the thing that gets me through my school day.

    On Friday during health class something interesting happened though. X was told by someone else that another girl (we’ll call her Y) likes him, and he said that he could never imagine dating her because they were more like “bros” than anything else. The person that told him (I’ll call her R) said that she “ships” him with me (as in she thinks we’d be a good couple). X responds by saying something like “people always say, ‘I ship you with (me),’ and ‘I ship you with Y’ and ‘I ship you with R’.”
    I rarely hear people “shipping” us so he’s either exaggerating or his friends tell him about me when I’m not around, which means that they like the idea of us, right?
    So then R says that we’d make a great couple and that he should “ask me out already.” He doesn’t, obviously. I ask him if he has a type and he says rather unconvincingly that he’s not sure. Is it possible that he didn’t want to say it because it would match me?

    As more evidence (maybe), X can get really flustered in conversation with me. Sometimes it takes him a few tries to say a word right and sometimes he straight up forgets what he’s going to say, or he stammers or something. He’s usually pretty well-spoken around other people, so perhaps this is also a sign?

    We also don’t text very often, but when we do, we have extremely long conversations. I’m the one who typically starts conversations via text; it’s like a 5:4 ratio. I’m worried that maybe X doesn’t start text conversations with me often for a number of reasons. Is he worried about being persistent? He doesn’t have a phone; he texts on his iPad. So maybe he doesn’t use his iPad often?

    I really want to believe that X likes me back. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if he doesn’t like me, and I’m worried that telling him that I like him could ruin things, so I try to exhibit some of these subtle “crush” signs myself. But I’m worried that it may not get through to him though because like me, he’s not that good at reading social cues.
    I feel like the signs of a crush could be different between us because neither of us are neurotypical (we both have Asperger’s). I believe there are exceptions to all of these signs so I’m kind of confused.

    Anyways, I’m sorry that this is so all over the place. At this point I don’t even know what I’m asking anymore. Does X like me? I know that there is no way to definitively tell (other than, of course, him telling me if he does), especially given the few scenarios I wrote about out of all our time spent together. Do any of these scenarios even mean anything? I usually overthink this stuff.

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this. Whoever manages to read all of this as well as write a response, thank you.


  73. So I met a guy at a conference it was quite evident that he was I trested in me
    As he was continuously looking at me trying to talk to me.. all the time trying to sit next to me.. asked my no. and all that stuff the 3rd day of conference he asked me out we went for clubbing after all the fuss he was inclined to me looking straight in to my eyes smiling at me appreciating me for everything.. holding my hands coming really close to me while talking .. thn at the end I got offended (still I was smiling)on smthing and slapped him slightly but he was fine tried to make me alright and made the situation light thn I left from there and he was calling me and telling me to be normal and said sorry as well and he said that He really liked my company he wants to stay with me and all that shit.. and asked me to meet one more time I was avoided him for like a week thn we fixed a day to meet thn he didn’t turn up no text no calls nothing… thn he removed his dp as well now I tried to talk to him He behaved normally in call but he is not good at texting from day one that I know plus he is very busy as well so thn he ignored sm of my texts when I was kind of fighting with him thn after a week I called him and apologised to him aswell he talked to me really nicely and asked me to meet and thn discuss otherwise it’s going to get complicated and he said he will text me whn to meet but thn again he didn’t turn up and he mentioned this thing in the last call that I m not hurt you hvnt slapped me right
    I really want to meet him one more time what should I do he was intrested thn ..!! I don’t know what now..

  74. So I’ve been seeing a guy for about a year now, and we both liked each other, but I don’t know if it’s really going anywhere, he says he wants to get to know me better and such, but I’m kind of getting a feeling that maybe I’m wasting my time. After a year, I’d think he’d at least know something. I believe he still dates other women, but he tells me it’s just friend dates, and that I’m the only one that he’s sexually interested in. I’m not trying to be just a sex friend. I think maybe I’m wanting more than what he’s willing to offer at this time, but mind you he’s 9 years older then me, so I thought maybe he’d know more or less if it’s even going anywhere at this point. I’m lost and confused, I give him his space, I don’t bug him or text him when I don’t hear from him, for fear of him thinking I’m being pushy. But I also don’t want to lose him. what do I do at this point? I’ve already met a lot of his friends and his mom, kids and some family also, but of course, as a friend.

    • Okay, I’m no physiologist or anything, but honestly, if you think your wasting your time, you should try looking for someone different. Honestly, it’s not right that he’s going out to “friend dates.” Follow your gut and try to meet someone new. Also, you’re not being pushy, you just seem worried about him, you know, like a girlfriend should be. It’s a pretty dead give-away if he says he’s just interested in you “sexually.” Men should be treating women with utmost respect and shouldn’t be interested with them sexually, but interested with them and their lives in general. Trust me when I say that you deserve better, as well as other girls out there. Good luck!

    • Hate to say it but if he hasn’t made a move after 10 meetings, walk away and look elsewhere. A guy interested will almost always take the bait if you dangle it, even shy ones and if after a year? And goes on friends dates? Don’t pine away, look for someone either to treat you right and put you first or for a one or two nighter, depending on your desire.

  75. I couldn’t understand this situation i have. I mean, we don’t necessarily know each other. But, he would start small talks. And we may have 1 or 2 full conversations. But, i notice sometimes he would look at at me not noticing. Later on i do. He doesn’t look away, and we would make locked eye contact for a good time. I wanted to be friends with to know him more, i saw things difficult to get close to him. So i did was telling him,”hey, i’d like to be friends with u, but i see it difficult to get along with u. Cuz i’m a shy person.” He gave me an ok look. Then, on monday, i entered the classroom, he noticed me and kept on turning and looking back at me several times. What does it mean when he does that???

  76. Hello!
    I’m on highschool and there’s this guy I like. He only stares at me and he gets so exited when I’m around, but he never talks to me even though we have so many mutual friends. We went to a party, when he got drunk, I was leaving and he said “Ah where are you going?”. Does he like me, please help me!

  77. I am a social worker and for the past year and a half, have gotten to be really close with a law enforcement officer. Last year I told him I had feelings for him. He told me how amazing I was and he didn’t want to mess up a great work relationship and then stated “unfortunately I am in a committed relationship”. I knew he had a girlfriend and I made sure to say that when I told him. We have continued to get closer and he NEVER brings up his girlfriend. We talk everyday and recently took a day off work to hang out and spent 11 hours together, she was not mentioned once. He shared a lot of vulnerable information with me about his past as did I. We have mutual friends who say he talks about me and worries about me. He and his girlfriend have been together for four years and recently moved in together in April. He never mentions her to me! I am falling hard and fast but know I am going to get hurt. What do I interpret about this guy. Is he using me to stroke his own ego? HELP!

  78. There is this guy at work I have a huge crush on but I keep getting mixed signals. It seems like we have an unspoken connection, but I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking on my part. In the beginning, we would just pass each other in the hall and give long stares at each other. It’s been a year and he just friended me on social media. However, he doesn’t “like” any of my posts but “likes” all the other girl’s posts. It’s very frustrating. He seems kind of shy and it took me a long time to just get a smile out of him. Now, if I see him in the hall he usually says hi first and is polite but it is just short, meaningless conversations. I’ve sent him a couple of PM’s and he responds quickly but doesn’t really engage much more than answering my question. At this point, I think I should just forget it and move on. It seems like a waste of time. If he is actually shy, I don’t want to give up. On the other hand, I don’t want to waste time on someone who is not that into me.

  79. I met a guy on Tinder and we talked for a while long distance before he moved here. He was talking to somebody else a little bit more serious and I was not too happy and was down because I thought we were very similar and had fun when we hung out. After months of him talking to the other guy he specifically mentioned they are not “together”. We were hanging out every so often throughout the prior months, then we seemed to begin hanging out more. A few nights he seemed more flirty and complimenting me, and when we hung out he was very close to me at all times. One night we both fell asleep and then when we woke up he made a move and we took things a little too far. The next day he said that it wasn’t fair to me or the other guy and that we should just be friends as the relationship dynamics aren’t right. What does this all mean?

    • It means he isn’t gay and experimented with you or things just didn’t feel right and he was politely letting you know. Take it for face value.

  80. I was in the bathroom at high school and when I left the bathroom my crush was coming in and we bumped into each other and we almost kiss and then he started laughing and I left. What does it mean the fact that he started to laugh?

  81. I’ve liked my crush for over 2 years now, and he has known for a long time. He got his hands on a letter I wrote for him in 7th grade, and he still my phone to put his number in. I really like him, but I don’t know if he likes me, cause he never talks about that note, or he’s busy. What should I do, cause I have fallen in love, and everyone is saying shoot your shot, but him and I agreed to be Really GOOD Friends. What should I do?

  82. ok, my one is actually strange. I will call him “A”. I like A because he is smart, kind funny etc. But the thing is he has been crushing on a girl called “J” for 3 years. J doesn’t like A back (kinda sad) and to make things weirder, she eft the school me and A go to. I didn’t like A like that at first , we got to know each other as we had to sit next to each other in maths. I was actually such a b**** to him. All my friends said we would make a cute couple and stuff like that, and at that time i didnt reall realise my feelings for him. so at this time my two closest friends knew about A i told them a few weeks later when i gathered my thoughts). That was last year. This year, i started getting close with this other boy called “N” and he was such a good friend. so i decided to tell him about A. at first, N wanted to tell A and i kept saying no, but then i chnaged my mind and thought whats the worst that could happen? Well, A says Tasnim likes me??? i didnt even know that. Theeeeeeeeen, i decided to write a letter and i wasnt going to give it, but i did anyways because at this point, i just wanted to express myself now. He reads it and doesnt say anything ( i get that because N gave it to him, not me). So me and A start speaking more and more, which is kind of hard now because we only have 4 put of 13 classes together and we don’t sit together, just near. But yeah, i told him with my words that i like him and he said he likes me too as a friend. That really hurt not going to lie. Skip forward a few days, and there is a fight in the schoo, but me and A decide to stay and just talk instead of watching the brawl. I tell him that i’m never going to get over loving him, he’ll never stop loving J and we are never going to be a couple. His response was- “don’t say never, i never say never. One day Tasnim”. I literally felt ike hugging him. Today was christmas lunch at school, and we talked again about people saying stuff about us and then he asked for paper, and i asked why. he said I’m going to write back to you. And i gave him paper and he took it and said it’ll be filled with ink on monday. then, i said kl i love you and was about to go hwen he asked what i have now and i said english. so he said should he drop me off and i replied by saying sure you might as well. and so we walked to my class and i said i love you to him again, but he didnt say anything( i dont think he heard me). Also, we had a few little moments together, walking around the school and just talking abiut what I feel. At one point he said i was too good for him and i am way out of his league. i said stop lying to yourself i love you because you are so humble and kind about everything, youre too good for me. and he kept denying it. I also said you still like her and you wont like me like that. and he said just because i like her, doesnt mean there isnt a space in my heart for someone else- theres a ot of space. Thats finally the end of now but help me guys because this isnt a crush anymore…

    • Darling , you should never tell him that first , i mean be nice , show him your interest but let him say i lovr you first !and then you respknd by i love u too . Becaise now he would think that you are too much attached to him . And the nature of guys is to follow girls … It runs in their veins , so now that you said , he wont do any following .

  83. Hi , long story short . I met a guy online on Snapchat and we started chatting about every day later we started texting through phone .. we finally later decided to meet up about 8 months later and we realized we clicked . We started liking each other and dated for a good year , then later we broke up due to some things that needed to be worked out , we didn’t text after break up but later we asked each other how we’re doing , and from there we started texting again , it’s been almost half a year of us texting and calling ,, idk if he likes me or not . I still like him things just make sense with him and we’re best friends he even admitted it ! What do I do ? Is he serious?

    • Darling , you should never tell him that first , i mean be nice , show him your interest but let him say i lovr you first !and then you respknd by i love u too . Becaise now he would think that you are too much attached to him . And the nature of guys is to follow girls … It runs in their veins , so now that you said , he wont do any following .

  84. There is a married man that works at my job and he flirts and stared at me and gets jealous when I talk to the other’s he’s 45 and I am 19 but he was very flirty with me when I was 18 so what should I do!??

    • Ignore him. I’m 45 a and flirt with a almost everyone, it’s my nature. But, if he starts to get jealous or controlling? That’s way way wrong. Ask him about his wife and what she would think… let your super know. Unless you don’t mind quitting your job, I would never ever date anyone from work, it always always ends bad for someone and at least one of you will quit, know it usually isn’t the career employee.

  85. So if you take the time to read this thank you so much for helping me.
    I met the guy Callum I currently like a little more than a year ago. Ever since the first time we met there was that spark and tension that wouldn’t go away. I remember he came into the kitchen of my student accommodation and started speaking to me; other friends were there with us and they all noticed how his eyes were on me the whole time: he was literally staring at me for ages. I liked the attention and the smiles he was giving to me but I also knew he was in a long distance relationship with a girl that was living on another continent. He was always being so flirty and checking me out when he could; I never got why tho..I don’t find myself attractive and he is definitely a VERY GOOD LOOKING BOY. Anyway, weeks later I was trying to forget about him because I knew he had a girlfriend and apparently his friends told him to stop being flirty with me because he was in a relationship. I was a bit sad about that..but I got over him last year..( there was another boy I was in love with that made forget Callum). Anyways..I knew from the beginning that Callum was a fuckboy.. rumours say apparently he has cheated on his long distance girlfriend something like 6 times. I didn’t like that about him..not at all…but he was always SO SO NICE with me. 3 friends of mine told me that last year he said to them that he liked me and he thought I was hot/very attractive. I was FLATTERED by hearing that.
    After he broke up with his girlfriend he started going out on dates with this other girl and to my knowledge the dated for about 5-6 months. Then I met her a week ago and she told me they broke up because he treated her like shit. I you are probably thinking” why are you still thinking about Callum? He has cheated on his gf and his last ex was treated horribly by him”. I know it’s bad ..but I still LIKE HIM.. I like him that much that everytime I see him my heart starts pounding hard. Also I don’t know if he still likes me.. whenever he sees me in corridors or from far away he always waves and give me a HUGE smile. He gives me subtle stares at me sometimes and he always finds a way to touch or hug me. He is sweet with me. He also asks me questions about me and he never seems to cut the conversation we have. Sometimes he gives me mixed signals ofc: for example he acts like he’s ignoring me, and I have to admit that I do that sometimes too, but the chemistry and sexual tension is always there whenever I speak to him. And I do think he treats me differently than all the other girls. I don’t know what to do honestly I think I have a crush on him and I want to flirty with him but at the same time I don’t want to give him much of my attention because he might like the chance. I don’t think I am interested in a relationship with him.. I mean I could definitely imagine it and I think it would be great..but at the same time my mind screams “SEX!” Yes I want to have sex with him.. (only problem..I am a virgin; I mean I did stuff with girls cause I am BI, but I never had sex with a guy and I thought ” he’s good at sex so Maybe my first time wouldn’t be bad with him” ) Do you think he would reject having sex with me because I am a virgin? Would he lose interest after the first time? Also should I make the first move and ask him or should I wait for an occasion such as a party? How do I make him want me more?

    • Honey , first of all . I don’t know why but this guy makes me a bit scared to be honest …. I am afraid he would do the exact same things to you . I mean if he really wanted you , he would have cake to tou and TOLD YOU tHAT ! Because it’s not hard for guys to do that !! If the want you they will definitely get you ! So relax , and be wise . If he ever approaches you and starts flirting , don’t act like you fell in love already , and if he never comes to you , then maybe you should just forget about him . You need someone who respects you , loves , and takes care of you ( and treats good especially for your first time in sex😉 )

  86. Hi! So I’ve been friends with this guy Dan for about 6 months and I have a little crush on him. In the beginning of the year, he thought I liked him but I just told him that I’m “friendly with everyone,” so things weren’t awkward. He mentioned that he had a ton of stuff on his plate and he needed time for himself…he wasn’t ready for a relationship. So we’ve been just friends for the past 3 months and I’ve respected his space. We always hug when we see each other and have nice little conversations going on. Recently we got dinner together as friends. Apparently I’m the person he’s hung out with the most since he got to college because he hangs in his room a lot. He said he really enjoys my company. We talked about so many different things and it was such a nice night. He asked me to hang out later that night and we ended up playing pool and it was such a fun time. He complimented my outfit and we had a few moments where we held eye contact for too long and chuckled. I have a good feeling he likes me and I want to tell him how I feel. It’s been a long time and I feel like by the time winter break is over, he’ll have enough time to get through his stuff and be ready to move forward. I’m just not sure if he’s hanging with me because he doesn’t hang with people a lot or if he has a crush. Like 1 hangout = friend. But 2 = (I like you as more than a friend and want to spend more time???). Either way, I want to tell him because I only see positives. If he needs space, we can still be friends or something. What do you think? Should I hang with him more as friends and feel him out more? Or just tell him after a hangout or 2?

    • Okay so this is the type of guys who is a bit isolated which makes you conclude that since he is hanging out with you then he really likes you back . Welll, do u think its hard for guys to tell you i love you ? Do you think its so hard for them to express their feelings first ? Why is it you who want to say it first ? And why is it you who wants to stay at the end of the day even when he just wanna be friends . Darling , just know that if he really wants you , he would come to you and say it ! Straight forward . Because he would be afraid of losing you . Just like you are afraid of losing him .

  87. This is going to be a very long story: I met this attractive looking guy near a bus station. He came out of nowhere while I was texting on my phone waiting for my ride to come and he asked me if I want it his number. He seemed shy at first (well, at least I like to think he was) because he gave me an option if I want it his phone number or not since I’m sure he noticed I was too anxious to talk so I said yes only because he’s attractive. He also ask for my age before leaving which I’m 30 years old (going 31 this February) I asked his age too and he said he’s 23 going 24 but I assume he might be a high school kid only because he looks young and there’s also a high school right across the street where I met him so that’s probably why I think he looks like a kid lol (I also have trust issues because I’ve had bad experience with men before) so I ended up texting him when I got home to give him my number and I liked the fact that he texted me the next morning by saying “Good morning gorgeous” it did went well the first 2 days until he started replying back by calling me “baby” all of a sudden with heart eyes and drool face emojis and stuff like that. Obviously he wants to have sex with me and I also don’t like it when guys that idk call me babe (especially when they’re not my boyfriend) so he got upset that I always make lame excuses for not meeting up at his place, that one time I ended ditching him last minute because I was having anxiety attacks and also my other friends ended up calling me to hang out last minute too. so of course he said “he was done” with me that I felt uncomfortable to respond him back but at the same i didn’t care or felt sympathy after sending me those weird text messages…. 2 months later I ran into him again and he went after me when I passed by him not knowing it was him the whole time. He seemed like he want it to give me another chance that we ended up giving our new numbers since we both got new phones. I also apologized to him for flaking him the other day and he understood about my anxiety issues when it comes to meeting new people. After we were about to leave, he asked me if he can give me a kiss so of course I said sure because I believe there’s nothing wrong having a casual kiss when you’re single (P.S. he’s very good at giving wet kisses btw so idk if that’s a good sign or not) so the question is: should I keep seeing him not knowing what his tensions are? should I give him another chance to hangout next time he texts me or should I walk away? Or should I trust him to go over his place next time we meet? Or ‘am I being too insecure? I have to admit but he does act like a shy gentleman in my face and gives me mixed signals but in messages he acts too extra which I think thats too weird and gross. He also said he wants to give me massage at his house but I don’t think is a good idea to go over his house yet for the first time especially because I don’t know him too well. I don’t mind having casual sex to be honest since I’m not looking for serious relationships at the moment but in the future I will want one. that’s why I think should start meeting new guys because I’ve never dated anyone before after I had a breakup with my long term relationship with my ex last year. I also wanna make sure he’s not a high school kid trying to go under my pants, or has a another girlfriend or something like that. I’m just confused because I’m sure he’s gonna HMU eventually to hangout so idk if I should trust him or not.

