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  1. S L

    Is there a point in connecting to someone, if they are very nice to you when you are alone together, but they are a jerk to you when they are around others?

    • David Morin

      I’d say that indicates they have a bad character. I would avoid a person like that unless I want my heart broken.

      But you could still bring it up with them and see if they change, but be ready to cut ties if they don’t change.

  2. Debra Dill

    I feel that if I am a lot more open in my interactions, and smile with interest, I will make more connections.

  3. Anil khera

    I’m grateful to you for sending me such useful emails. I have really benefitted from the information that you have been sending me. Thanks

    • David Morin

      Glad to hear that Anil, thank you!