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  1. Justin

    Another good trick is to play dumb and make them explain the joke. Whatever they say look right at them and say that makes no sense. Could yoy explain it another way? Jokes lose their power when you have to explain them. Guy next to me at a bar one night said to the woman i was talking to Wow you’ve got great DSL. I could tell by her immediate reaction that it was as inappropriate. I said to him with my poker face she uses WiFi. Awkward silence with eye contact and he turned around and walked away. Got a free beer for that one.

  2. Justin

    When i was in school this guy try to get me to say My Dixie Wrecked by reading it off a piece of paper. I knew what he was up to so when he said hey Justin read this out loud. I said My Dixie is Wrecked. No that’s not right there’s no is there. I know that but it’s grammatically incorrect. All poker face on me. No read it as it is written. Why it’s wrong. He kept trying and eventually gave up. My teacher said that was the funniest thing he ever saw.

  3. Pam.

    I have a new co-worker who is always trying to tell me how to do my job..she always say u know me I am a geek…

  4. Draven Sargeant

    I would like to know how to ignore my ex-girlfriend who is constantly making fun of me at school, more or less with her friends, I have tried to ignore her, but it doesn’t work. Is there something else I can do?

    • Justin

      Own it bro. I was out at a bar one night and my ex was there with her friends and one of them shouted there goes needle dick. They laughed and with a poker face I said yea all of you know that. Not like it’s a secret. Ex said you can fuck off now. I was until you ladies held me up. Go fuck yourself Justin! Twice a day in the bathroom. I got good at handling hecklers doing stand up comedy in college.

  5. Signs That a Woman Is Flirting

    i love your blog and always like new things coming up from it.

  6. Eric

    Always throw in their mother.

    Funny guy: “So what movies do you like, except for pornos? Hahahaha”
    You: “That’s not what your mom says.”
    Funny guy: “…

    Funny guy: “Wow! Ever heard of ironing your shirt? Hahahaha”
    You: “I’ll be sure to mention it to your mother when she does my laundry tonight.”
    Funny guy: “…

    • Anonymous

      She was in the movie

  7. Anonymous

    I partially agree with the post, but being complacent does not work with everyone. Some will say, “Look, everyone, what I told you, he’s a loser!” The best solution I found was shouting like a psychopath: “Fuck, shut up!” And if someone, like your boss, calls you for an explanation, simply say “I was kidding, but he / she couldn’t take it” since no one was playing in the first place. Then, most people will be on your side, because anger is contagious. Also, I would suggest to start persecuting the person, and he will be afraid, believing something is wrong with you.

    • Anonymous

      Goodness gracious my good fellow, are you sure you’re not actually a psychopath??

    • Anonymous

      What the actual fuck???!

  8. Christina spinelli

    Hi I have been married for almost 30 years and recently divorced. Being around my ex husband who is so passive
    Aggressive and dominating has made me very ill and I had
    A sick baby who is thankfully growing up, I am in the process of trying to get away from him but I have this child and we
    Had a business together. Definitely moving forward to get totally away from him as much as it is possible. He is very
    Nasty and rude to me in a sneaky kind of way sometimes he is explosive if I tell him how I really feel. What can I do to try to take care of myself in the process of getting away from him?

    • Anonymous

      When he starts getting really nasty just start recording it with your phone. It will drive him crazy to think that he might have to listen to himself being truly mean and nasty.
      This used to instantly shut my ex up.

  9. Anonymous

    These advices are really true and I am definetely gonna try this

  10. Blue X

    I’m so glad I found this website I’m gonna try this thanks
    _blue X

  11. Xtionfuse

    I’ve always been center of laughter. I don’t care tough, but sometimes it gets more embarrassing. I usually laugh with them , but in the end I feel like a looser. I think I should try this next time.

  12. Jack

    Don’t do that… i have and it only gets worse. Laugh with them, don’t ignore them… only if it’s with the bully.

  13. Cemore Buttes

    I am in high school, and my partner for a project makes fun of my name, body, and says i am a suck up to the teacher. I have tried to switch project partners, and even classes, but the school and my teacher wont let me. I cant take any more of his treatment to me, and i have tried to do these things over and over again but i cant, what do i do?

  14. Chloe Sacks

    I sent that last comment as a test of your skills. I do not think you are a moron. Your English is pretty good considering you are not from the United States.

  15. Altuz

    I’m grounded. In situations where I sense that either someone is being domineering, whether inadvertent or not, I stick to my guns, get what I want, whether it be information, a transaction, whatever it is, then I leave and don’t pursue anything further with that person.

    If you’re at a point in your life where you feel that everyone is steam rolling over you, it’s because you’re continuing dialogue and rapport with those individuals.

    Associate with people who love and respect you, and with people you love and respect.

    The world is too large and too diverse to not chose who you want in your life.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this..

  16. Dave

    I disagree with this approach. The only way to deal with a passive aggressive is to be more ruthless than them. Call them out on it but in a mean way. If it’s a man, undermine his manhood, “your passive aggressive comments are so female dude.” This is not to offend women, but calling him basically a woman will make him feel stupid. If it’s a woman doing the joke, tell her she is petty. “Man those backhanded jokes really make you seem like a petty bitch.”

    The main thing these people thrive off of is that they know you will never say anything. So instead, come back and chop them in half verbally. Be prepared with about 5 or 6 comebacks because a passive aggressive will always try to comeback with something like, “Gee didn’t know somebody was so sensitive.” You have to be able to comeback with something like, “Yeah I guess I have lost my sense of humor when it comes to assholes.”

    • Anonymous

      Bro I totally Agree with you…ignoring is not the best solution to tackle these kind of people..they will bully again and again..

    • Anonymous

      not gonna take it anymore!

  17. sarah

    Hi. Thanks for this great post. It was really interesting to read and I’m definitely gonna try this. People always seem to ignore what I say, even my family members.. I hope that this could solve the problem.

  18. Pradeep Jha

    Good advice. I will try.

  19. Saishiva

    Thank you for a kind advice

  20. rina

    People always make fun of me uses mean words comment about my figure eyes etc..I never reply them back..but feels hurt..I don’t get support from ex bf too used to make fun of me many times…is it bad to be innocent quite in this world

  21. Tiffany

    What if you’re in a group of people and everyone acknowledges the joke and laughs? It’s hard to ignore at that point

    • Benjamin

      Basically that’s my problem it never works for people around too that would take it just try these steps like I would buy try anything to resolve the matter

  22. Lou

    I used to be able to take it, but after many many years it’s finally got to me,
    So I’ve said I don’t like been joked at, he can’t change, but I can’t except the constant have joke on me, it said I lost my sense of humour, which is not true.
    How to I handle this? Maybe i have changed, but only in the sense that I like to try stick up for myself. Any tips? And this is not a work issue it’s in my home.

  23. Sara

    Ty.. Let me try it. Hope it works

  24. David Morin

    Hi Mark! I’m glad you liked the advice.

  25. mark

    Thanks ! this sounds like something I could try. I have been trying to find ways to deal with this highly unpredictable co-worker . Hopefully one of these techniques would come in handy!

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