    • Diana, Forget the kid! Well, have casual fun if you want, but make sure he’s over the age of consent first… Dont let your heart get caught up with this one. He sounds manipulative…. Find interests and meet new people that way, art, writing, computers, whatever it is you’ll meet like-minded people. 😊

      • Thanks. I have been focussing on my marraige and really happy with my husband but, he is always on my mind. I have hold back a lot on communication etc from my side and have started to write down (on my phone notepad) how i feel, what i want to say to him etc wheter its good or bad. It helped me to stop messaging him (sending nice motivational quotes) whenever that need fills me. I cant go and have coffee with him. We are both scorpios and in my 12yr marraige, nothing ever possessed me to look around to other guys. Scorpios are jealous and fierce lovers and dont just decide ‘oh a flirt sounds nice, lets try that’. We are committed creatures and wont do stupid things to just experiment. That is why it bothers me so much. We dont commit easily but when we do, its meaningful. I cant understand why this happens to me now. Luckily not me or he did not convess anything about love or such yet. We only agreed we seem to have the same interests. A lot in common. We dont talk for days, then all if a sudden he shows me lics of his house he fixes up. Sends me pics of him and his daughter catching fish. I deliberately witheld communicatiin frim my side but then he sends me stuff. And i would respond of course. He is really an awesome man. Oh my gosh never been so confused.

  88. Hi, i am married 12yrs. All of a sudden i started to care a lot about a guy at work. Worked with him for 2 years and can say the crush is for the past 6 months now but getting stronger since we started to lightly whatsapp and fb. Ooi we have so much in common. I am an ex hr manager and currently Safety manager and was concerned about the maintenance guy who might nit be in the right frame of mind. So he speaks to me as i was constantly making sure he is ok. Jo and i try stopoing these feelings but it takes over. Giid thing is we have not even taken it to the next step yet. Maybe he’s an arse for all i know. Our marraige is on good grounds. We do not have children and i feel our life is so boring. He has 2 kids, staying with him as the mother was the problem, and me living kids but not able to get them myself… I thought this may also be one of the reasons. However, been thinking about him non stop, wondering how our lives would be together. My husband is lovely but this new guy is a handy man, a person that is used to making decisions. Much stronger character as my huzzy. Now what? Been having the stares, he always close to me, tries to make me laugh, tells me i have a good heart. But he wont reach out, maybe a respect issue as i feel greatly respected as a manager and the ethics i display. I was nit looking for anyone else. How can this happen and what do i do now? I even told my husband during a fight we had, ‘how can i fall in love with another man?’ i dont want to start compare. Im also overweight so definitely can be a downfall.

    • Hey there Lydia, be careful… Sometimes people feel comfortable being friendly / flirting with married people. It’s “safe”. (That was me in my 20s, before I knew better, anyway) Dont give up on a 12 year marriage for the chance of living a fantasy. If the guy really is keen he will edge closer I think. Maybe you two could grab a coffee, get to know him. Perhaps you will see he’s just a flirt, or maybe you will discover you two have a real connection, in which case the rest is up to you 🙂

    • Forget the kid! Well, have casual fun if you want, but make sure he’s over the age of consent first… Dont let your heart get caught up with this one. He sounds manipulative…. Find interests and meet new people that way, art, writing, computers, whatever it is you’ll meet like-minded people. 😊

  89. He’s refurbishing my house and doing a great job. So, he’s constantly teasing me lately and a few days ago he awkwardly hugged me. Instead of grabbing a ladder to check the ceiling, he actually called me and lifted me up for a minute. That’s total invasion of my private space. Plus a joke immediately after. How obvious is this?

  90. Help please, a little confused. So I confessed to one of my work mates I had a crush on him. He responded well, saying don’t hold back. He was flirting with my on social media, & coming over to talk to me, when he passed my desk. Things were going well. Now he’s not contacting me outside of work, but still happy to spend time with me even if it goes over his break. I fear I’ve might have messed things up, but acting worried when he started pulling away. I confronted him. He said is this a fear or insecurity, was sure how to respond. So I admitted I was a little worried, due to his lack of interest & I didn’t want to look like a fool. He challenged if he should pick up his interest, I agreed in a flirty way. He seemed to like that I stuck up for what I wanted, because he had a huge smile on his face, and made a teasing comment. He made a passing comment about his pet hates from going on dates from dating websites, and not to worry, he wont do that to me. Still felt awkward. In the afternoon, he came over to walk me out, but seemed in a rush to leave. Next day he a little distant, so I mirrored him, and played it cool as for i dont want to seem needy. Have I messed up things?

    • Nicole, Sounds like he’s sending mixed signals. Not your fault. He might really like you, but something is holding him back. Could be anything, from a girlfriend, to kids, to personal/family/financial issues that he’s embarrassed by etc etc… Just focus on other things, be nice, play it cool. He will come to you if/when the time is right 🙂

      • So I found out that the guy I was crushing on is a player. He was using access to me to feed his ego. If it wasn’t for a mutual friend who is already in a relationship coming clean, I would never be the wiser. He was still flirting with me and leading me on. A mutual friend told me that he was planning to hook up with a married Asian women, as a booty call on Australia Day long weekend. He knew she was married and didn’t care. Thank god I didnt make an idiot of myself, by kissing him, or worse sleeping with him. Just a warning to all ladies out there players are now picking up their game. If a guy plays hot/cold or mixed signals……run!!! Run like the wind. These guys are known as good boy fuckboys. They pretend to like U, or be interested in U, play victim to gain your trust and empathy. All to get what they want from U. They’re cold and nasty. If a guy truly likes U, they would never put themselves in a place to loose U by playing hot/cold games. If my friend didn’t tell me I would be none the wiser…..thank god for my friend. I owe him big time. My ex crush doesn’t know what I know, but I can’t tell him. Otherwise it will put an end to my friend’s friendship with my ex crush. He entrusted me with this info to protect me. This week will be the first week I’ll see him since I found out. Ideas to act pls would be very much appreciated.

  91. I have started falling for a guy, and he has been my great friend since 4-5 months. I’ve realized my feelings for him since 20 days back. I’m so confused I don’t know what to do. He may not have the same feelings for me. But he never use to ask me about my crush or whom I use to like. Inspite of sharing some love qoutes on my whatsapp status,he never use to ask me. And moreover when my friends says something about me in front of him he just looks downward and smile, and kind of blush also. Does he have got some mixed feelings for me?

  92. Hey.. This is maybe stupid, but there is a guy I like for a year, but.. We don’t know each other. It all started on the first few weeks of school. I didn’t saw him until I sat in a tram. I saw him standing far in front from me, but he was looking at me when I was about to look at him. I was a little bit shocked, but when I was looking at him, he was staring at me and didn’t break the eye contact. When I saw him on school I began the like him.. Idk why, but it just happened. Since that day he keep staring at me. Like on school, outside, shopping mall, Public transport etc. His body is always towards me and his feet too, he never smile at me.. Well maybe 1 time, but it was a little one, but there was a time that I was going outside to talk to a guy, but he was also going outside and stared at me from afar and when I was inside he did the same? It was weird, but it’s not all.. We did a fire practice thingy and I saw him looking at him and I looked at him too, but then he walked towards me and stood next to me.. Staring.. Without saying anything. And when I was going upstairs he was behind me? But he lied to a friend of mine that he didn’t looked at me.. Like wtf? He always look at me if I walk past him.. My friends saw it, my sister saw it.. I really need help.. 😟

  93. I work as a customer service in an office. One of my client which i have never paid special attention to, is being very nice and a gentleman. Recently i noticed he’s avoiding eye contact while talking to me. Or giving a continuous eye contact when I’m in conversation on the phone. I have hundreds of other clients but i have never met someone with this kind of ‘personality’

  94. I met a guy from another state because he started doing a show in my state. We talk a lot when he’s here which isn’t much. He winks and smiles at me at every show and sometimes sits by me. We hug every night he’s in town doing a show and he smiles at me a lot. His mom sent me a friend request on Facebook and likes a lot of my post and said she wants to meet me. Each year my crush and I talk more and more but when show is done for year we rarely talk even though we’re Facebook friends. Not sure what to think.

  95. Hello sir. I am trying to figure this out. The situation is this, I am interested in a man about a decade younger than me.
    I have known him and his family most of my entire life. I am not blood related to him but my mother was married to his uncle.
    Anyway, at a family get together, he was there. I was late and I went in and said hi to people. I sat at the table and talked with someone. The man, the one I like, walked by me and then stopped and gave me a hug hello. I thought to myself, this was odd,but I let it go. The person I was talking to left and I stayed at the table. Out of nowhere the guy sat across from me and began eating the cake he had left on the table. There was no one else at this table, so …at least 5 more seats were available. We talked.
    As he was getting ready to leave, he gave me a goodbye hug. This has never happened before…so again I thought it odd and figured I would ask a guy friend about this as I did not understand.
    Before he left we, as a group, were all talking about cars and his house. And I said to him what can i buy you as a “house warming” gift. I asked what kind of liquor he liked. He said he has a ton of liquor at his house. I was like…darn it. Then I said what I liked and he said that it sounded good and to give him that.
    Fast forward about a week or so. I had been talking with him thru messenger and still I felt connected. So I told him I was going to see a movie and asked if he wanted to come with. I literally got no reply. So I “let it go”. I still messaged him but not like before.
    Last night, out of nowhere, he gets back to me. He is working 2 jobs and has a hard time keeping in touch with people. Now that he finally has a night off he can relax.(his words not mine.) He precedes to tell me he will be quiting is 2nd job soon and what he is working next week.
    Every instinct is telling me he is into me…and yet…I am unsure. Does he consider me family, friend…more or less?
    Thank you,Sir for your help.

  96. Hi 🙂 i’m a little confused, I saw this guy at the gym the other day, I immediately stared at him when i saw him and he did the same, maybe thinking why is this crazy girl staring at me? haha, but after that we made couple of prolonged eye contact, I felt them to be quite intense to be honest, I did feel he may be interested but after when I realized, he left and didn’t approach or anything! 🤦‍♀️. The thing is that in Spain things don’t work this way, guys approach girls very easily, girls generally don’t have to do much😂, if you look more than once to a guy he most likely will approach you, however in England everything seems more complicated 🤷‍♀️😅 and I tend to interpret these confusing sings as if he is just not interested. would he be shy or just not interested at all?

  97. So me and this guy met in university accommodation last year, and we bonded pretty quickly (like scarily quickly). We became good friends, and have been in the same friendship group for the past year and I now live in a uni house with him and a few others. He’s always quite attracted to me, pays extra attention to me, teases me etc. But recently (since moving in to the house) he’s acting more as though he likes me and we’re a couple. Like he always comes into my room, most of the time not for anything just to talk around and say random stuff. He constantly makes jokes about us being ‘associated’ in that way and shows me memes of couples saying ‘thats us’. Also whenever we’re in a room all together and we look at each other, he holds eye contact for uncomfortably long, sometimes winks, it’s very confusing. Now all of this makes me feel as though he does like me like that, but he also talks about girls around me a lot, like girls he finds attractive, but nothing more really – however he never acts on anything, and hasn’t done so since we met. I don’t really think i’m his type, which is what leads me to think he doesn’t like me and his personality is quite playful, so maybe what he’s doing is all a joke, idk?

    • Hi, like I love this guy and seems he does too but doesn’t wanna have a relationship with me, saying he is not the kind of guy I can date or am suppose to be with, he says ‘you are in love with the wrong guy’ when I ask him why he said so, he would say I smoke and I would be like yes I know, he doesn’t even look like he smokes and its not every time thing, but at my back he chats with my church brother since I got to know him through that my brother and tell him he loves me but he is having trust issues with me since am still schooling, my church brother told me everything and said he is not supposed to tell me but seeing the way I love him and am almost giving up on him already so I said OK, we chat tho I always strike the convo first then he asked me in between the chat ‘ what level am I in school’ then I said my finals then he said oh OK that’s good then and asked about the boys in my school, wants to know if I have a relationship there and I told him ‘ I have none’ we don’t stay in the same state tho but not too far from each other, he said he will be coming over to my state next week because of me tho, I don’t know how true it is if its because of me he wants to come or not but he told me he was going to get me a honey pie when he comes then I said no problem he quickly added ‘u don’t have to go with me tho’ I was like well, wasn’t planning to go with ya, the next thing he said was ”really” , I said yes, then he said don’t u think its beautiful when u go out with your guy, holding hands and I was like but I have no one to do that with he responded when u get to school try it with your guy there, I told him again I don’t have any guy there, he gets really mad whenever he gets to know I talk with his friend he would ask ” what do u really want, cause u seem confused ”, he never wants to admit he loves me, I don’t even know if I should give up on him or not, sometimes I decide to give up and he says ” you’re giving up so quick ” ” you’re moving on so quick ” am just tired, please reply me, thank u

  98. Hey, so I’m confused about this guy if he likes me i have known this guy since I was smal .but when he was around 16 he had feelings voor me but I beeld it up later we Message everyday and saw each other aften .but I did some thing stupid so we lost contact for like a 1 year we randomly saw echt other at a party and I added him on snap and we started catching up (mind you did not randomly add him but we talked at the party that made me feel that like I could add him) .We spook about being in a relationship and being interment with each other but he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship because
    He has to fix him self (what ever that means) so I blocked his ass. I saw this guy and he came up to me and start a conversation so I kept it short and when I went home added him on snap we talked on snapchat about him being ready but (did not understand what it could be sex, relationships) so I replied with relationships ?and he said yes.
    So after that I went out with friends and he deleted me on snap.
    Could you pleas tel me what the wrong with this guy. Btw never had sex and he knows that.

  99. So there’s a guy i really really like. We got to know each other through club activities in university. Long story short, we’ve gotten close and now considered close friends i guess. We meet each other pretty often as we belong in the same club, and him as the president of the club, everything i do within the club, obviously have to go through him. We tease each other pretty often, we argue playfully pretty often too. Just like little kids hahaha. The “You take very ugly pictures”, “It’s not my fault your face is ugly.” etc.. It just keeps going back and forth. But we never really took it seriously, well i never. But even though we argue so much like that, sometimes he would tell me “I appreciate you the most in the club, you do very good job” and if someone was hurting my feelings and i somehow ranted it through my social media, he would be like “Who did that to you? I’ll fire him directly.”, i know he wouldn’t really fire him, he just said that to make me feel better and honestly, it kinda worked. Sometimes he would even complimented me and say “You’re really pretty, you shouldn’t bother about what people say” out of nowhere. Sometimes, he would catch me off guard too with his cringy pickup lines, which worked extremely well on me hahaha. There was a time when i was trying to pour myself a sweet drink, and he came up to me and say “you shouldn’t drink too much sweet drinks, you’re sweet enough.” Or the time when i called him bitter for being salty about something, and he replied me with “Yes, i am bitter, which is why i need sweet people like you” and it really got to me. I melted over it hahaha. I dont know if he’s being playful or friendly or just plain flirty. I can feel that he actually do care about me but i don’t dare to conclude it as him actually being interested in me. I mean, we do text often. But it mostly is related to work, which occasionally strayed away to jokes and us opening up little by little to each other. We went out together before but it was also due to work. Sometimes he would throw me the sweetest lines and then pulled by by saying jokes jokes. He’s so hard to figure out.

  100. So I’m friends with this guy and now he’s always “joking” about us being together and yesterday he asked me out and I told him that I wasn’t sure if he was being serious and if he was joking and he said “you know me too well. Yeah I was joking” but it didn’t seem like a joke to me.

  101. There’s a boy I like but I don’t know if he likes me he gives me mixed signals. I’ve known him for a few years now and he’s like a big kid. He holds my hand under the blanket on the couch, he always jokes around an tickles me, he gives me piggy backs and shoulder rides and he sits next to me wherever I am and I’ve heard saw him looking at my ass and heard him say comments under his breath about me but he’s always had a few beers, he kissed me as well but when I asked him about it he said it was just because he was drunk and he was sorry and didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable but he’s tried to kiss me before when he’s been sober and we’ve been alone. He treats my family like his and kisses my sister on the head like a little sister he also does this to me as well as everything else. I dont know what to do does he like me or does he just think of me as a sister ?

  102. There’s a boy I like but I don’t know if he likes me he gives me mixed signals. I’ve known him for a few years now and he’s like a big kid. He holds my hand under the blanket on the couch, he always jokes around an tickles me, he gives me piggy backs and shoulder rides and he sits next to me wherever I am and I’ve heard saw him looking at my ass and heard him say comments under his breath about me but he’s always had a few beers, he kissed me as well but when I asked him about it he said it was just because he was drunk and he was sorry and didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable but he’s tried to kiss me before when he’s been sober and we’ve been alone. He treats my family like his and kisses my sister on the head like a little sister he also does this to me as well as everything else. I dont know what to do does he like me or does he just think of me as a sister ? X

  103. So, there is this guy, atmosphere absolutely tense when we’re near each other. Standing always closer and closer, we laugh a lot, he always being super sensitive about my mood, whether I am sad, or upset. He touches me briefly, once he put his hand on my back as reassurance, another time poked me in the waist. Several times he gave me a ride home /just accidentally getting in the same direction/. We always talk about everything, personal stuff, hard moments, problems, funny stuff, dreams, etc., etc. He texted me once and so recently I also texted him and he did back., pretty quick, longer than my message, then we texted twice more. He never texts first, so I stopped. And then one day he was really close to me, telling and performing a story of how a child was speaking to his teacher expressing his love. He was standing just few inches away from me, saying in my eyes: “You have so beautiful eyes, I like you, your hair is so pretty /lifting a hand above my head/, I love you! Can I kiss your ear?”. That was in front of other people, but my guts tell me, this cannot be just a random story. Do you think he invested his feelings also? I wonder…

  104. I have this guy friend and in a way I guess he is kinda my best friend but we’ve known each other since we were about eight. Last year before I moved away to a different town we decided to “talk” as more than friends cause we didn’t want to rush into anything since he had just gotten out of a relationship, I was 14 and he was 15 now he is 17 and i am 16 and I did tell him that I was moving so during the summer we still mostly talked but he is depressed and then he told me that he was in a relationship now he mostly leaves me on open but i don’t think he likes her or loves her that much Can someone help me? I don’t know what to do

    • First of all, you have to know for sure, how is it going there with his girl, or you risk to lose him as friend. Secondly, for how long do you think you can pretend to be his friend, while at the same time tearing apart from inside, because of your sincere feelings? Maybe it is good at some point to think how you see your relationship in the future. If you are two very far away from each other, how do you imagine this could work? And when you have your own questions answered by yourself, then you can move on to talking about how you feel. If he has feelings for your, this would make him more confident to open up. 🙂

  105. So my postman always asks when am not home where I am and he acts shy or nervous r so I feel he does when am about i gave him my phone number on a xmas card and a box of chocolates but he not sent any messages but he did thank me for the gift and said he really appreciated it that he really really appreciated it. And that’s it. So I dont know am lost I dont know what to think now .

    • Not really sure about that one. Has he ever took any interest in you? To ask where you are probably is work related? My couriers always ask me where am I, if not on the expected address, as if so to come where I am, if anywhere close by, and deliver the package… Try to find other, more obvious signs, like those that Victor speaks about.

  106. Soo my best friend and I have a complicated weird dynamic where I even myself don’t know what we are. I met my best guy friend 6 months ago and we started talking/facetiming/snapchatting every minute of the day before college started. We used to pull all nighters together. We finally hit college (we go to the same college) we had so many plans that we came up with that we have not fulfilled. Beginning of the school year he used to surprise me at my dorm (he even helped moved me in), hang out with me, see me frequently. There was a time when he asked if he could sleepover because he was too tired to go back to his dorm (that is a minute away from min LITERALLY) then we told him yes and he asked me to sleep in the same bed and cuddle with him. Things after that got awkward where he put distance there and we didn’t really talk as much as we used to and he joined a fraternity too. But the narrative changed because it started being one-sided where I’d ask him to hang out all the time and once in a while he’d ask to hang out. We got back on track with our friendship.
    But recently things was awkward about two weeks ago where I’m pretty sure he NOW has an idea of how I feel about him. Because I got drunk and ended up being clingy, telling him how much I love him, to close off the night I ended up kissing him on the neck SIX times (he ironically said before the party if I had an urge to kiss someone kiss a brother he IS a brother soo lol, ALSO he told my best friend he knows how I feel for him… ALSO he said in response to my text he had a feeling that me being all over him would happen) he said to me “You don’t want to do it like this… you respect our friendship too much to do this”. So he stopped talking to me for about a week and a half… and then we’re talking again. But I started noticing little things like his pupils dilates a lot more since the party. The other day we were on opposite sides and he saw me and yelled my name and ran up a hill too the extent where he nearly knocked me over telling me how he was so happy to see me. But I was with him and his boys (I was the only girl there) and then he started talking about another girl and about sex with them (not so much me because I was doing homework) and he’s very open to me about his sex life though (he knows that I’m waiting till marriage). Also whenever my mom is near he tries harder to please her.

    I just would like to know why he is acting the way he is… where’s his head at. What’s going on between me and him? How do I handle this going forward?

