8 thoughts on “How to be Funny in a Conversation (For Non-Funny People)”

  1. I seem to always make awkward jokes because I love to laugh and want to be funny so badly. I say inappropriate things whenever I try though (specifically with my in-laws and at work). How can I develop a filter? When I do make a joke, people usually pity laugh (except my friends who laugh hysterically.)

  2. What’s a good way to try to be funny in a group conversation how does it all work does it usually mean it just happens naturally without even trying how did you learn how to be funny in groups with friends and how did you meet your friends how does someone learn to keep a conversation going I feel when I talk to other people or when someone talks to me I feel like their talking a lot more than Iam I feel like I say yeah oh wow yeah that’s cool when they talk to me I feel I should be saying more than just that what else should I say besides that what are people into these days with the social life

  3. It’s great. It was told “A witty Fool is better than a foolish wit. Jokes may not get cracked when they are not targeted correctly and instantly to the situation. It is really a gift and an art, which I did n’t have.

  4. Hi David,

    Thanks for your email. I do believe that be funny is something that we can learn. I guess my problem it I am trying to hard to be funny. Some people can just do it naturally. I think your approach to being funny seems to be a little bit over-analyzing the social situation. Is there a way to be funny by nature?

    • Not David, but I researched this with him. I think there may be three things which you may benefit from most to become more naturally funny. First is the most obvious we mentioned in the article, try to relax a bit more. Allow yourself to mess up. With each try you will learn something and become better. If this doesn’t fit your situation, my third tip might be of more use to you.

      Second, research storytelling and try to become better at it. Through that you will learn how to naturally capture peoples attention and also what makes them laugh. We linked two videos in the article, check them out!

      Third, try less. Since you said your problem may be that you try too hard. Maybe you just need to stop trying to be funny. When you try too hard, you automatically become less natural. It shines through. When you stop trying, you might even notice how you get more inspired and say more fun things. My first challenge for you would be to try to be “just you” for 15-60 minutes when you are with friends. Every time you try to be funny, stop yourself. Just take note of how that makes you feel and behave. Then after that you can try to gradually start joking around a bit more until you find a natural balance that works for you. That way you will be able to stop your “bad” behaviors and just keep doing your good behaviors that are naturally funny. It will be a gradual process, but with your new insights I think you will be amazed by what you learn about yourself.

      Best of luck, Duke!

  5. Thank you for writing this David! Ill watch that ted talk later, seems really interesting. I think my biggest problem is that im so afraid to mess up. So this made me feel a bit better. I will try to relax a bit more from now on!

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