When It’s Fun to be Awkward And When It’s Not

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As you know, our program on how to become good at making conversation is named “Awkward to Awesome: The Art of Making Conversation”.

First, I had some second thoughts about this name. I want to share these thoughts with you because I think it also teaches us something about social life goals.

Reason 1 – Awkward can be a good thing

Sometimes, I don’t think it’s bad to be awkward. I still do awkward things. So does Viktor.

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It can be fun to be awkward, and you can laugh about it later. Like that time I spoke English with a Swedish guy for half an hour before I figured out we were both from Sweden.

Having awkward traits makes you who you are. It’s just that when your awkwardness takes over and stops you from being who you want to be, it’s not so fun anymore.

Sometimes the awkwardness is even a symptom of social anxiety or shyness. At this point, it’s not fun and quirky anymore but something that holds us back.

That’s the kind of awkward we want to move away from.

Reason 2 – It felt scammy

When I started off, I wasn’t aiming to become “awesome” because back then, that’s not something I could identify with. And I don’t identify with being some kind of “Mr. Awesome”. That’s just tacky.

However, what I DO think it truly awesome today is the social life I have now. It’s not awesome as in bikini foam parties and celebrity BBQ-nights because that’s not what gives me meaning. It is awesome in the way that I can be who I want to be with people I want to be with. I think it’s awesome to have a close family of friends who I can always reach out to and who I know has my back.

At least in my head, when I hear the “Awesome” in “Awkward to Awesome”, I’m thinking about how awesome the small things in a good social life can be: Having a walk with a close friend talking about life. Feeling at ease around people. Feeling confident that you always know what to say next. Always having close friends you can reach out to and hang out with.

What our readers had to say

Finally, when we surveyed our readers and beta testers about what name they liked the most, it won big time.

They thought it summed up what the program is about: How to go from awkward to awesome by mastering the art of making conversation.

That’s when we decided to officially go with that name.

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What is YOUR definition of an “awesome” social life? Comment down below. I’ll try to reply to as many comments as I can!

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  1. My idea of an awesome social life is being comfortable when exchanging words with friends or colleagues, and not worrying about what they might think of me.
    I also think it’s about being yourself and not thinking you have to act out of character just to fit in..

  2. awesome for me are that I can be myself and not being in myself. like saying did I do good, what if I offend that person.
    so for me, the awesome is that I can be in present and enjoy the social activity.

  3. Knowing my identity isn’t wrapped up in my performance, career, hobbies, spouse, etc. was key for me… I wish I’d have looked up and listened prior to high school & college (would’ve bypassed much trauma & pain in my life) but I thank God for His patience and even Biblical guidance in these areas…
    I now know I can confidently be myself regardless of what other people think of me, because my identity is now in Christ who set me at peace and free from fear of man (what others think of me)! I’ve closer, more trustworthy, deeper relationships than ever! Especially with my husband!!!

  4. My definition of an awesome social life is being able to talk to people without feeling like I don’t belong there.

  5. Being free without anxiety- being moody- good social skills – the best me- and having actual people who are fun to be together with (friends)

  6. Thanks very much David for your valuable emails,I believe that to achieve an awesome social status one must be confident and contented with oneself.

  7. My opinion about awesome social life is if one not at all scared on facing any kind of new people and if one able to achieve his career using proper like minded people then that one is having an awesome social social life 😀.

    • My idea of an awesome social life is being able to talk to anyone, people from all walks of life, without feeling inadequate or uncomfortable.


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