    • I think you should move on. It’s obvious he only sees you as a good friend. If he feels something for you he should be able to come right out and say it since he already knows how you feel.

  107. Hi, theres a guy I know for 11 years, he’s my bestfriend’s friend. Our first time we met, we were teenagers and he teased me about something I can’t forget beacuse I was so offended, yet I am not sure he remembers me from that time. We meet at events my friend organizing sometimes and in one party we met I brought my ex, he had a girlfriend but she didn’t come, and he was treating him so bad he made him drink and was targeting him, and we were making barbecue so he asked me to wipe his hands infront of my ex.
    Next time we met I already broke up with my ex and he has a new girlfriend, he aproached me and asked for my name it was like, “sorry remind me your name” I felt so bad, is he playing a fool. But on the other hand, he was smiling at me and asked about what I do and he was “happy” to hear we have in common and told me about his plans.
    And I think might I have feelings towards him and the problem that sometimes I avoid my friend’s meetings becuase they are also “best friends”.

  108. I really like this boy at my school. He flirts with me, but he flirts with other girls to, and he has a girlfriend. Hes really confident about himself, and he compliments me but he compliments other girls to. I don’t know if he really likes me or he does that to make me feel embarrassed because he knows I like him.

  109. So my best friend has this friend and he has a vwrry cute friend and we when to them on a weekend to meet them and have a good time but when we got ther her friend was a bit too much drunk so he was not nice att all and really disrespectful to me and hea cute friend didnt know me but got mad cos he was disrespektful to me and atuf so he ende up talking to hia friend about not being mean to me and stuf .
    And when me and my friend where gona go home he snapt my friend asking her if he could get my snap and she did give it to him .
    The next day we snapt a bit i got the feelimg that he is the shy guy and dosent talk so much .
    So i askt him if he would like to kome and meet me and my friend att this volly practis and he sed yeah , but when he got ther he was ignorent and was a bit cold to me , and wanted to go home but when he saw that i wanted to talk he stopt and told me i can talk now if i want but i was upset about how he treted me so i didnt wanna talk and when he got home he started snaping me wanting to know what i wanted to talk about .
    Do you think he likes me or not i wanna know

  110. there is a guy i like in the beginning he didnt look later he found out that i look at him and there where two times we passed into each other …………….and once i saw him and his friends laughing and looking at me and whenever i and he look at the same time if feels he looks at my direction but not at me so i thought maybe he likes my friends…..and once when are results was out i got first and when i went out he looked at me and went ahead me and my friends chatted and walked behind his friends …..i saw him looking back many times once he saw me he turned back and walked …..then once while hanging with friends he was facing other direction once he saw me he stood strAIGHT AT MY DIRECTION so iwent and stood at other place then again he turned that way…..whenever i hangout with friends he hears our conversations and he always be in places where iam and peeks …..and once when he went to take food i was passing by instead of taking food he kept looking at me and he always plays with his hair ….once it was raining after lunch while walking he looked at me and was kind of nervous and after i passed he ran upstairs ……and he keep staring at me while we used to be down and while going also he keeps following us ……and just looks my friends saw …………….but idont know whether its love ……coz i see him looking at other girrls eating with girls though he is reserved ……..but he passes by me looks at me i dont dare to look at him ……rumours say he has a girl friend ……so is this love or just my thoughts……

  111. So there is this guy I have a little crush on at work. I started this job in August 2019. This guy works on one side of the building and I work on their other, so we hardly get to see each other. Just a month ago, I spoke to the guy and asked him for his name. We talked for about 5 minutes about the company and when we started. Now when ever I get the chance to see him, he speaks to me. He smiles and waves at me when he sees me. He even made a joke when I almost hit his head while opening a door, but for some reason I didn’t catch the joke until the next day. I’m really not good at these things. I couldn’t tell if he was flirting or being serious. The odd thing is, when I am coming back to work from my lunch break, that’s when he goes to lunch. And when I go to lunch, he would be coming back to work. I recently asked him about his plans for thanksgiving and he asked the same question. After thanksgiving, I asked him how did it go and he asked me the same question. It’s crazy because I noticed that he is interested in having a conversation with me, but I am not sure if he is interested in getting to know me a little more. For example: We actually bumped into each other on our lunch break. I was actually at a different restaurant. I had to used the restroom, but their restroom wasn’t working so I walked across the street to use the other restaurant’s restroom and I ended up seeing the guy. We walked right pass each other, but he didn’t stop me and ask me to have lunch with him. I’m really confused. I have been wanting to get to know him more, but I am not sure if he feels the same. I don’t want to seem fast forward and ask “Are you single?” Or “Would you be interested in getting to know me?” Because I’m afraid of rejection and I don’t want it to be awkward at work. Plus he is probably just being friendly and nice at work. I also thought maybe he is shy. Not sure how to go about asking him out, I thought about inviting him to my church or to a family/friends function. But I’m not sure. Well I am really bad with names and I forgot his name, so I hate to walk up to him and ask for his name again. I think I might have sent him mixed signals because I didn’t laugh at his joke and every time I catch him looking at me, I turn my head and look the other way. Either way, I’m used to the guy approaching me not the other way around. I like to know if the guy is interested in me first before making the move. But my gut is telling me something is different about this guy.. he seems like he would be my dream guy. Not sure if I should wait on him or make the first step?

  112. I and this guy are best friends. We tell each other we love ourselves. Then when you now realize you are beginning to like him, he tells you he likes your sister and you can’t tell him at that point that you are liking him. But he still tells you that even in 100 years to come your sister cannot replace you. What exactly does it mean cause there are time he’ll peck you and say he loves you and there are times where you will just feel like he doesn’t care at all. At this point is it that he doesn’t like the best friend at all or what. He doesn’t call or keep up with chats but does so for the sister

  113. I have a crush on my colleague,but he seems to give me mixed signals, everytime he looks at me he smiles,when I tells story he smiles,when I was so stressed during class he would comfort me,he hugged me twice and the second time was more tightly. Whenever I need help he always helps me,he once paid the bill for both of us and asked me for a cup of coffee,and when I accepted me smiled shyly,he teases me and we laugh a lot.

  114. We r both married, work friends and he’s double my age. It started with consistent gazing into eyes while talking. We usually talk looking into each other’s eyes. But there r some situations when I m attracted to him n wants to kiss him. I’m not quite sure about his thoughts. But a couple of times when I was explaining something to him, he was looking at my eyes n then to my lips n again eyes. Another time he was observing my earring n suddenly I stopped talking n he acted just how a student was caught not listening while teacher was giving lecture. I’ve seen him look n talk to other women the same way. That’s why it’s so confusing. he has no problem how close I get to him. Any help as to what he feels.

  115. Ok,
    So weird story… and I maybe really messed up my opportunity but I haven’t liked n e 1 this much, in maybe forever.

    I am married, also a long story, and we are now separated, in short though we have an extremely toxic relationship that should have ended when it began. He’s cheated, always lies and even about things there is no reason for, he’s horrible with finances, it almost seems like he enjoys being angry and fighting,… etc etc… it has been just a horrible last 15 yrs. I’m over it!

    When we first got to this location, my future X husband had hit the guys car when it was parked by the laundry, the guy had just pulled into the laundry area and future X decided to turn around and then hit the car… it just seems like everything that happens results in us running into each other or like this where something happens that caused us to meet in the first place. I immediately fancied this young man, he’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. He reminds me of how I am. We have a ton in common, like everything. We have similar upbringings, from the same background, we both are totally about God (not like crazy religious ppl, just really love God and try to do as we think he would want).

    So I know he liked me, he had me over, he said he didn’t sleep well and neither do I so I went to hang out. We are talking laughing and I’m making excuses why it’s fine that we go lay on his bed cause it is more comfortable (his idea) so after a while (few hours) it’s really late, he makes the comment that he doesn’t want me to get in trouble and maybe I should get going.

    So we text, and he actually reads my overly long texts as well as responds pretty much with the same. Lol I’ve never had n e one do that before. Usually I think I just annoy them. Lol

    He text me one day about doing massages on each other, or would that be too far he asks. 😜😁 I said something like ehh… maybe,

    Anyway,… all this great stuff,… one night he even almost had me over again for… but this was now after he told me he had a dream where God visited him and pretty much just the whole thing about being with a married woman, well it’s a huge sin and he took it as a warning/message that we shouldn’t be doing this…

    I totally agreed at first, but then I just couldn’t stop still txting him, we got close still a few times even after his dream, but he held strong. (Damn him. 😬😂Lolol)

    I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this guy, but I just can’t stop thinking about him… last time I msgd with him I told him he should block me (I have a few drinks and get the courage to text him) I don’t know if he did… but he left now as he graduated his trade school. And he doesn’t know my future x husband and I broke it off… at the same time though, I wonder if I have to be already divorced? (The only reason I got married in the first place was for medical insurance, I would have nvr married that @$$ if I didn’t need the medical) I don’t want to contact him through social websites cause then I’ll feel like a stalker…. I don’t know what to think or do…

    Last little note, we would always run right into each other, I couldn’t bring myself to even look at him though bc I was always embarrassed after txting him… my future X really has done a number on me,… it’s so crazy how much different I feel not being put down constantly and getting yelled at over idk what…. that’s how I was treated as a kid though too,… so probably makes me subconsciously feel at home. Hahaha I also cut off 90% of my relatives just about 6 months ago also,… in fact my life has never been better, I have more self esteem, I’m not as anxious, lots of good things happening.. but I do find myself having a hard time realizing that I’m finally free to think how I want and do what makes me happy! The only thing I would like is to just have a friendship with bennis with this amazing man who’s name was the main characters in both the movies I watched today, I see it everywhere, I even could sense when he was near. I feel like he could be my soulmate. I just dont want to get back in any relationship for a while, but I’d still like to have something with this guy….

    There is a few more things that he’s done but this is already so long… n e tips would also be appreciated… like would it Indeed be creepy to request him on social media?

    Well thank you, I know super odd situation. He’s all I can think about, I’m stuck and I don’t like it. I’ve asked him to say something mean to me, or just tell me to stop contacting him so I can get it through my head… it makes me wonder if he likes torturing me. Lol

    Have a lovely day/evening! And thanks again! Great site.

  116. Hi, so I’m a little young for this, but oh well. Anyway, last year I had a boyfriend and we broke up because of some of his friends and things took a wrong turn and everything is really chaotic. So, we are in 7th grade now and in the beginning of the school year, at P.E, my friend and I were playing hockey and he was staring directly at me. Then the next day, my friends and I were walking the track and somehow we locked eyes, if that makes any sense. That situation has kind of “dialed down”, but a few weeks ago, I had a little problem with his friends before he go to school, but when he did get to school, they told him all about it and in the mornings before school my friend group and his friend group meet at the same place and so I could hear them talking about it and saying how they wanted to fight me then I heard my name coming from their direction, so I looked over there, and he looks at me with a worried look. So, now I’m really worried because I don’t want him to like me again. And to make matters worse, I think one of my best friends from my childhood likes me and I’m really trying not to be in another relationship. Anyway, he’s honestly really nice and everything to everyone, but he’s been extra nice and everything with me. We don’t have each other’s numbers, but we see each other everyday at school and he shows many of the 43 signs on the website towards me and it has been kind of bugging me/messing with my head. Please tell me what to do because I am really confused and I don’t want to mess up my friendship with my childhood friend and I don’t want to cause more and worse drama with my ex and his friends. Thank you.

    • Ignore the ex and his friends. About your best friend, you don’t have to say but give him signs that you aren’t interested (don’t be mean) like keep telling him about how you aren’t interested in any relationship right now. If he asks you out turn him down politely. And honey, you’re right to want to focus on yourself. At your age you don’t really need a relationship.

  117. Hello, i go to a 1 room library everyday. theres a guy who looks at me everyday and makes a 2-3 seconds eye contact. If im sitting on terrace he will find some reason like peeing or using his phone or filling his water bottle and will come to balcony. He always have a blank face. He never tried to talk to me or never tried to take information about me from my friends. His stares never made me uncomfortable.I dont know if all this is coincidence or not. Is he interested in me?

  118. Ok so this guy in my master’s program so we have pretty much all our classes together and we both are tas!!!! One day I was finishing up teaching kind of late and he pops in after he’s finished teaching and helps with cleaning up the whiteboard!!! And he initiated adding me on Facebook and Snapchat!!! Kind of keeps a low profile but super down to earth and funny! Occasionally will have some good group convos and see him in group hangouts occasionally but not much with one on one conversation! Also he pointed out that our Myers Briggs types were close lNFP and INTP!!! Also he’s on tinder and he was having some other people in our program help him message a match and apparently she wanted to meet up don’t know what happened in regards to that but that sent some red flags! Anywho just curious what to make of it!

  119. this guy at my school sits next to me and he sometimes puts his hand on the pole of the desk and barely touches my knee. And one day he did the moon walk on my leg for some reason and then he took a pen from one of a students and i tried to give to the student and he went down to my legs so that i wouldn’t be able to grave the pen.

    • so this guy and i talk a lot he is in a nother class and he told me he wants to focuss on his school he said cause its his last class so i really really like him and he knows that and every time i walk off the stairs or sit with my friends he looks at me sometimes i catch him then we smile and he always sits next to me in the schoolbus and walk home so i dont really know whatsup

  120. Please help me out am so confused about this guy. The first time we saw each other after a very long time he waved at me casually, but then later one day he saw me from afar, looked at me for few seconds and then turned to the other side. Also, l was coming to the mall and then l saw him from afar and then he was staring at me with his eyes wide or his pupils dilated and then later l saw him walking with his girlfriend. But then the next day l heard something that someone has broken up with his girlfriend and would u believe that they have the same name but l don’t think he is the one or Is he? Then recently l saw him again from afar at the atm and then the next thing he bent down trying to hide or whatever the reason is. I don’t get him at all. But he has a girlfriend, so l don’t think he likes me. Please make me understand why he is acting weird. Thank you.

    • If you like him go up to him and ask him casually about his gf and why he’s been acting weird around you. If you don’t just ignore him.

  121. My case is like that.
    I just came for work in a 1500 people village in a foreign country.I am here just 15 days yet and I met a guy who is a barman in one of the few good bars here and also attending the same lang course as me.
    I am attracted to him and I believe based on your points that he is also interested. He is awkward around me,extended eye contact,nice warm smile,watching me when I interact with others,body lang towards me.
    I would like to show my interest too more vividly but I am afraid he might back off .Its really early to expect progress from now or shall I wait till he opens up to me?I am just afraid of making the wrong move.How shall I handle it?

  122. Hii my situation is my friends told that i liked him that time he didn’t say anything to this why? After that he so many times looks at me

    • I think it’s either:
      1. He likes you too but he’s shy to let you know, or
      2. He didn’t really have feelings for you but once he knew that you like him, he starts to become interested in you and might even start to like you. Kinda similar to how we get to like those who like us

  123. My colleague lives in one state and I another. We started working together via phone about 1 1/2 years ago. We were always chatty and talked about work or random things and family. We are both originally from the Midwest. I finally met him in person on a work trip I went on to his location with overseas colleagues. Since that time I have had to return a few times to his work location but not always to meet with him. He would always find me or meet with me or spend time to chat with me in his office. I am attracted to him both mentally and physically and enjoy talking to him. He bends over backwards at work for me as does his staff. I know they have teased him innocently when I am around. We went through a span of time without seeing one another due to a role change at work for me however he would always seem to email or call me regardless or pull me into group discussions. Well, we worked together last week and went out for drinks, we kissed but he was a gentleman and didn’t allow it further. Next day at work I felt awkward, so I asked for a chat. He let me know nothing to be awkward about as we are both adults and hugged me letting me know we would always be friends and have a working relationship for a long time. I left Friday and he called me today. I will be back next all week at work with him. I am confused. Caveat is we are both married and this is first time I have cheated on my spouse whom I been with for almost 14 years. What is your thought?

  124. So I’ve told this guy i like him a lot and he responds with some new subject is he trying to say that he doesn’t like me? or is he not ready to date (we’re both 13). He draw’s me hearts with rose’s inside of the hearts. He stares at me a lot then when i catch him i said “what” He keep eye contact and he laughs and smiles. (online school so wifi goes down a lot.) We both like each others hobbies. (he likes dirt bikes and i jr dragster race). He seems to always tease me because im the shortest one and he make me laugh a lot. Does this mean he likes me and doesn’t know how to tell me?

  125. There is a guy at work that seems to want to be a friend of mine. He asks my birthday and age, and wants to give a gift of appreciation as a close friend. He always messages me first to say hi and all. He confuses me because I have searched him on social media and found out he has already a girlfriend.

  126. I recently had eye contact with a male doctor who was examining at a routine visit. We both th have gotten a lot friendlier to each other recently more comfortable with each other during conversations. I wasn’t looking at him bc thought he sensed I liked him and I did not want him to know bc I did not know how he would feel so he tapped me slightly to get my attention and he also caressed my hair so he could move it to look at my surgery on my neck he performed. Anyway we both started having prolonged eye contact. I know I felt emotional bc I knew I would not be seeing him for a year bc of the good outcomes me from the test he did before the surgery and he also knew he would not be seeing me either like if I would have needed more treatment. I think we both felt it. It was like he wanted a reaction from me if You felt the same way towards him. I do not know for sure how long it lasted but a was holding back my response but ended up crying softly (he could hear me and saw I got emotional over it THEN he broke the eye contact and finished his exam. It has been about a month and a half and he has not called me or contacted me about it so So I am wondering if there really was anything there after all? What do you think?

    • Probably ought to leave that alone. Ethically he should not contact you unless it was out of professional setting. Did he ask you for your number? Do you see him outside in public places? If he is still your doc then you should not cross that line.

  127. Ok so a family friend of mine, who is 3 years older than me, slid into my DMs a few weeks ago. He was teasing me about a night out and saying how much he knew “I wasn’t such an angel” and constantly sending 😉. He asks for £20 after I tell him to not tell my parents about a certain part of the night, still sending the winking faces. So, I start flirting back with the odd winking face myself. We continued the convo about my night and then I added him on snapchat. He starts sending snaps of him topless in bed. Then he starts sending kisses with the snaps and we say goodnight.
    The following day me and my parents go out and end up bumping into him. He talks to my parents but avoids eye contact with me the whole time. At one point he came up behind me and tapped me on one shoulder and then ducked back to the other side so that I’d look the wrong way. We both say “hi how are you?” and then that’s it – he still avoids any eye contact the entire conversation. Afterwards, he has a convo with my mum while I’m there and I’m stood right close next to him but again avoids eye contact with me.
    When we left, I snap chatted him saying thank you for not telling the parents about the night out and he replied with “no worries 😉”
    The following weekend, I’d been drinking at a friends house and I’d asked him earlier in day if he could buy some drink but he didn’t open it until later on when it was too late. So eventually we start having a conversation and we’re sending snaps to each other and chatting. He’s saying how pissed I’m getting, yet he’s sat in a pub himself. After a while he comes back with “I’m sorry but I’m not looking for a relationship at the moment x” when he was the one who has been flirting with me all night. Then in the morning, I said to him “I’m sorry about anything that was said last night” and he starts teasing me about what was said and won’t tell me to begin with and then eventually says that I apparently said to him “how much u like my bum and how much u love me 😉x”. Now I’m 99% sure I didn’t say that as my friends were there through all of this the night before and they were pretty sober compared to me so they knew what was going on at all times! So I kept denying it and he just keeps saying that with a winking face. Later on, I say to him to definitely not tell the parents about that, if it is true, and he starts teasing me again saying that he’s on his way to my house now with a 😉.
    Anyway, after that finished that was it for 2 weeks, and now out of the blue he pops up again to something on my snapchat story and my mum labelling boxes in her room with pictures, etc. He says “😂😂”, so I go “I understand labels but not pics as well 😂” and he goes “she does look after you 😉” and I said “that’s one way to explain it 😂” and then he replies with “she even got the sexy leg pics up for u 😉”. So, I shut that convo down and then the next day, again out of the blue, he starts video calling me on snapchat. I don’t pick up and then leave it a few hours and then reply saying “sorry missed your call ??” He replies with “sorry didn’t mean to”, but surely if it was an accident then he would’ve said straight away, not waited until I had asked? So I go “it’s fine don’t worry” and he replies a while later saying “playing it cool are we 😉”. This then continues as I ask continuously what he’s on a bout and he just says things like “you’d know what I’m on about if u saw me earlier 😉” and then eventually I work out after he tells me that apparently I walked past him in town and he thought I saw him. So, then I understood why he was saying what he was. I explain this to him and he teases again basically not believing that I didn’t see him. But all the time sending winking faces again.
    Now we’ve finished the conversation, but the whole thing is just confusing me completely. I do like him but I feel like he’s giving mixed signals and I just want him to be straight up!!

