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  1. Lisa

    David, I love the ‘Awkward to Awesome’ title. Immediately I thought of converting ‘awkward’ social activity to ‘awesome’ social contact. The title is appropriate and ‘point on’ the issue.

    • David Morin

      That’s exactly what we’re going for, happy to hear you like it, Lisa!

  2. Camilla

    When I think of a awesome social life I think about one specific thing: Who I am as a person mathers! That I do NOT feel that words and thoughts that comes from me are worhtless. And that I have a flow of sharing and geting in return, not because I need to, but because it’s just the way it is with friends and family. And I don´t have to think about how to act or how to say things, because I already feel safe in the fellowship. 🙂

    I love getting this emails by the way – they already working 😀
    I think you make so many persons life so much easier!

    • David Morin

      That’s so good to hear Camilla, thank you! 😀

      Stay awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    My awesome social life would be to have a few close friends I can share everything with, and be able to confidently talk to strangers

    • Viktor Sander

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Awkardness is about randomness thoughts, not orgnized. also, there is an ebook called seductive story telling , and another one is storytelling techniques google it so you could get out of the fuckin awkardness.

  5. Nikita Sinhal

    Awesome social life = have great chill, drama free people to share interests and new experiences with like kayaking and hiking. And bonding over life stories and dreams.

  6. Gabriella

    My definition of an awesome social life is to be completely relaxed in every situation, with different type of people. Knowing what to say and do without feeling limited or awkward.

  7. Amanda

    My definition of an awesome social life is to have lots of connections in the right places and a play hard, work hard lifestyle.

  8. Chris

    My definition of an awesome social life is having people you can rely on and have a good time with. People you can go on adventures with.

    • I agree Chris, I think finding the right friends is key to a great social life. Too many people get stuck with incompatible friends.

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