  128. So. There’s a guy I’ve had a crush on pretty much since I’ve met him, and we’ve always been super close but he’s two years older than me and that’s a little weird, especially at the small school we go to. He always gives me his full attention, and teases me ab stuff that’s happened up to years ago. His family loves me, and his little brother’s my age and a good friend of mine. The only problem I have is that If I were to ruin our relationship, there’s no way to fix it and it would make things really weird between us. How do I tell if he likes me, because conventional ways don’t really work with him? He’s not a flirt, but we quip back and forth perpetually. Should I go for it, or wait for him to make a move?

    • Hmm I think there’s no better and surefire way to do this than to explicitly tell him you like him. If you are really good friends (his family is already close to you), it might get awkward for a while but it shouldn’t mess up your friendship

  129. I am a social work and for the past year and a half have gotten to be really close with a law enforcement officer. Last year I told him I had feelings for him. He told me how amazing I was and he didn’t want to mess up a great work relationship and then stated “unfortunately I am in a committed relationship”. I knew he had a girlfriend and I made sure to say that when I told him. We have continued to get closer and he NEVER brings up his girlfriend. We talk everyday and recently took a day off work to hang out and spent 11 hours together, she was not mentioned once. He shared a lot of vulnerable information with me about his past as did I. We have mutual friends who say he talks about me and worries about me. He and his girlfriend have been together for four years and recently moved in together in April. He never mentions her to me! I am falling hard and fast but know I am going to get hurt. What do I interpret about this guy. Is he using me to stroke his own ego?

  130. So here’s is the guy we are in the same class though we don’t talk in class much but on texts n phone calls we talk alot .I share almost all of my secrets with him he teases me too but he doesn’t share his all secrets with me, he even shares his childhood memories with me, in class we have many eye contacts but he never smiles to me he tells his future plans also i am confused

  131. Hii,
    I think I’m in love with my boss. Sometimes I just open his profile picture and look for hours, I dreamed about him but I’m just a worker at his office. The 43 sign which you mentioned here are matching what he do when I am around him So,what it means he also love me??
    He never told me but I feel
    Please help me. Due to this I can’t focus on my studies , family and work because all the time I just think about him.

    • Okay first and foremost this shouldn’t affect your work negatively. If this crush makes you do a good work for him to see or you’re more motivated to go to work that’s good, but if you’re distracted and any interaction with him affects you then it’s not good. I think if a person really likes you, there are many signs and you just somewhat feel that he likes you. Anyway this is a bit risky since this is a professional setting; I suggest you can let him know once you’re out of the boss-employee relationship, or hang in there until your feelings die down (hint: it will. unless you really see him as a part of your future)

  132. Hey..
    I like a guy who is with from 9th class and we are in 12th now
    He stares at me…teases me…stares me when I’m not looking at him and when I look vo khi ar dekhne lgta h
    I proposed him and at that time he said dekhte h
    Then I asked again and he tried to ignore that question for about 2 months
    Then after he said no…and when I asked do u have feelings for me he said no bt he didn’t looked into my eyes….
    It’s almost one year now …bt he teases me stares me get uncomfortable when I talk to other guys…even while playing volleyball he stares At me….
    I think he likes me bt I can’t ask him now
    Bt my friend says she will say you after 12th bcoz he wants to focus on studies now….bt do u think that he has feelings for me??
    Please help me to find out…
    And also he’s a bit shy kind of person

  133. Hi. I am in school and curious. Obviously. There is this guy who I kind of know but we never really hang out. Often when I see him he says hi but it’s only really when he is alone. When we are in class together he sometimes looks at me and will ask me something or talk a little. Im thinking that he is definitely not into me, he’s just trying to be nice. I guess I just hoped he liked me. Either way I wanted to know if there was maybe a suttle sign that he did like me. If not than I will have to move on unless I can get him to like me even though I know I can’t. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  134. So there’s this one guy in my year. We sit together in one class, and we’re mostly talking during that class, but like only there and a few other classes. Sometimes he’s teasing me over that class and involuntarily I’m teasing him back, like, it’s my nature. So a few weeks ago he was all talkative and flirty and smiley at me and was ignoring the girl who’s been hitting up on him when he was talking to me or she was trying to be rude towards me and then a few days later he’s being silent again and he’s giving her attention. But there are also some stories from the class trip we had at the beginning of the year and we talked a lot and stuff, he came with his best friend (who’s like the biggest f-boy of our year or sth like that but I don’t think he is) a lot in our room, like where I was staying with my roommates and again he kept smiling a lot when he was talking to me. He’s also staring at me sometimes, like idk, a lot? But I’m not sure, and I don’t know what to make out of it. Like 2 days ago his best friend told me casually that he talked about me, he said that this guy I’m crushing on was saying nice thing about me like all the time. He said that he’s talking about me all the time. But then today I had this class with him and he just ignored me.
    I must add that I met him about three months ago when the year started, because I’m still kinda new and we’re both 16. Please help me.

  135. So theres this guy at work who i believe likes me but the mixed signals confuse me. He stares at me a lot, he likes to ask me very personal questions. He has co-workers that he’s know for a while and every time I’m talking to them or hanging out with them, he finds an excuse to get them away from me. This happens every time. I don’t know if he’s jealous because he has a tough exterior and you cant tell if his emotions change. But, I look at his eyes and I have been able to tell multiple times that he has been jealous. He confuses me. I’m assuming he does like me he just wont dare tell me. Today i walked into his office and he stared at me and once he realized that i wasn’t paying him any mind he went about his business. Im just so confused with him. I wish he would just say that he likes me.

    • I think he likes you. Best way for this is you ask him directly. It might be scary at first, but it’s way better than playing chess in your mind for who knows how long. Plus I think he really likes you so what’s there to lose. Anyway if by any chance he doesn’t like you, then good riddance because it means he’s a flirt or is just there for the short haul, and you can move on to other guys

  136. Ok. So, I have a coworker that I am getting mixed signals from. He is normally a touchy guy with other female coworkers and is really nice. Recently I noticed he is constantly touching me every time he sees me, but doesn’t do that with other female coworkers. He constantly makes his way near me to talk and hug/touch me. Constantly teases me, but does to others sometimes, but to me more. We buy each other coffee, but coworkers state he doesn’t buy anyone anything generally. We have started hanging out recently outside of work in a group setting. I feel at times he may be into me, but other times I think it is because we are friends. I think he may just like me as a friend, but my friends who see us interact, think otherwise. I do like him, but don’t want to ruin our friendship by exploring this too deeply if he isn’t in to me. As friends in the past, he explained he wasn’t ready to date. He had a serious relationship and has a 10 year old daughter, which I totally understand and respect. I just feel like now, it is getting to feel like feelings are developing. I could be wrong. He is 10 years older than me. He is a great guy. I do like him, but I don’t want to read too much into it. I’m thinking I should just let it play out over time and see if something develops? Or, should I make more subtle moves and see how he responds? Again, I really cherish our friendship, but don’t want to miss out on something that might be there. I’m just getting mixed signals. What do you think?

  137. There is this guy that my friends introduced he is really friendly and talkative. The first day he always talked to me and when I got isolated from the conversation came to me and started talking, and now the second day he’s been talking with me look down at me and kinda staring and hugging me all the time (while we were walking or sitting ) and today he asked me to go to school by bus together so we talked in the bus and then he again had put his arm around my shoulders. Now I don’t know if he does this to everyone because he is friendly or if he likes me?

    • Hi I’m sorry I’m replying to your comment but i had no other idea on how to post this (on mobile).

      Ok so, I need to vent about my feelings since I don’t think anyone else cares lol

      Ok so I really really like this guy in my computer graphics class. We seat next to eachother everyday. There’s this other group of friends we talk to also. We always have mini private chats and laugh at stuff on the computer during free time. He always makes jokes and touches me like either on my arm or hand. But I’m not really sure if he likes me or not. We always make eye contact and one time our thighs were touching. Idk how to say I like him without making my self seem desperate or awkward.

  138. I was introduced to a guy by my friend. During first meeting we talked but it was small talks and considered a short conversation because there were so many of his friends and my friends at that point, that we were so occupied with ourselves. Apparently his friends and my friends are mutual in some way. A few days later he followed me on instagram, then I followed him back. A week passed by, I noticed he liked one of my recent photos which had been posted more than a month ago. Either he was stalking or it could be that my post was appearing on his feeds (only God knows what). Then a week later we accidentally met at a wedding party. When he saw me he ran into me and we said hello and exchange kisses on the cheek. we chat a little, he asked me whether I came alone to the party or with someone, but I told him that i went there with my brother and my cousin. But not long after that he excused himself to be with his friends. Still at the party after mingling with each of our friends, it happen he was alone and standing not so far away from me then I ask him to have a glass with me. And so he ran to the bar and grab a drink and have a toast, then a we chat a little then we wander and mingling with others again. During the party since it was held indoor it’s not allowed to smoke, but me and 3 of my other friend and my brother found a hiding spot by the emergency exit to smoke at. Then the 5 of us went there. 5 seconds we got to the emergency exit, my crush and 2 of his other friends join us. Then we chat a little longer during that time, and he also chatted and introduced himself to 2 of my friends & my brother. Apparently he knows 1 of my friend already. But he did not introduced his 2 friends to me nor the other person on the emergency exit. Then while we chat I realized his 2 other friends had left the emergency exit, so it was just him, my 3 other friends & my brother. In short although we were having small and rather short conversation it happen we bumped into each other few times that night. I also caught a glance of him staring at me from faraway that we accidentally stare each other for couple of times. FYI both of him and me had been single for so long (around 2 years or so). But to this point we had not exchange phone number, nor chat through instagram.
    What do you think is his intention? Does he had interest in me? Will he contacted me first if he had interest?

  139. Hey. Last summier I had my first summer job and crushed on my coworker. We starten the same day with the same job and he was just one year older than me. We talked and laughed a lot and a lot of people from the company said we were flirting and I kind of tought we were. But then he would say things like
    ” … said we were flirting, but I said we weren’t” and laughing with it and making fun of the person who thought we were flirting. To top it al of, he is supper populair and a lot of my friends know him and know bad things about him. He always asked me how my weekend was and what my plans were and he told me his. One time we agreed to buy each other a drink on friday evening at the café were everybody hangs out. He was there with his friends and I was with mine, I chickened out and ignored him because I was so nervous. He joked about it on monday but I had the feeling that I missed my oppertunity that friday. When we were working together he asked a lot of questions and teased me a lot. But when I started to text him he always waited a very long time to answer and didn’t show as mutch interest. When our jobs ended and we didn’t see each other anymore I asked to meet up sometime but he was on vacation and the next time I asked he was working. Now that school is back on I only see him friday evening at the café averybody hangs out. Even though the summer had long passen I still don ‘t have him out of my system. This friday at the café I was going home and walked past him and he sudenly turned over to me and asked why I didn’t say goodbeye and he gave me a hug. So all this time I tought he didn’t like me but sinds that hug I simply don ‘t know anymore.
    Can you help me.

  140. Last year I had a crush on a guy in about December but then he got a girlfriend so i stopped liking him. He found out that i liked him shortly after and told all of his friends. His friends didn’t really do anything for a couple months. Then in about May and June his friends kept pushing him into me all of the sudden. He would always get embarrassed when this would happen. He also always kept staring at me and looked away quickly when i catched him. One time during science class his friends kept saying to him “ Just ask her out” “It’s the end of the school year” but he never did. Now it’s a new school year and his friends still push him into me. This happens with a bunch of his friends and this happens many times.
    His friends also call him a nickname whenever we are next to each other. I also heard his friend ask him “ Why are you talking to her” and my crush said “ To make her jealous” and it works because i always see girls trying to talk to him since he’s popular and i get jealous. I have a feeling that he has a crush on me too but i’m too nervous to talk to him. Also there is this guy that has had a crush a me for a while and my crush and him are friends. During class I saw them both looking at me and when I catched them they both started laughing and looked away. This was last school year. A couple of weeks ago I heard my crush’s friend say “ Wasn’t she (the person that had a crush on me)’s crush first?” One time when i was close to his friends, one person kept saying how strong he was but when I left he stopped talking about him. I tried to talk to my friends about this but they always say that it’s nothing and that i should move on. I then asked one of my guy friends and he said that my crush probably likes me back. I just need to know if my crush likes me back.

  141. hello. this will sound strange but im getting very mixed signals! this guy is my pt n also married but he really cares about me! he has gone above and beyound to help me this whole year! i get to see him alot bc the pt is at the gym i go to. he has helped me do things like walk n trying to help me get answers to problems and he never once gv up! he gave me free sessions. the body language i hv noticed is he leans towards me n gets close when we talk. i hv caught him looking at me several times! and he is very touchy feely! meaning hes pretty much touched me everywhere- not inapproprately tho , i dont think that at all. my friends say hes giving me mixed signals. he definitly cares about me. i can feel it n also the way he has helped me n he brought me out of my comfort zone! i hv had other pts and they never treated me as much or cared as much or gone completely out way to help my situation! help!!!

    • Honey, there is nothing worth jeopardizing a relationship with a guy and his wife just to get with him. Not to be rude, but If this guy is acting this way toward you, he may want to cheat on his wife. And when he does, what makes you think he’s not going to cheat on you? You don’t want to get caught in a tug of war between a man and his partner. Just because he seems to care about you doesn’t mean you should be caught in a spell and hurt his wife’s feelings. You need to find someone available, go on a dating site do something that doesn’t involve hurting other relationships. You can thank him by doing him favors, not hooking up with him. Don’t make dumb decisions. Go ask your friends to hook you up with someone that doesn’t involve married people. Marriage isn’t a freaking 2 day date where partners easily leave each other. Marriage is about commitment. I don’t care how much he tried to butter your emotions, it isnt worth it. Don’t be selfish. That guy is not that important. Out of all the thousands of guys in this world you chose the married one. And he is giving mixed signals bc he is married!!! Maybe you don’t want to hear this but its the truth. Also think about it. When your married or have ever been you wouldn’t like other girls drooling over your man. Or your man finding other girls more interesting than you. You wouldn’t want that so don’t do it to somebody else. If he is divorced, it’s fine. But don’t ruin someone else relationship bc if he gets with you it’s probably not going to work out anyway just being honest.

  142. so i like this kid. and a few weeks ago we would always snap back and forth and i saw him in person. whenever i walked by him he would blush and get super red. and we made eye contact so many times. he also would make convos and be super interested in me. but now i’ve noticed he jsut leaves me om open. what does this mean?

  143. Hey,
    So this guy and I like each other and he says we’re together but doesn’t act like it and he rarely talks to me. He apologizes that he rarely talks to me. He has told me why he likes me and other stuff that makes me think that he does but what is going on inside his head?

    • Hello. Maybe he is just shy, but then if he genuinely was your boyfriend, he would be talking to you far more, so it’s possible he is just saying that you two are together just for the attention. Therefore, I would say that if you genuinely like him that you strike up conversations with him because you clearly want a proper relationship with him, so why not go for it? Good luck.

  144. Hello! I am unsure if this guy likes me or not. We have been friends for a year now. This guy which is my officemate ,we are very close. For the past 3 or 4 months, he would wait for me to go back together almost every day and accompany me to the car park. And often, we spend time together after work and had dinner. He did made the touchy thingy so i thought that he likes me too and often gives me few flirty signals. But then, it is often a mixed signals as i was never the kind of girl he likes based on the criteria he has shared with me. He also often updates me on any girl that he think is hot, sharing story of his crushes. But the way he treat makes me feel like I am special. So there’s one day that i confess my feelings for him, and mentioning how he is not the type of guy i would fall in love with but somehow i kind like him cause i think he is unique and how lovely the time i spent with him. As he kept quite for about 3 days, so i thought probably he indirectly rejected my feelings and it probably an unrequited feelings. So I am trying to move on. As weeks passed by, i have a new guy friend and I share with him(my crush) how i likes to text with this new guy. To my surprise, my crush suddenly acting weird. He kinda piss off. We had a pretty big fight. Things he mentioned is something like : I am confessing my feelings, but i put him in the friendzone, and how i do not want to escalate things to the next level, and he start comparing himself to the guy I just knew, comparing himself to my ex, and comparing me with his ex-crush which have done the same confess-friendzone-not wanting to escalate things to the next level- thingy, and I am pretty shock because I am not sure why he suddenly pissed off when all i am sharing was how I was really happy texting with this new guy friend. He say things like “I’m sorry I can never be like any other alpha male, its not my fault that my father has passed away and I dont have anyone to show me how to be/act like a guy, why would you treat me like this calling me gay? Did you realize that since the start of our friendship, you never made me feels like i was never good enough, why am i never good enough for you, have i ever criticized you telling how shit you treat me”. He suddenly went all emotional. Why would my judgement towards him matters if he does not have feelings for me? Is he trying to get my validation? Is he likes me?

  145. So I like this guy who I became friends with around 12 weeks ago. He’s part of the friendship group I’m now in- we’re all between 16 and 17. We message each other on snapchat and instagram outside of college but he hardly ever replies within the hour. He sometimes comes over to sit with me but it is unlikely, but when he was asked a week ago if he likes me by a friend he said “no comment”. A few days ago, he was speaking to another friend who knows I like him and he says that he thinks I have a crush on him. I don’t want to confess because I’m scared it’ll be awkward for the rest of the friendship group if he doesn’t like me back.

  146. Please i have a crush on him too and i know he has a crush on me but i just don’t want to be in a relationship with him.Can i make him like someone else and how do i get rid of my crush feelings for him, because i get jealous when he’s talking with my bestie cos i know she has a crush on him too but she doesn’t want to let me know.

    • I had a new housemate. I felt a connection with him since we started talking. He teases me and i tease him back. He is always smiling, making eye contact and sometimes stays longer to just chat with me even when our other housemates have left. He is always talking and smiling to other housemates too and hadn’t been any strong signs so I didn’t think he was actually interested in me. But yesterday we all had some drinks and even though I wasn’t talking much, I could see him making eye contact with me a lot and smiling. He has never really touched me before but after everyone went back to bed, we still were sitting and chatting and then he lied down near me on the couch. We were still talking but he started making lot of physical contact like just randomly touching my legs or yawning and putting his arms on my legs. He even requested me to give him a little head massage claiming he had a slight headache. After this he complimented my massage and asked if I could give him a shoulder massage. I felt a great chemistry last night but other than those physical contact and talking we didn’t do anything. But this morning he seemed a little withdrawn. I am not sure what to make of it.

  147. Hi, I used to date the friend of a guy im into, but hadn’t seen him for a year. We met up for breakfast to catch up but he wasn’t as smiley or relaxed as usual… I sat forward all the time and he did for a lot of it, and then he’d sit back still talking. He made the move to leave after an hour though but he did pay. We were walking back to our cars casually knocking into each other cos we were close and I gave him a hug with a squeeze. 10 mins after leaving he text saying it was lovely seeing me, and he did suggest trying the other place so I guess it’s ok but I can’t read him. He gives full eye contact while talking but that might just be how he is with everyone. What’s your interpretation?

    Thanks for reading!

    • He would not suggest trying that other place unless he was interested in you. As long as he follows up on making the second date happen.

      The reason he wasn’t as smiley could just have been nervosity.

  148. Hi There!
    Thank you for writing this article, it certainly has helped me but I’m still unsure if this guy is interested in me or not.
    We work together all the time but we don’t text or talk online, after getting to know him a little bit, he started to give me one of those guy handshakes but only once, when I was with my sister, then one day, when he was getting off, he gave his friend a handshake but came over to me and just hugged me, which I wasn’t expecting from him.
    After a while, one day he went on break and we didn’t really talk during that short 15 minutes but I caught him staring at me a lot, then the next day he went in break again, he came over and gave me a hug, which I was like okay he’s friendly I guess, and we talked through his 15 minute break and before he left, he hugged me again. After that it became casual for him to hug me(even though nobody else does it)
    Then one day when I went in to buy something for my sister, he was working that day and my sister said he was staring at me the whole time and dropped his paper while he was doing it because he wasn’t paying attention but then when I said hi to him he just waved at me and smiled a little, I’m so confused, one day he talks to me, the next day he act different. I would really appreciate it if you could help me clear this up.

    Thanks so much for reading.

  149. i had a crush on my boss, i worked with him 5 months. he was so caring so helpful and still he is. after i quit my job he messaged me several times share his personal problems with no reason, but whenever i messaged him he reply so lately and often he dont. when i worked with him sometimes he comes so closed to me which i think not normal, if i give something to him as for example charger or pen his finger touches my hand, at first i thought its coincidence but after that it happens twice or three times. one day a client propose me and when i tell him about that he reacted as the way which i think he felt jealous but he would be normal again. recently he offer me a job at another company just because he need a trusted person for this post. this is so confusing, sometimes i feel he likes me and sometimes feel its all just normal. nothing love or like that. i dont understand please help me.

  150. Hello!

    There’s a co-worker that I’ve been talking to but I’m unsure if he’s interested or just treating me as a very close Friend. He is 7 years older than I am. Let’s name him S.

    We started texting outside of work (non-work related topics) and started to get close. Hung out a few times together with other colleagues etc. During the period when I had insomnia, S would send me messages to comfort me and even bought me sleep ear buds (knowing I’m a light sleeper) so that I can sleep better. When I was sick and lost my voice, S went out to buy medicine for me as well (he doesn’t do this for other colleagues and he’s a pretty lazy person).

    Recently we started talking about our personal lives and he’s been sharing his thoughts and emotions with me. He’s not usually the kind of person to share his feelings. However, he does share it with a friend of mine, J (female), who is also working in the same company as they’ve known each other for almost 2 years (while I’ve only known him for 6 months) and they work alongside very closely.

    My colleagues have been asking if I’m single and have been trying to ‘introduce’ S to me. They’ve also been asking S if me and him are together but I’m unsure what he replied them (I’ve never talked to him about this topic before as it’ll be awkward. Got to know about this through J as he went to tell J that other colleagues have been asking him that y).

    However, there are times where he doesn’t really want to talk and would not really reply to messages. Sometimes, he would pretend as if he didn’t see me when I clock in for work etc. Which makes me confuse as to if he’s really interested or that if he really just treats me as a close Friend/little Sister.

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  151. Hi,
    There’s this guy at school whom i am friends with. We laugh in some classes if we sit near each other. I started realising that his friend keeps saying “he likes you”.
    At first i didn’t believe it but then my best friend kept telling me that he stares at me in most of my classes and i also started realising that. Whenever we talk, walk together or get paired together for some classes everyone ships us together and his friends start saying our ‘ship name’. I remember once telling him who i liked and he started teasing me about it and i realised that he still remembers that and he remembers the small details of some other things. But today in one of my classes, me, my best friend, him and his best friend sat together. My best friend started saying “she likes you and you guys looked so cute together in drama class yesterday because you had to touch hands”. And he just gave a nervous laugh and i was like “we are just friends that’s all”. And then he was like “yeah we’re just friends plus i’m taken”. My best friends kept asking him who he is taken by and he said i wont tell you. We asked his friends and they said he is not taken. i just ignored it and brushed it off. Then i hear a rumour that he is gonna ask one of my friends out and my OTHER friend likes him. I don’t think he even likes that girl and i don’t think he will ask her out, but what i’m worried about is that i think i have a crush on him and my other friend likes him so know i’m stuck in this love triangle. What do you think i should do and do you think he likes me?

  152. Let me start off by saying this is a coworker so this can be a little tricky. We are equals though. These are the following behaviors/actions I have observed:
    Mirrors me.
    Ask how my weekend was.
    Tells me my office smells good.
    Stated “That’s one of things I love about you”, regarding me being solution based when it comes to solving problems.
    Gave me 2 hugs at a company bowling event.
    Stated “we should go to dinner I mean lunch” but hasn’t acted on it.
    On time for our 1-1 meeting which he is usually late for.
    During our meeting, he got up 3 times to lean in behind me to read what was on my screen even though I was reading it to him.
    Compliments me on the shirt I was wearing.
    As we were standing outside talking, another coworker stated “are you going to stand outside and just chat up this young lady” my crush stated “How can I not on this beautiful day.”
    Swats bee away from me.

    These are all new behaviors. However, we can go days without interacting and that is why I am a little confused and would like some guidance on this.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance,


    • Hi!

      I am in college and recently have started to like this guy and we’ve hung out before and it was really good it consisted of him really opening up and telling me a lot of his insecurity and past and him telling me he trusted me and what not. Lot of his friends had been teasing us and everything so I talked to him telling him that I was interested in getting to know him more than just a friend which it may have been too soon to do so but he said he was flattered but didn’t feel the same way and that it was more him because he recently went through a bad break up with a girl and just hasn’t seemed ready to be in a relationship again. So recently he has been really confusing with signals that really show that he must be interested like giving me attention in a group situation and teasing me while also sometimes playful pushing me and having to touch me in the smallest ways or having some sort of contact. However recently he has kind of been ignoring me or not acting how he usually does and I don’t know if that has to do with jealousy or not cause we were in the same place and when I saw him I was walking out with one of my guy co workers so I don’t know if I should continue acting normal and hope that this doesn’t last. I just don’t know if there is a chance of us going pass friends in the future cause it can be really confusing at times the way he acts around me is like couples would.



  153. Hi there! I’m in a bit of a sticky situation.
    So I have a really crazy crush on this guy he trains at the same gym as me and he is also a personal trainer there too. We got off on the right path when we met face to face for the first time he was telling me funny stories, asking about what I do etc etc. He was staring/smiling and he did call me pretty on our first time talking! The next day he requested to follow me on Instagram. We talked but he takes a while to reply however he did say he is busy with his schedule for this week but is going to try and manage to fit me in for a workout. Today I saw him again and he was smiling he said hi twice and he even came into the women’s section of the gym and asked “if I was using the weights” which he normally never comes in to! But towards the end I saw him talking to two girls and they were talking for maybe a while and he still hasn’t replied back to my message 😬 I’m getting a few mixed signals here. Any input from your genius self would help so much! Thanking you in advance. 🙂

  154. Hello,
    I have a boss at work who I like and who I think likes me too, we have a lot of flirty banter and there are a lot of body signs that he likes me like his upper body is always pointed towards me when we are talking his feet are alway pointed towards me when we are in the same space, he Fidgets a lot with his shit neck when we talk he puts away his phone, he acts nicer around me then when he’s around others he smiles a really big smile when we see each other and I always catch him looking at me no matter we’re I am in the office he always reply’s to my texts, and we often have Conversations about other stuff that is not always work, and I’ve noticed a lot latley were he is remmbeing things I’ve told him about myself months before. When ever he comes to my desk he’s always really close to me and the same when I go into his office But he’s never tried to touch me, I do know that he has a gf tho so I’m not sure if I’m reading to much into things or if he actually likes me, I do like him but I’m not the kind person that goes after someone else’s man but I can’t help but like him, can you tell me if you think he likes me and what I should do ?

  155. So we at a function while his fiance was there. He flirted and then Instagramed me after. We hit it off. We hooked up twice. Then we went quiet. He came back. Stronger than ever, he calls me every day, texts me all day, we recently spent the night and then he never asked to see me again. It’s been 3 days. He still video calls me everyday for hours.. And texts all day. He stares into my eyes and shares details of his life with me. What does he actually want or mean?

    • He’s not a good man. Imagine if you were his fiancé and he did the same to you. Why are you wasting your time on him? You deserve so much better.

  156. What if the case is that I’m a loner girl, but have known these 3 guys since childhood but never actually talk or hang out together. Like. Childhood acquaintances. One day, we’re in a group together and they’re asking me “My guy type, how do i show my interest, do i try to make myself interesting to show my crush, whether im single or not, if i have ever been in a relationship, my hobbies, my future goals.” Those obvious interest questions. And this one guy had like, obvious reactions to my answers too “Oh, so you did not like if my hair is messy like this.” Etc.


    1) They guy does not even chat me or follow me in social media. (MAIN CONFUSION)
    2) This guy talks about his ex lovers, their personalities, how different they are with me. (He actually talked about this a lot. But I originally thought that he means: I’m way too different with his types. But then, he made it obvious tho that he’s interested in our differences by saying “We’re too different. I’m interested. How bout we go out?”)
    3) He brought his “girl friend” just like the other day and I am super confused because he had a “girl friend”. (He mentioned that the girl is just a friend to me tho. Which I also received as a form of showing his interest.) But I don’t buy it?? Is that: a) He’s interested in me just for fun?? or b) He does that to make me jealous or something??

    And when I read this, I feel bad for him because I do not show him signs of interest at all 😂

    • He sounds interested in you, but it sounds like he has read too much weird pickup material and is trying to use it on you to get you interested.

      • Thank you for replying! I don’t know how to react for his interest tho. I’ll start by confronting him on chats sometime when my confidence strucks haha how bout it

  157. i had a crush on my boss, i worked with him 5 months. he was so caring so helpful and still he is. after i quit my job he messaged me several times share his personal problems with no reason, but whenever i messaged him he reply so lately and often he dont. when i worked with him sometimes he comes so closed to me which i think not normal, if i give something to him as for example charger or pen his finger touches my hand, at first i thought its coincidence but after that it happens twice or three times. one day a client propose me and when i tell him about that he reacted as the way which i think he felt jealous but he would be normal again. recently he offer me a job at another company just because he need a trusted person for this post. this is so confusing, sometimes i feel he likes me and sometimes feel its all just normal. nothing love or like that. i dont understand please help me.

  158. S.O.S.

    I moved to a new city about two months ago and met a friend very quickly. She knew I was looking to make more friends so she invited me to come to church with her and her husband. She introduced me to some of the members in the church’s young adult group and one guy in particular stuck out. Let’s call him Trevor. He was very attractive, friendly, and funny. I very quickly picked up that he was the center of attention. He had a way of being able to talk to just about anyone and making people laugh with his sarcastic sense of humor. Come to find out that all the girls in young adult group have a crush on him. I mean, how could you not? He is tall, attractive, and hilarious! Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was attractive too (more so his personality) but he wasn’t exactly my type (body wise)… he’s a little too small for my preference. And I also have a sarcastic sense of humor and love talking to people so Trevor and I got along very well. And I thought, “This is great! Another friend in a new city where I know no one.” A few weeks go by and he hasn’t been around church or youth group because of work. In the meantime, I hear that he’s leaving within the year to a better job in a bigger city. I’m thinking, “Perfect! Another reason to only see him as a friend.” I’m also thinking that he’s not looking for anything considering he’s planning on moving away anyways. So now it’s Friday night and a handful of us young adults from the church group are hanging out. Keep in mind, he’s not there. One of his closest friends tells me that he’s trying to set Trevor and I up. But he had been drinking so I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not. Then he goes on to say how great Trevor and I would be together. We both have matching personalities, both attractive, …he even said we would make beautiful babies (at this point, I knew he had to be joking). I told Trevor’s friend that I thought Trevor was great, it’s just that he’s not my usual type. Now it’s Sunday and after church some of the young adults go on a hike. And Trevor’s there. Well I guess being new to the area and never hiking through the canyons before, I was a little slow and always fell to the back of the group. At one point, Trevor stayed back with me because he was being a “concerning friend.” We got to talking and he was asking me about my past relationships, if I would ever date a short guy, and what my “ideal type” of guy is. At the time I didn’t think anything of it other than him just being friendly and wanting to get to know me. And vice versa. My number one thing is that the guy I’m with HAS to be taller than me. It just so happens that Trevor is taller than me even when I’m wearing heels and he loves to pick on me for that. We also tend to pick on each other/tease/give a hard time about other things. That could be us flirting or just us being us because of our sarcastic sense of humor. I made a comment when the whole group was together about working with a NBA team because I could find and date a tall guy and Trevor followed with: “Taller than me? I doubt it!” Anyways, when it was just him and I our conversation was great! We were both opening up to each other about personal things and our past relationship. While still poking fun at the other and making each other laugh. A few times I was struggling getting over bigger rocks and he would help me by grabbing my hand or giving me a boost. I was under the impression he was just being a nice guy and helping his friend. He’s never added me on social media, asked for my number, go out of his way to talk or see me so I had no reason to believe that he saw me anything other than just a friend. Now it’s Tuesday and I was looking back at what had happened and got confused. I told my friend about it and she said he was definitely flirting with me. Especially since he was asking me what my type of guy is. So my question is: was Trevor actually flirting with me and I was too naive to notice or am I just overthinking because of what his friend told me on Friday night and Trevor is only being friendly?? (P.S. Trevor is a very friendly/extrovert guy so it’s super difficult to distinguish his actions between flirting or friendly.)

  159. Hi
    I met this guy at my work about 4 months ago. We kept having small talk at first and then one day i just reached out and messaged him and ever since that day we have been talking everyday. We grew this connection, chemistry and it made our friendship much closer. We both have the same humor and are very sarcastic. Over these months through text we are both super flirty with each other kinda in a low key way sometimes he will say something sweet to me out of the blue. Anyway he just recently left my place of work and is working somewhere else but we still have been staying in touch by texting everyday. Last night we met up for the first time in a week since we have seen each other and it was a one on one. It was werid. He was really fidgety and his eyes were darting around the room alot checking out my place and taking time to look at everything and almost every photo. Our conversation was normal and we caught up with what happened at work and our lives so on. But at the end when he needed to leave we were hugging and we would have like very brief short moments where i was giving him opportunities to kiss me and he kinda would let go and step back a bit awkwardly and i was confused. I let it go because this guy has a past. He was married now divorced with two kids and hasn’t been with someone since that marriage which was 3 or 4 years ago. Does this guy like me but is unsure about his feelings and is scared? I need help. I just don’t want to keep liking this guy but be wasting my time.

  160. Hi,

    There’s a guy at work that is giving me mixed signals. We are both in committed relationships so it makes it even harder to decipher.

    The chemistry is strong, so I think we are both trying our hardest to ignore it, but I’m not 100% sure if he’s hiding it, or it’s all in my head!
    We have strong eye contact, just slightly longer than I would consider appropriate with most platonic friendships, we’re a little flirty at times but nothing inappropriate, we laugh a lot, we like to hang out together but always make excuses to do it with other people and rarely alone.
    We don’t have to work together directly too often, but when we do (for me at least) it feels electric!
    I’m scared that if I say something I’ll be embarrassed if I’ve read the signs wrong, or worried what might happen if he admits the sexual tension is there for him too – what would I do with that information…!?!

    Keen to hear what you think!

  161. What does it mean when an old associate starts calling you “darl” instead of by your name or “mate”? Is he interested romantically?? Post anonymous

  162. Hi,
    So I met this guy on the field I play Ultimate frisbee at a couple months back. Now, I usually feel comfortable talking to people I meet for the first time, and that was the case when I met him. We didn’t talk to much but we knew each other’s names and were happy when we got put on the same team. We had a good connection with eye contact.
    When the last tournament came by we felt like we had each others backs and were comfortable and excited to be on the same team, I was more or less his co-captain. We got to talking a bit during the break about our lives and the significance of a necklace I wear. He got talking to be about his plans being in the country that we both live in, it felt easy and simple. Through all of that there was eye contact and easygoingness.
    The 2 weekend’s after that I saw him again, but this time he felt more distant and stand of-ish. When we would see each other in passing we would have eye contact but ever so slightly have smiles on our faces. I talked to him after practice about something that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks that I didn’t do during the tournament. He looked confused as if he wasn’t sure what I was talking about and it felt like there was something else. But I didn’t know what it was. All he said was he was appreciative of my apology and that he was happy on how we were by the end of the tournament. I thought everything was fine and dandy.
    This past weekend, we had a full weekend practice at the campus of the where he works at. I was really excited because it would be a chance to see him outside of the field a bit and get to talk to him more. All of our conversations after the tournament were awkward and not great.
    This past weekend was a bust, I got to see him and talk to him briefly, but we didn’t get to talk. But we were pretty much looking at each other when something was explained during the Spirit Circle or when were on a break. He would hover around when I was having conversations with other people and chuckle or smile and look at me but not say anything else.
    So I guess, what I want to know is, is there anything there is this relationship that makes it a bit more than a friendship? Or should I just treat him like a normal friend and not do anything?

  163. There’s a teacher in my school who always seems to light up whenever he sees me (he’s not the happiest guy you see around).

    He’s hit me playfully on the bottom of my bag once to get my attention in front of around 30+ other students (no one else noticed apart from me and my friends). He also took something I was using and hid it and found it amusing when I was tryi go to find it. I asked if I could check the pile of papers next to him to see if it was there and while I was checking he had a huge smile, however it may have been that he just found it amusing and knows how to wind me up).

    He’s pulled back a blind to wave at me while I was walking past (I didn’t know he was there). My friends and I all thought this was really out of character for him since he’s really quiet and a little shy in general.

    My friends say that when I talk to him he’s flirting with me (I’m pretty socially awkward so I’ve never really noticed if he does) and they say that he has a smile which he only ever gives me. Just to make me even more unsure as to what this exactly is he hasn’t taught me 3/4 years (he never really knew who I was back then other than a student in his class. Me and him only started talking again last year)

    My friends always try to get me to talk to him. One time when they needed something they sent me to him to get it and when I asked him (they were stood there) they said I was just staring at me (I didn’t notice since I struggle with eye contact in general – is it normal to just look at someone when they speak to you? I have no idea) and that he was leaning it towards me when I was speaking (I didn’t move) although he was quite close (I don’t know whether it’s because I didn’t realize it I didn’t care or what).

    I obviously know that nothing can come from this given that he’s in a position of authority but I just want an idea of what exactly this is or whether my friends are just pulling my leg.

  164. I started a new job not too long ago and this co-worker was rather rude and short tempered the first week before we did the standard get-to-know the new co-worker routine. Nothing exciting there but now he greets me with a smile when I come through the door or around the corner.
    He also will come up and say “I’m bored” and when he leaves another co-worker claims he has never ever said that at work and that he’s saying it now because he likes me. (Next time he says he’s bored I’ll see if I can get him to clean for us lol.)
    Occasionally he’ll pick on me (with a smile) about my appearance and now he’s wandered up to a conversation I was having with someone else and is talking past the other person trying to tell me about his ex and the mother of child.
    What the heck is going on here?

  165. My friend will often bother me, smile at me like he’s on drugs and then casually wink, or pull out his middle finger. He’ll try to high-five me at any chance he gets and he will often look at me. He’s pretty funny, and seems like someone pretty flirty that will also try to play wrestle with you. Try to imagine a younger and more energetic version of Prince Naveen; that’s him. He doesn’t minds when we have eye-contact for more than 10 seconds and also doesn’t minds when i invade his personal space. I don’t really have a crush on him, mainly because i already like someone, but i’m so confused about him because he also friendzoned me when i didn’t even like him.

  166. Hi.there’s this guy i like since 6th grade and its been 3 years.Now he is starting to change.He comes to where I sit and sits with me for a whole 1 hour.And when we head back to class,he kisses my cheek.It’s been 1 week now and he still hasn’t stopped.He also hugs me but i do t know if he loves me yet.This friday,as we were about to leave with my friends he told me it was my tirn to kiss him and he made me kiss him twice.what do you think?

  167. Hi , I recently started seeing a guy i dated 10 years ago. We’ve kept in touch all this time but only just giving it another go.
    We saw eachother again for the first time in a few years lady week . Before that he was sending me flirty texts and messaging me all the time . Since we met up again he’s gone all serious in texts and the flirting has stopped. He’s adamant though that he definitely wants to see where this goes and that he really likes me . He gives me a good morning text and a goodnight text every day and even talks to me on the phone at work , he’s a builder, and texts me throughout the day when he can . He’s chased me for weeks via texts do I’m very confused now that the, fishing to see if I’m interested phase has stopped, so does he still want to carry on ??

  168. I have a personal fitness trainer. I have seen him about 4 times now. He completed my nails when I got them done. He also noticed my new gym outfits he said “oh so you’re matching today” but in an exciting voice. I go with one of my guy friends to the gym and my trainer asked about him twice. He also laughs at my jokes alot and always seems to find a way to text me almost every day. We talked about relationships a bit and he smiles alot when we talk during our work outs he even once said “that’s cute” and laughed when a did a certain work out. Lastly, he once asked what am I have for dinner tonight. I am not sure of he just wants me to train with him more or if he likes me.

  169. Hello, I don’t know how I should start this story. I like someone. We first met at the bus stop 7 months ago and it continues to this day.

    At first I didn’t really think of that person. I just think he’s the same as other people I meet every day at the bus stop.

    2 months later, in my office there was a change in schedule so that I and the person never met when I returned home. Suddenly I thought about him. At that time, I didn’t know what this feeling was, was it just curious.

    Until one day, when I took the bus home, he suddenly appeared and sat right in front of my seat. Then a few days later, he sat behind me. When I looked sideways and glanced back, I felt he was looking at me, but I thought it was just a feeling, just like other strangers looking around while on the bus.

    After that time, a lot of things happened. When sitting side by side but on the different seats on the left and right, he used to like tousled his hair and tidied it without cause. Another day, when I hugged my bag, I glanced at him doing the same thing. Then I changed the position of my hand so it was not the same as him, and at the same time he changed the position of his hand again up to 3 times.

    One afternoon when I was on the bus on my way home, I was shocked by something. I always stand facing the bus window on the left side in the middle of the bus. The man always sits or stands behind the bus for about 2 meters. But suddenly when I turned around, he was already standing facing me, even though it was quiet around me, he could have stood on the other side of the bus or even facing back to me. I tried to turn my head towards the front because of embarrassment, the bus was shaken slightly he shifted forward so I could still see his face. Then I turned my face to the left, and when I turned around, he already turned around.

    Other events when walking on the bus, I walked in front of him and stopped on the left side. At that time the bus was not very busy. However, I felt that every time he walked, he always seemed direct to my body to the position where I was standing, even though sometimes it was only slightly touched on my upper arm.

    I always find him standing in a position where he can freely look straight at me, and vice versa, maybe he just stands in his favorite position.

    We always walk close together when getting off the bus. Sometimes I’m in front and he’s behind, or he’s in front and I’m behind. When the bus is busy or not, it often happens. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

    I once rode the bus in full condition, and could not move, so he and me stood next to each other. He stood facing right where I was standing and I stood facing forward. During the several trips that continued, I did not dare look in his direction but when the bus had begun to quiet he did not change its position. Until I moved to sit in the back seat, he suddenly turned his body to the left. Though there is an empty chair, but he does not want to sit.

    I sometimes go at the same time as him. The bus stop where I have to go up and down the stairs. When we arrived at the bus stop, when he found out I was walking behind him, he would walk very fast seems like he really hated me, there was a time when that happened and he was riding an online driver, he looked at me and looked down.

    Once when we were waiting for the bus at the bus stop, I stood about 1.5 meters from him, and when I saw him from the side, I found him glancing from the corner of his eye towards me standing while his face was facing the cellphone. At that time I thought what was wrong with that person, or was it just his habit of looking at people with a glance.

    When we stood close together, he did not try to keep his distance. I, who normally isn’t comfortable standing close to other people, will take a step away if I get too close. But when I noticed, he also often stood close to other people.

    On the bus I often found him standing facing me but he always looked down at his handphone. He sometimes doesn’t always face me but my position and he can easily see each other.

    He never waited for me at the busway stop. But when I was there, he was look depressed. Does my existence bother him? I really come every day and come home at the same time as him so I can see him. Occasionally see it but with a distance of 1.5 – 2 meters.

    Recently one afternoon I sat facing the front and I looked towards the windshield of the bus. He stood next to the door which was then on the right side and I sat on the right side facing forward. At that time I knew he was standing there but did not see his face, only his body was standing. Then I raised my gaze to his face and found him looking right at my face. When I do that our eyes meet and see each other. Not wanting to make him think I saw him, I immediately looked towards the windshield of the bus, as if nothing had happened.

    I am curious about what is wrong with the man. These incidents have been going on for 4 months and almost 5 months. Is there something wrong with me? Or does he hate me? why he keep so something like that but never asked me to talk?

    What should I do with this man? Others think I should try to ignore him and see what he will do. Because he should know I am always around him.

    If you know something please tell me and thank you wanna hear my story.

    • My question is, have you ever talked to him? Have you even asked him his name? He does seem a bit interested, but doesn’t know how to talk to you. He might be feeling that you are trying to dodge him, which might be why he seems kinda depressed. Have you tried to smile at him? Giving a smile and a slight nod is an invitation to get to know you better. Maybe you should show more interest in him, talk to him, smile, maybe even laugh. Make yourself seem open to him. Right now it seems you’ve put on the air of mystery, and you seem to show no interest. So smile and talk to him, get to know him a bit better. Seek him out a bit, and see if he returns the favor.

  170. I’ve become friends with this guy. At first, it was just that; we were just friends. However, he tried to hug me one day, then texted me about his crush and then jokingly commented on something I said with “it’s because I love you.” I’m confused about his feelings.

  171. Hey I have a co worker that I’m confused if he likes me or not ! He is shy ! But recently he breaks the touch barrier between us many times . He brushed my shoulders, touched my arm and back and I can feel that his head is very close to mine when he is standing behind me . He leans to me to talk to me . When I talk to someone and he or she doesn’t notice he looks at me and let them know I’m talking to them. Each time he sees me he raise his eyebrows with a wide smile ! He say hi many times . When he has eye contact with me he smiles . And one time I caught him was staring at me with very wide smile while I was talking in a group . He defends me from other coworkers and …
    But he become more conservative when one of our female coworker is around ! I feel that there’s something between them ! However both declare that they are single ! And it seems he is not very interested to her ! But she is obviously very interested to him ! I don’t know what does that mean and I’m completely confused!

  172. This guy showed all the body language and he told me he really really likes me alot after he put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me tight. And then l had this meltdown and he came over to me and sat so close he could have been on my lap then he put his arm around my shoulder and then pulled me closer to where my head was laying on his chest then l looked up at him and asked him if he ever thought about me and he said all the time and he was picking me up for church for a while and then he could not give me a ride for a long time so now he just let me know that he can pick me up again and how he loves to do that. My question is where is all this going as far as how or what category would you say we are in
    The reason why l am asking is l just need to know this so when we do talk l won’t feel like l am on a rollercoaster this is me wanting to know.

  173. He sometimes assures me. I am the alone girl that close to him but he does not reply all my messages on time and I always chat first nowadays and say I question him to much and say it is sometime tiring chatting with me. But no matter the time I call him out, he answers and if I asked if I am disturbing him, he says no, if not he won’t be here and he is touchy most times and always lean towards me. And sometimes if I decide not to continue with him for somedays he will chat me up. And I am getting to attracted most times we fight I message first .

  174. I met this guy at work who will be sitting in my office for the next 6 months, we keep bumping into each other so he said let’s grab coffee and you can tell me more about what you do (he said i will email you but i have pen and paper on hand so i just asked him to write that down. We began to text a little then we met in a work drink thing hosted by my boss, I was too busy talking to other people, so i went by his office after the drink and just casually say didn’t get a chance to you. Then i noticed he gets a bit nervous – keep fixing his hair, fidgeting a pen and check me out while sitting fully facing me.

    We then went for coffee during the weekend: great conversation, strong eye contact, smile and he initiated plan to visit other coffee place i mentioned. He also texted me it was nice to see me. However, 10 days went by he did not follow up on the plan we talked about. We would still say hi and talk if we bump into each other at work. I thought i would like to get this over with instead of thinking about it, so i texted him on Friday about his plan for weekend. He did not reply until Monday morning saying his phone deleted Whatsapp itself because of space issue. He said we should go coffee (during work) and we did – he said we should grab lunch next week, which he mentioned that in the conversation multiple times. You probably can guess that did not happen – he did not follow up.

    I do not understand why he would initiates plans/ seem so positive with the body language, when he does not seem to be this interested? Please help

  175. I don’t know if my crush likes me because when I first noticed him in my choir class I would start looking at him and wouldn’t make it too obvious, and I didn’t really know that if he was looking at me because I started seeing that he was constantly and it started getting intense when he trys to come near me or he sits kind of five seats away and trys to look at me or finds a way to look at me and then two months later I see a girl that he’s with but she’s always in her nonstop and he trys to get her attention but who knows and I stop looking at him because I didn’t want to get between them and so in my corner of my eye, I still see him looking at me in lunch and in choir and this one afternoon in my choir we had to go to the auditorium to watch a play and It began and it was funny play and I was laughing but in my corner of my eyes he would stretch and try to look at me or when his friend would bend over to do something he would take advantage and look at me and it he did 7 times and even the closest friend of mine told me she notice my crush looking at me and I told her I didn’t know him even if I did but not too close and the play was done and he got his backpack and turned around and saw me and I walked up fast and went to my choir class and grabbed my backpack and went towards the hallway and Saw him alone with no girl that he’s usually with. And after that I saw this website and it didn’t really find what my crush was doing, so I wrote for you to understand what you think might think of me or what’s happening in this kind of situation. -elizabeth a.

  176. There is this guy that I go to school with and i recently stared to become interested in him. About a couple of weeks ago we were working on a project together and he would always get really close to me and he call me names(not mean names just call me the wrong name to tease me) and every once in a while I caught him looking at me. He always finds an excuse to talk to me in class and we talk about a lot of different things. One day in class we were eating popcorn and he was tossing it up into the air and I was catching it in my mouth. One day in class he moved seats so that he could sit in front of me and that day he was teasing me a lot that day and out of nowhere he just looked me in the eyes and just smiled at me and stared at me for like 20 seconds. I catch him looking at me more and more every day and sometimes he looks away but others he looks back at me.I noticed that whenever another guy comes up to talk to me he comes up and gets himself into the conversation. One of my best friends is good friends with him and he normally tells her and he also tells me but now he wont tell either of us. I honestly dont know how he feels about me but what do you think?

  177. I have a crush on this guy at work and in August I message him on Facebook. I never got a response so I thought he was ignoring me. Today I got a message from him and he said he hasn’t been on facebook over a year. Before this I thought he had some feelings for me as well. After the incident I kept my distance and didn’t want to talk to him. Do you think he like me??

  178. so there’s this guy I am quite close to in social medias- I often chat with him n even share secrets. only recently, I had the courage to talk face to face with him. I always catch him staring at me since a long time ago but he’s sort of getting more flirtier with me since I talked to him irl. the thing is he has a lot of girl friends so I’m not sure if that’s just a ‘he’ thing to do :/

  179. So, my classmate kinda found out i liked him, rejected me (but apparently, not directly) but it’s been some months and he’s showing a LOT of these signs. He’ll start talking out of nowhere and when our teacher asks what he’s talking about, he’ll just say he’s talking to me. He oftens leans to my side when we’re in class, and he’ll start mimicking my hand poses, and even when i crack my knuckles. There was this one time when he was talking to me and our lesbian friend asked why he was blushing and he just avoided eye contact and went to do something else. I don’t know if he likes me or not, even with all of these signs, i’d like a little help figuring him out.

  180. He said that if I stop being creepy and wierd, then he might like me. He hung out with three girls over the weekend and was bragging about it like crazy. We basically never make eye contact. He knw I have a hige crush on him and continues to bring me up to his friend saying its creepy and wierd that I like him. Please help

    • He does not sound like a good man, he seems very immature and manipulative. Please avoid him, he will only break your heart. You deserve someone who treats you with respect.

  181. I work with a guy who I noticed was looking at me in one of our meetings. Once I noticed, he quickly looked away. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed him making it a point to come to my office. We were talking about work related things, and then he asked me about my weekend and ended up chatting for a while. I notice a lot of eye contact, and it seems like maybe he’s a little different acting towards me. Do you think he might have a crush on me? It’s hard to tell because we work in a professional environment. Just getting a vibe.

  182. I have a completely crush on one of my boy’s teacher. He had lesson with him for almost a year, but I felt in love two months ago only. Though I am married (not happily, but with kids) and he is not, the emotional situation become very complicated for me. After showing few signs of interest between each other, he made the first move to be closer to me and touch my hand. I stupidly freezed at that moment and pulled my hand away. Since than he keeps distance from me, but we still continue to stare at each other and he is offering to call him at any time my son needs help. Our txt were always business like with few smiles. I am now confused if he still likes me or is afraid to try any moves. He also offered an another lessons for myself, but I feel weird to pay him to be able to see him. we also don’t have much chance to talk privately during the lessons, he never texted me first, but replies straight away, he never asked me out. Don’t know what to do, as I can’t stop thinking about him and I am too shy to make any moves. Any advice very much appreciated.

    • I may not be professional and still a student but I would recommend you to ask him to have a cup of coffee sometime! I think it would help you both to talk about things and get to know each other better!

    • I feel like even though all might have “chemistry” you are married, i understand a “bad relationship” but cheating is not okay.

    • I went to a restaurant to see if they were open on christmas day. This guy came over and asked if he could help me, i asked him and he said 365, i said ok ur open all yr. and the next thing he said to me was would u like to have a date? I was so shocked i changed the subject right away. But he continued to flirt with me, making sure i would at least meet him there at the restaurant, (i think he was the bartender) on christmas day. He was acting like he really wanted me there, so i said ok. But i have to wonder, he never asked me my name or phone number etc.and if he was so interested why wait to see me for 2 months before christmas?? Also age is just a number, but just saying im 64, dont look it though, and he looks to be maybe in his late 30s or early 40s. I sure hope u can give me some insight on this, as hes very good looking and i dont want hurt.

  183. There is this guy at the store where I work part time. We both are in completely different departments and have no overlapping work what so ever and most of our shifts are different days and timings. For the first few months we would just smile each other in passing but one day outside of work he stopped and asked me my name while on his way to lunch. since then i’ve noticed that he’s doing most of his work in the general area where i would be work or he would say stuff like i’m so bored or i’m not feeling well and we’d chat for a minute or two before we got back to our work.
    now i’m not sure if he likes me because so far thats the only contact we seem to be getting due to the nature of our work. he’s not on social media or at least i dont think so (i tried looking him up) and he hasnt asked for my number or anything. Some times he would meet my eyes from a distance and other times he would just pass by without a glance. BUT he always smiles when he talks to me. I’m so confused.

  184. I like this guy, and recently at events that both of us have been at I catch him watching me, and so do my friends. We were at a football game the other day, and while I was watching the game, my friend would nudge me and say ____’s watching you. It was very frequently. While I was at a party with a few friends the other day, we were all dancing (there were a few guys in the group, some of them were with their girlfriends), when ____ came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. He looked pretty pissed off and asked me which one of the guys was my date. I told him I didn’t have a date, and then I asked him the same question. He said that he was only there with friends. Then he went on about how he was sad that no one had really danced with him yet. We continued to have some small talk every once in a while for the rest of the night. My friends and I continued to catch him watching me from across the room. When a slower song came on, I went to go ask him to dance with me, but when I got to him he was dancing with another girl. I keep getting mixed signals like this from him. We flirt a little bit, but because we’re friends, I can’t tell if it’s just him being friendly or if it’s something more.

  185. I work with this guy and I really like him a lot, and I think he likes me too but I’m not sure. We go to school and work together but there is a strict no dating rule so we don’t. He does touch me often when he can, fist bump, high five, he’ll place his hand out for me to hold (not a ton of time though because neither of us wants to lose our jobs), he’ll ask to hug me in my moments of stress or helplessness and will just always be there to comfort me when needed. He has also shared with me on numerous occasions about the past relationships he’s trying to get over and the effect it may still have on him, I have told him that I’ve never been in a relationship before but reassured him of his worth and that he desires someone that will treat him like the king he is. We work very well together and we clown around together very well. Or zodiac signs are compatible and we often make eye contact subtly around each other and then drop our heads and smile (briefly) (i hope that makes sense). If I’m being honest I really like the kid but I don’t know where he lies with me and I’m nervous to ask the question and things at work change for the worse. There are also things that make me think maybe he doesn’t like me in that way, his text messages aren’t terribly long (the passion is in our in-person chats), he’s told me about his family a ton and I don’t know if they know I exist, he never invites me to hang out with him on the weekends (but I don’t know if we’re in a position to have the ability to do that either. Anyway, I’m really conflicted and don’t know which way this man feels about me. Help me, please.

  186. Hey! So there is actually this pediatrician that my neice goes to I’m mostly the one who takes her as her mom works a lot, her doctor is a young, and always carries on playful conversation, comments on my figure “ says things like I wonder where she gets her petiteness from then looks over at me, he even one time laid his arm on my thigh as he listened to her lungs. She cried one time and he said I know I’m not as pretty as you aunt. I’m just confused on whether he is being friendly or Actually flirting? He told me anytime I can’t get in with to tell the front desk to talk to him

  187. Hello, I would like to describe my story below-
    So I met this charming and really hawt guy on my Freshers Party in College. He ,infact is the Mr.Handsome of our college. I like this guy since the counselling session . So on the freshers day I have sent this guy a request on Instagram. He accepted it very soon ,like after 1 hour or so. I replied to his story and he thanked me. And then After many days I received a request from him on Facebook . Before this , I even Had a notification saying that “you have a new friend suggestion:His Name” So I accepted hia request too. Actually , The main problem is that he isn’t in my section . But he passes along many times in college. and we see each other. But neither he texted me nor did I. Nor do we talk in college. But on freshers day we had a very small conversation regarding who is gonno participate in the next round . That’s it .So I am really really confused that does he like me or not?
    Cuz I am purely into him and cannot stop thinking about him ??Please do reply me . Its a request . Please reply Asap. I will be highly thankful to you.

    • Honestly, I would watch his actions a bit more, you have plenty of reasons to show that you like him, but not many showing he likes you. If he is Mr. Handsome in your college he is obviously pretty popular, so he would constantly check his friend requests. But you guys don’t even talk, and neither of you have sought out each other. Honestly, he hasn’t sent you many signs showing he’s interested, cause if he was he would have sought you out and gotten to know you better. He would be texting you and constantly replying to your feed.
      If you really like him, maybe you should try to become great friends with him first, even though it seems hard because you like him. But you both will be able to get to know each other that way, possibly leading to a relationship in the future. But right now you both don’t know each other really at all. There’s really no way to know if he is interested because you don’t know him that well yet. All I can say is good luck, and try to get to know him a bit more. You are higher on his potential love list when you are his friend.

  188. I have this new guy at work, who is very much a social butterfly. He is also a big jokester with everyone. He walks behind people and messes with their hair, pats backs, etc. he does this with everyone. He started this kind of thing with me first, I think because I was more welcoming to him. He added me first on Facebook, talks to me just a LITTLE more, and once while we were walking and talking down the hall, we looked at each other While smiling about something and he blushed. I feel a electricity with him sometimes, but other times, I really try to distance myself from that feeling because I don’t know if I’m alone in feeling it. Is he just really outgoing, or is there an interest there? Thanks so much!

  189. There is a guy at work who seems interested in me, but I am not sure.. He makes prolonged eye contact with me (more than three seconds) often in conversation. One time, we were in a meeting and neither of us were talking, but we were making eye contact for about five seconds. He cracks jokes around me and I am very comfortable around him. He always compliments my work. He also dislikes criticism of his work, but welcomes my criticism. All this has been happening, but then when I was at work one day, I noticed his phone screensaver was him and a girl, who I assumed to be his girlfriend…. but he has never mentioned a girlfriend. What do you make of this situation?

  190. Hi! So I have a crush on this guy in class. He was pretty rude to me before, bit I feel like now we are more nicer and closer to each other. We make eye contact pretty much everytime we talk together. And we both might smile too, it depends on the conversation. My friends told me that he sometimes stares at me. And he takes my things and plays with it and then gives it back. Our class had to perform in front of the whole school once, and before that he whispered to me that he’s nervous. He never told me anything like that, so I think he’s starting to trust me or something. But I still dont know if he likes me.

  191. So I have this small crush on my guy friend. We both are in the same class. I’d say I’m attracted to him but I’m not sure if he is but I’ll say some points which I know happens a lot.

    1) He leans his head on only my shoulder/arm and even said he’s very comfortable.(secretly if we are at the back of the classroom)
    2) Our legs touch and he never backs away, he actually teases me about it.
    3) He only asks me to hug him.(because he doesn’t really like hugging others)
    4) He most of the time asks me to come with him a lot.
    5) He is pretty hyper around only me.
    6) He tries not to make others think that we’re dating and sits alone in front of me and my friend but still talks to us.
    7) He said he will miss me a lot when I’m gone for holidays for a few weeks.(he didn’t say that to anyone before)
    8) He teases me A LOT.

  192. Cat

    Hi! I have this co worker who is extremely attractive and I can’t help but have a crush on him. I have extreme social anxiety and I have no idea if he likes me or he’s just being polite. He smiled at me and waved and when we were talking he was standing close to me and then a few weeks later he compliments my hair. Now I feel like he’s staring at me or looks at me a lot but my anxiety is telling me it’s just a coincidence but I can’t seem to get him alone or in a spot where I can talk to him especially in the middle of work


    • It sounds like some promising early signs. I wouldn’t read too much into it yet, but I think it’s great that you’re trying to talk to him one-on-one. If he’s really into you, he will make sure you happen to come across each other one-on-one sooner or later. There’s no big rush since you’re working together.

      Have you also considered CBT-therapy to deal with your anxiety? There are many effective methods that aren’t that scary to overcome it.

  193. Hi,

    I have a co-worker crush situation. We only see each other for about 2 hours a day at work but over the course of the last 8 months we have gotten to know each other fairly well and there are days that I am 100% sure he is into me and then there are days I’m 100% sure he isn’t. Lately, he’s started teasing me in a elementary fashion: bumping my arm when I’m writing, mimicking the way I talk, playfully arguing with me, and he calls me out for blushing and always tries to make me smile.
    We exchanged phone numbers a few months ago for work related reasons but now we text almost every day. He and I have even gone on a couple “dates” where we strolled on the beach (one of the dates was on his birthday) which would normally be romantic but he has never made any kind of “move” and he referred to them as “hanging out” so I never wanted to make any assumptions.
    I want to know if he is into me, because I am definitely into him, but I feel weird asking. Especially because of work, I do not want things to get awkward at work if I am reading him wrong.


  194. Hi,
    I have a co-worker from another team and he asks me to grab lunch or breakfast with him whenever our schedule aligns (his schedule is strictly by the minute). He doesn’t invite others though he asks me to invite our friends if they want to join). He also invites me to travel with him to other countries (he always say the more friends we travel with, the better.. But he never really invite our common friends and asks me to invite our friends instead). He invites me to go to some everns (like watch a wrestling match) with friends but when I don’t go, it ALWAYS get “cancelled”. When there was an earthquake here in my country, he messaged me saying “hey, there was just an earthquake a few seconds ago” – weird thing is.. We have a group chat with other friends but he messaged me directly and didn’t use the group chat to check everyone else. Also, when we are walking outsode the office to grab lunch or whatnot, he stands close to me to the point that our hands brush. There was also a time when he hugs me before saying goodbye and kisses me on my cheeks.
    1 most recent thing.. I am the manager for my team and he is a consultant in his team. We have different teams. When we saw each other at the pantry when me and my team was having lunch, my team suddenly teased him and asked him is he has a crush on me. He never said “no” he just laughs every time he is asked that question. Then, my team asked him to hug me coz I smell good. He suddenly said “oh, I’ll just buy ice cream for everyone” WITHOUT any reason! He just said that he thinks of my team as his “family”.
    My friends and team members really thinks this guy has a crush on me but is just too shy to make a move. But I don’t believe it. I think he just likes talking to me as he sees me as a confidant.
    What are your thoughts please?

    Thank you

  195. So me and this guy hungout pretty much everyday for 2-3 weeks. Than he started to only hangout once a week for about an hour and that happened for 2 weeks. I’ve only said 2 words to him this week. But his friends keep taking pictures of me, i keep cathing him checking me out, his friends always talk highly of him around me and he’s shown up in places that im usually at but he never is. But he has been ignoring me and sounds annoyed when we talk and is constantly with a group of girls.

    • It is entirely possible he is trying to get over you or he is playing hard to get. If he is sounding annoyed when you talk though despite previously talking to you a lot, then he is probably not worth your time. If you genuinely have a crush on someone, you surely wouldn’t sound annoyed around them.

  196. I knw dis guy since 2months who works in office,he often teases me,starts the conversation, stear at me,gets into my problem and often smiles whenever I passby.
    I texted him but he replies slowly with single line answer. Doubtful does he really likes me? Between am a married woman ?

  197. I have a crush who my friends say he have a girlfriend who is my friend but last Sunday he told me he likes me and was afraid to tell me and also his girlfriend who is my friend she is cheating on him ,I can’t tell him cause my friends don’t want him to tell him that we know he has a girlfriend what should I do? Please help me

  198. hi

    i have a crush on my classmate (i’ll call him dave for now) and he’s giving me mixed messages. he is showing a lot of signs. he looks at me A LOT during classes. he looks at me after he talks or says a joke. his feet were pointed to me. and today he spent lunch around me and my friends. he was near us for the last week but that’s because his friends were near us too. today his friends weren’t near us, but i overheard him asking someone if they knew where his friend was. and he has no problem with me copying his homework. but i asked him if i was rude and he said yes. my friend asked dave “if she’s rude why is she your friend?” dave said “who said she was my friend?” and walked away. he’s sort of mean but shows all these signs. i asked him what would he do if i fainted in front of him and he said he’d just leave me on the floor. he also said he would just let people punch me if people did. and i can’t ask his friends if he likes me because he’s kinda secure about himself. and yet he answered all my questions about him and his childhood. help. and don’t say he likes me so that i feel happy plz.

  199. Hi, I have a crush on my coworker. He has shown mixed signs.
    1) Stands so close to me our bodies touch
    2)Puts his arm on my shoulders
    3) Rubbed my arms
    4)asks about things happening in my life
    5)sometimes withdraws and goes into his cave
    6)doesnt text or call me though we meet everyday
    7)stares at me
    8)teases me
    9)sometimes if it is just the 2 of us he becomes serious, and quiet..looking intently at me
    10) other coworkers have noticed the attraction between us

    Does he like me? What is going on as ge doesnt call or text

    • Hi, I have a crush on my coworker. He has shown mixed signs.
      1) Stands so close to me our bodies touch
      2)Puts his arm on my shoulders
      3) Rubbed my arms and sighed so deeply after looking into my he was fighting something within him
      4)asks about things happening in my life
      5)sometimes withdraws and goes into his cave
      6)doesnt text or call me though we meet everyday
      7)he listens intently when i talk and he is curious if i am dating anyone
      8)we have strong eye contact and when we meet we dont need to say each others there is a connection already
      9)stares at me
      10)teases me
      11)sometimes if it is just the 2 of us he becomes serious, and quiet..looking intently at me
      12) other coworkers have noticed the attraction between us

      Does he like me? What is going on as ge doesnt call or text?

  200. So, this person and I are in an intense and very formal setting. I am a client, and his job comes with certain socialization laws. Not rules, laws. He could lose his job getting too close to me. The first time I noticed a potential interest, out of a room of clients, he only said hello to me. When in a private space, he said I “certainly looked presentable,” took some plant life that had gotten caught in my hair out, and we had shared more than a few glances in the other’s direction. He usually looks at me often.

    One time though, he got really mad at me, and reminded me of our places in this situation that we are in. I of course backed off completely. To seeing him this week, I was still trying to not be a bother. He was back to his old self, greeting only me out of the roomful of his clients (and we are talking 50+ people), looking at me often, and me trying not to look back because of him reminding me of our places, making extra time for me, when he had assistants deal with other clients. The first time we went aside that day, he and I were talking, the topic of sex had come up without us bringing it up, but it had been mentioned, and I said something to the effect of “well I don’t know anyone who wants to have it with my fat butt.” He started in with “well I wouldn’t…” and then began stuttering and stammering. I had given him some space during this convo, moving a little farther away because of him putting me in my place prior.

    The next time he and I went aside, he made sure there was no way to move farther, and that we had to be close. We were discussing business, and I noticed his face moving closer to mine, while we were already physically close from him closing the gap. Soon our faces were so close, all I could see were his eyes and eyebrows. His eyes looked from one of my eyes to the other, but he looked slightly scared and did not smile. He eventually broke the deep eye contact, and it was kind of in a goofy and bashful manner, but it felt like it had been a minute or two of the intense eye connection. He does not seem to mind our physical closeness, but when it’s not work time, he almost runs past me.

    Last time, it was end of the business day. I was having a smoke, and he was catching a shuttle with very tinted windows. Due to the time of day, the sun was shining through them enough to notice he was on the side of the shuttle facing me.

    After my smoke, I went to the spot I usually do to catch my car home. He was staring at me out of the shuttle, for a noticeable amount of time, and I was pretending not to notice. When I looked over again, he was looking in his lap, in what seemed almost nervous, like he didn’t want to get caught, so tried to look busy. At the same time, he also gets annoyed with me, and doesn’t smile when we talk, even when he was looking deeply into my eyes. The near running past me, I know we can’t socialize, but it makes me feel awkward. He was calling me by my first name, but I put an end to that after he got mean. We went back to Mr. and Ms. because he made me feel so bad. He made a fumble by email once with my name, and of course I teased him about it, and he said it made him laugh.

    Now though, he doesn’t call me by any name at all. He just says “come on” when we need to talk, or something of the sort. He did change his greeting after the extended eye contact from the hello we always have used, to good morning, but did not address me by a name. Any name.

    I am so confused. I admit, I am very attracted to him, and I’m sure many women are. I know it could be all in my head, but my roommate also saw some of these behaviors. I think he might be flirting with me, but the mixed signals are confusing me so badly. Help!

  201. I have a crush on a coworker. I told him. We have gone out 3 times, he says he had a bad experience dating a coworker and doesn’t want to do that again. He knows how I feel and we still go out together. I asked him if he would at least acknowledge the fact that he liked me back. He said he would let me know. Once again we just went out a couple of nights ago. The day of our outing, he was constantly around me more than usual. I don’t want to scare him away. We always find ways to be near each other. I don’t know what to do!

  202. I have this guy coworker who my girl coworker says has a secret crush on me. I start kinda believing here but how do I know for sure? He is always teasing me. Blushes or smiles every time he sees me. We did a work function out in the hot ass heat. He was so thoughtful and brought me a fan, an extension cord, a 3-way splitter, a radio, so i’d Be comfortable. He wouldn’t let me carry nothing. He let our other coworker which was a girl, the same girl that keeps telling me He has a secret crush. At several sporting events He has tried to act real masculine for me. He pretend to bump into me at a sporting event that he was playing in. He said Oh I didn’T know you were here. I said oh you didn’t. He said no I don’t notice when I am in the zone. He said well you must be my bad luck charm cause I played like shit. I said well the rest of the tieam think I am a good luck charm since it was the first game y’all one. I said they want me to come to every game. Then He got all alkward and didn’t speak. He walked over to the ice chest and alkwardly dug around in the ice chest and blurted out to his brother who takes care of yo your brother, He said he packed Two Dr. Peppers for you. He said who takes care of you? Your brother does, kind of in a show off way. I really thought it was so cute. I think he is adorable, I love his smile. I like that he is teasing. I just would like to know do you think he has a secret crush. I don’t want to blow it.

    • Hi Suzanne. He seems to be such sweet a gentleman. Who is trying to subtly let you know He likes you. Or who is scared to tell you because you are coworkers. He is definitely attracted to you. I’m sure soon He will let you know. I can imagine how crazy it can make you feel not knowing if you are imagining it or not. Or you start wondering why you are listening to coworkers making yourself think you are crazy. I would have never have picked a man like him before. I’m not a blonde haired blue eyed kind of person. I have always liked dark completed, dark hair, dark eyed men. More of the bad boy type. But something about him just makes my heart melt. I don’t know if it his amazing and contagious smile or dreamy eyes, or how everyone thinks he is an ass but around me he is so soft and tender. I see a big ole teddy bear I.nside of him. Maybe we should quit over thinking it and let it be.

    • Suzanne, i think he has some interest especially if he’s showing you through his little efforts. Maybe feel it out and see how it goes. Also i think people see things between two people that they have yet to see in each other 😉

  203. Hi Viktor 🙂

    Just read your post and found it very helpful. Ive been friends with this guys for years, never thought of him as anything but a friend until maybe the last year.Im just confused and overthinking too much. He initiates random conversion on social media DM but conversion never goes anywhere. I dont know if hes shy or just playing games. I feel like i get mixed signals online. In person, he definitely stares and faces my direction but never says too much unless its a group convo or if i ask him a question. Our friends always tease us about each other, but maybe were both not wanting to make the first move?.. we recently went to a good friends wedding and i was entertaining another guy all night. He came in to join the convo and put his arms around me then slowly walked off. Then later that night with more drinks in me i noticed he was at the bar behind the guy i was talking to, just staring and listening to the convo. Long story short i got drunk, was crying and somehow ended up on my friend. Our friends say he was sober but was enjoying the hug we had. The next day i got a message from him, asking how i was and what happened. I said i dont know(even though i did) and he said “drunken tears are our secrets”.I tried to ask questions by asking why he didnt save me from that guy, just to test how he would respond. He says it was a bad situation,it looked like i was hypnotized by the convo and that it was too serious. Then he said that i should get tinder. Hearing that made me think so he does care otherwise why would he ask me that and why was he listening to the convo in the first place. But at the same thing if he liked me he wouldnt be telling me to get tinder. So theres a mixed message there. The week after we bumped into each other at a restaurant and he was with two other girls. He later said in the group chat its not what it looks like and their just his coworkers.. im not gonna lie i was a bit a jealous. But honestly i want to tell him that i care, but im scared and i just want some confirmation or a little sign to give myself courage to make that move. There are more examples but i think this post is long enough…lol Thanks for reading viktor!!

  204. Hi, I really like this guy at my workplace. He constantly keeps noticing me as well. He is kind, sweet, and affectionate. He is a mutual with my friend. She introduced us. They are good friends and more than me he’s close to her. Even if we bump into each other at workplace, the only thing he asks about is her. I really like him. What should I do?

    • It seems like he might have a crush on her, but it’s hard to tell with so limited information. But the fact that he’s asking you so much about her is a strong sign his main interest is her.

  205. Hello :),
    so, I like this guy and he’s been acting very strange around me lately… I’m pretty sure one of his friends likes me, and my crush may also know that his friend likes me, but anytime he sees me talking only to that friend, he tries to..separate us. One time, I was drawing something in English Class, and his friend got there earlier than him. So his friend and I were talking and his friend was making me laugh because he kept making weird suggestions as to what I should add to the drawing. My crush walked in, (there are two sides of desks in the room facing each other, with a small aisle in the middle of those two) saw me laughing with his friend, slid his backpack over to his seat, and rushed over from his desk also in front but 2 desks away from mine, SLAMMED his hands on my table and said kind of loudly “HEY, what are we drawing here?”. When the two of them went back to their seats, my crush started acting kind of awkward, and his friend asked if he had any coffee..and he said no. It was so uncharacteristically odd that even his good friend was confused with his behavior. The other day, I was sitting down and listening to my music while dancing to it, and i had brought a tennis ball to play with my friends. I took the tennis ball out, and his friend came over to me and said “Ooh can I see that?” so I gave him a friendly smile and said sure, then handed him the ball. He inspected it, then said “hmmmm its really dusty..” and I smiled to be polite and said “Yeah, its kind of an old ball..”, then I noticed from afar my crush saw this and he kind of had a dark expression. THEN, he walked over to where we were, stopped facing me where I was sitting, turned around to face his friend and walked two steps forward towards him. It was as if he was…protecting me from his friend??? Idk this is all strange behavior for the guy he’s usually so calm, but he always seems so energetic around me… can someone lmk what’s going on? Thank you,

    • Normally I never post anything, like ever, but I really felt the need here. I think this guy is certainly interested in you, and probably likes you a lot. He is super jealous of the attention his friend is getting from you, and he is mad at the friend for flirting with you. And who knows, it honestly seems with his behavior with his friends that he is trying to claim you as his own, and that he doesn’t approve of his friends moves towards you. I’ve got the feeling, maybe he hasn’t told his friends how he feels yet, and he hasn’t because he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with that person. But yes he is jealous and may not be sure how to control it. He doesn’t seem to be confident in how to catch your eye, and seems like he is embarrassed and nervous around you. I know this was quite a while ago, but have things progressed at all with him? Have you told him how you feel?
      If it has ended up that he didn’t like you, (which is highly unlikely in my opinion), how does his friend behave around other girls? If his friend is very flirty and is constantly breaking some hearts, your crush might have been trying to protect you from him. And even that shows that he likes you, because he doesn’t want you to get your heart broken.
      So to sum it up, talk to him, show him that you like him. And because it’s been quite a while, have his actions continued? Have things gotten a bit better between the two of you?
      Just wanted to say good luck in any case, it seems that he is interested and that he really cares. 😉
      I’m honestly shipping it.😉🙂

  206. Hello 🙂

    I have a crush on a co worker who is 46 and I’m 27. He’s generally known to everyone as abit of a joker and makes alot of people laugh but IV noticed he’s alot more physically jokey with me then alot of other people in the work place. He’s generally quite flirty but on a few occasions he’s gave me compliments on my new haircut and he will say things like I’m looking very pretty today. I’m not sure if he generally fancys me or if it’s nothing more then abit of a flirt. He has also opened up to me about his struggles with depression a few times. But I’m just unsure if he really does like me or not because of the age gap maybe.

  207. I am still unsure if he likes me. Like, he would get all touchy with me and weird, but he also is kinda giving me mixed signals, like his feet wouldn’t be towards me. But I also feel like he likes my other friend, but he has never acted the way he has with me to her, so what’s going on?

  208. Hi there,

    So I’ve worked with this guy for over two years. Over the past couple months I feel like there’s something more going on.

    He always compliments the tops I wear, and any small changes in my appearance. He’s commented on how breathtaking my hair is and that I should never cut it. If I’m sick, he’ll joke that I can give it to him any day. He’s even joked that I should never leave the company unless if he leaves first. He pretends to get really upset if I leave early or if I’m working less days than usual. So he’s never been reserved on how much he appreciates my being there.

    My coworker’s always been a laid-back, joking guy. But it seems like it’s more excessive lately, especially with me. Even some of my other coworkers have pointed it out. I guess I’m closer to him than 90% of my other coworkers, but I never considered the possibility of him crushing on me. Until now.

    Plus, it’s a bit unusual since he’s just gotten out of a previous relationship.

    Maybe I’m too self-absorbed or just overthinking this whole thing. Even if he is interested, there’s no way we could get into a relationship. After all, he’s my supervisor.

    • I don’t think his interest could be much more clear without saying it out loud. He’s very interested in you.

      Although, it’s a precarious situation since he’s your supervisor and he has power over you. What happens if he ever feels rejected by you? It’s quite unprofessional of him to put you in this situation.

      Make sure you’re not dependant on this job if you want to make a move, so you’re not stuck there if it ever gets weird.

  209. This guy at work I’m pretty sure has a crush on me. He touches me on accident a lot and we have a lot in common. Also one day he and I were talking and he stopped talking and we just both stared into each other’s eyes. Also he comforts me or try’s to make me laugh if I look sad or upset. Help? Also he seems to always bump into me at work or walks passed me.

  210. Hi. My situation is at work. I’ve just started my job not long, and there’s this guy coworker, we’re not in the same department and our desks are not very near. We will still interact but mainy due to work matters. It started out just last month (i think, or for me to notice) when i went over to ask him about some work stuff. He was looking at my face at first but then he looked/scanned me from top to bottom, which i felt uncomfortable and puzzled. Anyway, after that he asked for my mobile number via office chat and a few days later, out of the sudden, asked me out for lunch, just the two of us. I agreed without thinking as i thought he wanted to dicuss something work related. He insisted of letting me choose the date, time and the food i’d like to eat, which makes me wonder is he being friendly or is this a date?? I did asked him on that day, he claimed that he does invite newbie out for lunch. He paid for the meal btw.

    I’m just confused at his action and behaviour sometimes. Since we worked in the same company, at points where we meet, most of the times he will call out my name/greet me and smile.
    He does text me but not frequently, it’s usually once in a week and he’ll always be the one who initiate the conversation first. When I’ve accomplished something at work, instead of congratulating me at the work group chat which most ppl did, he will congrats me via our personal chat. Just recently, he compliments on my clothes and necklace and said it’s pretty via text (honestly I wore that outfit before and wore the same necklace every day). He replied ??? after i thank him for his compliment.

    But then, some times, he will referred me as’sis’ on text, and I heard from my two of my colleagues that they heard he has a girlfriend. So what does his actions actually mean? Is he just being really nice to me because he’s superior and older than me? Am i thinking too much?

    • He’s definitely flirting with you and testing the waters. But I’d avoid him if I were you if it’s true that he has a girlfriend. If that is the case, he seems like a player or someone who just flirts for attention. It does not reflect well on his character. I hope you’re not in a dependant position to him.

  211. Hi. I have an issue at work. I started as an intern. Then that coworker frequently kept staring at me and would often come by to places at work i frequently visit. After i became an employee we were in the same unit. We never spoke once but i would catch him staring at me. He would never dismiss the staring nor smile at me while doing so. I have no idea if he really likes me. He knows me but acts like he doesn’t (I tried texting him as an anonymous person). He still stares at me but never tries to talk. Neither does he smile when he stares at me like that. I have unknowingly fallen for him. What should i do? What does this behaviour of his mean? Does he like me at all?

    • It sounds a bit weird. I guess he at least thinks you look good if he stares so much. But you really need to start talking with him in some way to get a better feel for his intentions. It’s also weird of you to message him anonymously.

      Do you have any opportunities where you can interact with him more? What happens if you smile at him when he stares at you?

      • You really think he thinks i look good? Thanks though. Not just weird i think it was absolutely stupid of me to have texted him and i really regret it a lot.

        There is no way i can talk to him. My heart thumps like crazy if he’s around me. So duh! No way i can open my mouth. He doesn’t smile even if i smile at him. He just keeps staring non stop. What am i to do? I fallen hard for him.

      • Hmm, it’s weird that he never smiles. But either he likes your looks or he’s trying to intimidate you.

  212. Hello! So, I have a crush on this guy at school, he’s sweet, has a great sense of humor, and he’s very handsome (i mostly care about his character traits though). So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to explain some of the odd scenarios that have occurred with him, and maybe you can tell me where I stand in his heart. Okay, so back last year, we would talk an awful lot more, and I realized at some point one of my friends mentioned my ethnicity and he seemed to say it to himself as if he was taking a mental note… this year, we’ve hardly spoken, but he’s been acting quite strange. Every time he sees me standing by my friends just casually listening to music, he comes over with one of his friends (which I unfortunately think may like me himself, although I do not reciprocate it)and he talks to his friend while standing in super close proximity to me. The strange thing is it seems like he wants to talk to me but doesn’t know what to say, but I’m super shy and don’t typically enjoy starting conversations myself…so he usually comes over to me and whichever one of my friends I may be hanging out with, and directs a question or a few words at both of us, but kind of ignores me… I’ve read on many different sites that this is because its possible he gets excessively nervous in my company, but I’m not entirely sure. Another SUPER odd thing that has happened was in our PE class (this happened last week) I was upset that I would have to run on our school’s dusty track with my brand new day-old shoes, so I kind of separated myself from everyone else, put my earbuds in, and stared dissatisfied at the track. My crush had been talking to his normal friend group, but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he saw me and took a few steps toward me, turned back to look at his friends, then continued walking in my direction. When he got a few feet in front of me, he kind of casually (but also kind of awkwardly) said “I’m gonna…stand here in the shade because its too hot in the sun..”, and I nodded to him with a small smile. I’m not too close to him, and I don’t usually see him randomly walk over to people he doesn’t know well while they are completely alone, and he doesn’t seem to stand that close to anyone else unless they are in his personal friend group. He then stood next to me and remained there for about 5-10 seconds, then walked back over to his friends. Another story from last week or the week before; I have a pretty commonly misread name unless the one reading it is either Italian or has had another student with my name in the same spelling. My crush is in my English class, and he always sits on the opposite side of the room, facing me (actually, yesterday he even sat in the seat directly in front of me). The day that the English teacher first pronounced my name correctly, a few of my friends decided to joke around and tell the teacher that she was pronouncing it the wrong way, and that the wrong pronunciation was right. This launched the class into a mini-debate about my name, where some kind-hearted people were telling the confused teacher the correct pronunciation, while other foolish people were messing around and trying to get her to pronounce it incorrectly. It was so embarrassing, but I noticed my crush in the back by the teacher getting annoyed with people and telling the teacher louder than anyone else the proper pronunciation. I felt pretty grateful that he had stood up for me, so I mustered up all my courage and went to thank him at lunchtime. As I walked over to him (he had just sat down, his friends off to the side doing their own thing), I noticed that as soon as I got within 8 feet of where he was sitting, he saw me and gave me a warm smile. I then stumbled through my words but he stared up at me with a smile the entire time. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed he tends to stare and smile a lot, and its hard for me to look people i don’t know particularly well in the eyes for more than a second, but I actually locked eyes with him today, and we were both smiling. Anytime I’m talking to a friend or turned around, and turn back around, I notice he’s been staring at me and smiling with this adorable gentle smile. Anyways, based off of this info (sorry for the literal essay lol), what would u think that he thinks of me?

    • It is obvious he is into you, especially that as you describe, there is some mystique around you, your name, etc. I believe you have to take a step forward, to speak to him, to find out more about his interests, what books does he read, what kind of music he listens… If he is really into you, he will ask more and more, wanting to get closer to you and actually fall in love with the person who you are 🙂

  213. Hello!

    My situation is also work. Idk if you will still reply but I am curious.

    A guy at work, so my friend/co worker saw him out and about and was joking about seeing him talking to a girl and he felt the need to say he’s known her for years. Why would he feel the need to explain? Friend is married and I was standing behind her.

    If you like someone more than 10 years older, how can you tell if their interested back?

    • That situation about him explaining really doesn’t tell me anything without any more context. I wouldn’t read anything into it.

      About the age difference, most signs are the same regardless of age. Love has no age. <3

  214. I have a situation with a guy I work with. We have known each other for over a year but recently things have shifted. We stare too long and spend a lot of our day together. After work we text or talk on the phone every night with equally initiated by each of us. Our entire department has noticed and asked me questions about the two of us. We spend a lot of time together outside of work. He smiles at me often especially if I catch him looking at me. We always sit next to each at staff meetings or across from each other to keep eye contact. He is always checking up on me during the day and texting if he is at a conference to see how my day is. He asks about my son without prompting and has hung out with my friends…who think he is great and question what the two of us are doing. He is 10 years younger than me and I am petrified that I want him more than he wants me

    • Based on how much he’s investing in your relationship, I’d say chances are good he wants you pretty badly. You can try being a bit more flirty with him and see how he responds.

      • His behavior has shifted a bit in the last few days and it appears he is kind of pulling away. A co-worker of ours asked him what was going on with the two of us because she has noticed a shift with us. He stated to her he had not noticed himself being any different. Not sure what this means and I am freaking out that I did something wrong.HELP!

      • It might not be something you did wrong.

        If others started noticing and commenting on it, he might have got cold feet. Maybe he’s afraid of seeming unprofessional, maybe afraid of losing his job, maybe unsure if you’re interested in him, maybe afraid of seeming desperate/needy. It could be a million things.

  215. So this guy I work with I just came back to this job so I didn’t really know him talk here and there , I found out he was going on vacation to France while we talking about the long weekend and I told that’s cool my sister went and bought me a hat that does not fit and he was like u want one I bring u back one and want colour so I told him I wanted a royal blue. I told my co worker that I was sitting what he going to get me and she said he never asked if she want anything and she worked with for a year. And I was told he a saver when it comes to money and couple of jobs. I was told not mention the hat before left to see if he would bring it. When he came he was busy with work so I add on Facebook and message him how was ur trip he respond somebody getting a hat. Next day he brought over early in the morning when nobody was there and we talk for a bit then my coworker came to the desk and he ran back to his. We have been talk back and forth on messages. For the last for 5months and he went away for another in another province for two months but we could message reach one a day or more and there is a time difference. Of three hours, any problem s I was having he would give solutions. But we we first messseging him and ask too many question he was I have a girlfriend but kept on texting me back. He just came back when he show face to he lik wow because I just putting on makeup to attractive him and then I had move desk because my computer was not working so I moved near him and he came sliding down with his chair in my personal bubble and he has never done that and was trying to help fix my desk. And today I had a work validation done I was telling that I think I did bad and he stated that when he was listening he said I did a good job. I didn’t know he was listen to me and when we are talking in person we make eye contact all the time. One of the 1st messages I got from him when asked what are u doing he said thinking about, asked what music he liked he sent a music video that was sexual, and when I told I had a anniversary party he asked who’s and I need outs for a wedding he asking who’s . I sent him a pic of a outfit that I was getting and top was short asked him do think that’s to slutty and responded saying ur mom does not want u to be attractive. And when we were leaving the office it seems like he want to keep talking. He is moving to another floor so I won’t be able to see at all. I asked if he want to see a movie this weekend no response yet….. do I tell him that I like him and his bday is soon and I bought him a bday card and was going to get a gift for him . Is it too much …. I never dated anyone or have this attention from some before

  216. Hi,
    I have a work situation – We have known each other just over a year, he has a girlfriend, I am single and I really like him.
    We usually have lunch together just the 2 of us once a week, we are really close friends and talk about v personal stuff. He has social anxiety and says he might read expressions wrongly, it also means he can sometimes come across moody and distant when he is anxious and he can often feel uncomfortable, this makes him hard to read.
    We also chat online a lot during work time, we have a great time together and laugh a lot too, he often giggles when i’m around which he doesn’t do with everyone – but then he isn’t really friends with anyone else at work. I call him things like Boo and Bubs.
    He often looks at my mouth – probably every conversation and occasionally stares at it, even when I’ve stopped looking at him and I can see it out of the corner of my eye. At one of our lunches he was looking at me, I caught his eye and we smiled and looked away, then I could see him looking again so I looked him in the eye and we just started laughing.
    He isn’t great at responding to messages when he isn’t at work, however if I am unwell he will text me to check if I am ok, he also texts me if he’s ill just to tell me how ill he is.
    He doesn’t really like hugging but once we had a very long tight hug where I let go first.
    When we pass each other things or are both pointing to something our hands will touch for 3 or 4 seconds.
    When we sit near each other we sit very close, usually touching, our legs or arms. He sits next to me rather than opposite if there is a choice. I have rested my head on his shoulder. Once we were sitting with my leg rubbing his for about an hour under the desk, and when the meeting finished we just stayed there for an extra 20 mins working and keeping our legs touching.
    I usually touch his arm or leg, he has rubbed his arm against mine a couple of times and once he leaned past me which meant his arm rubbed against my hip.
    There’s probably more but that is most things I think.

    • You’re basically dating. He’s very interested.

      I’d say congrats if he didn’t have a girlfriend. Unfortunately, that fact makes me question his integrity and motives.

  217. Hi Viktor:) Thank you for being so inviting as far as commenting goes.
    I have a work-related situation. I’m in the medical field. It’s a no-no because we’re both married, but I can’t stop feeling the way I feel. I will never act on anything and I highly doubt anything will happen. I don’t think he would ever act on anything either.
    I have this huge crush on a coworker. It came out of nowhere. We’ve been working together about 4 years. I work 3 days a week and he has on and off weeks, so our interactions are not super frequent, and then we only really have to interact if we have a patient together, which makes the interactions even less frequent. He has patients on 3 different floors. I’m just on my one floor.
    Let’s see if I can get to the point here….
    I think he likes me too, for a few silly subtle reasons and others more blatant.
    He seems to spend more time on my floor even if he has more patients on other floors than he does on mine.
    He looks at me a lot. He comes around me a lot. He chooses the hall I’m in or the door that I’m next to when he leaves the floor.
    One time my badge was pulling my collar open a little too much (unintentional!) and his eyes got stuck on my breast bone a little too long while we were in a patient’s room. It was hilarious because he was talking to the patient and his head kinda turned away but his eyes were stuck! I could not believe it.
    He has bumped into me/ sought or made physical contact too many times to think it was just accidental. Twice he has bumped right into my ass, on the pretext of reaching for something beyond me and another time in a tight area, where he bumped into me really hard. I said something about “tight space” (I had to say something!) and could barely stand to look at him- I was (pleasantly) shocked at his boldness- and he had this mischievous grin on his face.
    He’s a cool, collected dude. Sometimes very serious. He’s very professional (except when it comes to my derriere, apparently). You could say he’s hot n cold, but when we’re alone I feel a deep connection (could be just me).
    He’s super smart. So am I (or so I’m told). I feel like he is the male version of me. I feel like we have some serious intellectual intercourse. We are very similar in the way that we talk to and treat our patients (empathy).
    We make a lot of eye contact when we talk (could be just me). Once when we were done with a patient we were walking away from each other but kept looking at each other, smiling. I melted, and I also felt like I gave too much away. He gets closer to me physically than I would ever get to him when we’re talking. He often rounds on our mutual patients twice, even though he only needs to round once. He has come to find me about something maybe unimportant when he probably could have just texted.
    Most of the time I avoid him like the plague. I will only sit next to him at a computer if I absolutely have to.
    Sometimes I feel like he’s avoiding me, too.
    He makes me nervous and I lose my breath when he’s around.
    Once he asked me something out of the blue, if I participate in a certain thing (outside of work) because he saw a person who looked like me, he said. I won’t go into detail, but it was very flattering.
    There’s a couple more details but I’ll leave it at that for now.
    I just want to slam him up against a wall and have my way with him, or run my fingers through his hair at the very least.
    Of course I never will. Besides, how do I know that my fantasies are so strong that I’m actually just making myself believe he feels the same way, but he really doesn’t? I’m in love with the idea of him. In love with what I imagine. I know that it feels better to want than to have. In my mind he/it is perfect.
    I’ve tried to will this stupid crush away but I just can’t.
    I just wish I could know if he is as tormented as I am.

    • He definitely has similar feelings as you. But can’t know if he’s as tormented or if he’s just enjoying the flirting.

      It sounds like you’re idealizing him. It happens to all of us when we have a crush on someone and it’s perfectly normal. Just remember that your brain and your hormones are fooling you by giving you rose-tinted glasses. The crush will go away eventually, but it can a long time if you’re unlucky. If you want it to go away faster, maybe you can look into changing your working situation so you don’t see him anymore?

      • Thank you!
        The heat really got turned up this past week because I worked 4 days, and he was on too. A pretty rare occurrence. It will cool off again. These “off” cycles definitely help. We can go 2 or 3 weeks without seeing each other.
        Other than that I can’t change my work situation. I love my job and the people on my floor.
        I’ll just continue to avoid him, and like you said, if I’m lucky the crush will just go away quickly. I hope. I’ve never had feelings like this since I’ve been married- 15 yrs. And my husband and I were together for 8 years before we got married!
        This feels like more than a crush. It’s been about 23 yrs since I fell in love with my husband. And now this… it feels like love 🙁
        My marriage is pretty strong (except he’s pretty bad with communication) and I would never jeopardize it.

  218. Hi. This guy and I have known each other for about a year now and last January things began getting flirty. We were both in the same grad program and i was set to graduate in May. Things did not escalate until school was over and I think that was a mutual respect thing for academics. We hung out a lot over the summer in groups and one on one and the sexual tension started. He did all of the texting, touching, eye contact etc. finally we started getting physical and we eventually had sex. And it was amazing. After the sex I wasn’t as vocal as I could have been about it and he accused me of acting weird. I gave him some time and he began changing…
    We kept hanging out I stayed over one night at his apt. He took me on a proper date… and now he is back in grad school and dealing with three jobs so I am trying to give him some space. What is your opinion on the situation?

    • 3 jobs+school seems really stressful for him. Have you ever talked about what you both want long-term out of your relationship? Has he given you any signs he wants to commit? And what do you want?

  219. We started texting the next day after we met and coz he was usually busy he suggested we find a way to talk often then it all got flirty. I usually find it hard keeping up with conversations though normally. Though smetimes it’s on and off and then itgets really sexual yet we only started talking. How do I handle this

    • He’s definitely interested in you in some way, but since it got so sexual so fast, it tells me he might just be interested in sex so far. But it’s hard to tell without more info. The question is what you would like to get out of this budding relationship?

  220. I just want to say thank you for listening and giving me great advices. Very much appreciated. Anyways I want you to analyzed our conversation other day. He told me there was a better position in another department for him. I told him he should take it better pay. He says, he doesn’t know if he will. I told he should it a better opportunity for him to moved up. If he take that position I will no longer work with him or see him around. If it benefit him in the future then I’m happy.

  221. Hi

    I have developed feeling for this guy(co-worker). I want to know for sure without asking him if he also interested in me. Sometimes I feel like he interested and sometimes I feel like he isn’t. Like he sending me mixed signals and I don’t know what to do. 2 weekend ago I hosted something and I invited him to come. He did and he also brought a friend. It wasn’t a work related thing so I felt like he came for me. Maybe he just being nice. He has never asked for #. He always tell me how smart I am at work. He told his friend I’m a sweet girl. Whenever we run into each at work he would just make eye contact with me and then look away quickly. I’m really confused to what to do. I really like him but I don’t want to make thing awkward at work. I don’t want to let him know unless I sure how he feels.

    • From what you’ve described, I’m not quite sure either if he’s interested romantically or not. Do you have any more examples of his behavior toward you? How does he behave when you two are talking?

      • Well there one time I saw him do something for another co-worker and I came up to him to asked him why he never did that for me. I said I expect the same thing next time. He said anything for you Tram. I’m very shy and quiet girl. I have a hard time talking him

      • That’s an okay sign, but it could still just be him being friendly and polite. I would not read anything into that either. You should try interacting with him a bit more and I think you’ll get more clear signs soon. Does he use any social media where you can interact if you’re too shy to talk?

        Does he ever blush or seem shy around you?

      • Okay so something weird happen today, he was working in another department but he came over to talk to me toward the end of the day. He has already made eye contact with me from across the room. I was surprised he actually came. He has never ever done that before. We talk for at least 15 mins. Our shift ended and everyone was gone. We didn’t even realized it. It was actually nice we had a conversation going.

      • Awesome! That is great!

        He definitely seems to want some form of relationship with you. I’m leaning toward a romantic interest, but there’s also a chance it could just be friendly or attention-seeking.

        I think it’s good to make a move now if you want to. It doesn’t have to be something obvious, you could ask him if he wants to join you for some event in town or similar without directly expressing your romantic interest.

  222. Hi. I’m really confused about whether this one guy at work likes me. We work in different areas of the building so it’s tough to find a reason to talk to him but for the most part he glances my way or sometimes leaves his station as soon as he spots me leaving work. Once I was walking out and he was right beside me and I got startled but then I apologized and he said it was okay and even chuckled. Sometimes when I walk by him with another male friend, he tends to stare at us. I’m not sure what to make of him. Please help.

    • Hey, Why don’t you try to make him realize you actually want to talk and get more of this eyes-locking communication. Next time he looks at you, look back at him and smile, you can even nod your head. This will make him understand that it’s ok. to come to you. I think that this is even better that you work in different departments, so you get the chance to talk about other stuff than work. 🙂

  223. Hi

    I actually have a question that concerns me. I sometimes get bullied by my friends at university. It is not physical bullying. It is actually verbal bullying.

    The problem is that I got bullied in front of my crush, but I try my best to answer and argue with what they are saying. Do you think that she is not interested in me anymore because of that?


    • She had to act out and defend you, if really into you. Please, please speak with someone older than you, best – a teacher or your parents, older sibling and describe your feeling, what happens at school and make a move to stop the bullying. Pretty sure you are very wonderful young person, no one deserves bad attitude. And, to your question, I would never change my feelings towards anyone, just because other people behave silly with him/her.

  224. Hey, so I have noticed that one of my teachers stares at me secretly, sometimes even flushes when I talk to him, he is laughing each time I laugh and does give compliments on my work. And when I enter the room or he does and sees me he gets a very bright and happy expression. Even when we are alone.
    BUT as soon I get closer by accident because I was behaving very passionate about a topic we discussed (my natural way) he backs off as if he is trying to avoid to touch me. He never greats me or says goodbye. Even though we might be alone in a room and I said already twice goodbye to make sure that he heard me. Sometimes he is super helpful in his free time but the next time he behaves very distant.

    So I am confused. I don’t get it.

    • It sounds like he’s very interested in you. But he might be worried he’d destroy his career or his reputation if he slips up, so he tries to hold back. That’s the most likely reason why you’re getting so mixed signals from him. It could also be that he’s really shy or insecure.

  225. OK so we’re friends but lately I noticed that he calls more often, finds a reason to touch me and has introduced me to his brothers and always asking if am free.

    • From that brief description, it sounds like he has a crush on you. But I’d be able to tell more surely if you gave more info about your relationship and age.

  226. Ok so I keep catching him looking at me and his friends keep wanting him to talk to me and he gets embarrassed he’s also been touching my arm from time to time and moves at my speed when I’m walking to our common classes

    • That sounds very promising. It sounds like he has a crush on you and that his friends are trying to encourage him to go for it, but he’s too shy.

      Unless you want to wait, I’d suggest taking an initiative yourself. Start chatting with him on Snapchat/Facebook/Insta, or even ask him if he wants to go to some event with you or do some fun activity.

      • There’s this guy who’s younger than me. After a while being acquainted I’ve realized that his personality is the one I’m looking for for a guy. I didn’t want to look desperate so I didn’t add him in social media. After several months, he add me. I thought that the thing that triggered him to do that was I didn’t talked to him the last time we had a group gathering though I’m the one mostly initiated a conversation whenever we met. After I accepted him in social media I immediately ask him for some suggestions to my questions. He replied me accompany with this emoji 😅. I don’t know what to do with my emotions cause I’ve been single all my life. It will be a great help for me for anyone who can have a solution to my emotion. Thanks

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