How to Double Your Confidence in 5 Minutes with the OFC-method

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Here’s what I’ll send you in my coming emails:

  1. How to avoid awkward silence and conversations hitting a wall
  2. How to get past the small talk and actually start bonding
  3. Why conversations die out and what to do about it
  4. Why people stop keeping in touch after a while and what to do about it
  5. How to stay in touch with someone you’ve just met in a natural way (and how to meet up again without forcing it)



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  1. Thank you so much for helping us here through teaching some strategies on how to overcome my anxiety especially in dealing other people.

  2. Just want to say what a fine young man this is who is narrating this, it’s so helpful and to take the focus away from ourselves, I feel, is the way to go… What if the other person doesn’t seem Interested and you are the one doing all the work!

  3. It seems like the only real way to get better at conversations is to actively practice but these tips are great thank you for your hard work and research to find a guideline for us introverts 🙏🏽 For me personally I feel as if I get along with everybody I meet but can’t seem to relate to anybody or have “small talk” I can usually only hold a conversation if the topic matters to me. How can I be more open minded and empathetic? Thanks again for all your help

  4. I’m a young women who is normally very awkward except for when I’m at the grocery store where this guy works, when I see him I get so nervous! I can hear my heart beat in my ears like I went for a run. I’ve never even spoke to him but I’ve noticed him for 3 or more years working in the store, but he never looked at me when I was looking at him he would wait until I looked away. But somethings changed over the last few months and our eyes would meet at first only for a nanosecond, then a second, and now for 4 or 5 seconds time stops and we stare at each other but never smile. The voice in my head says smile, talk to him, do something! But I don’t like putting myself on the line for people. What ifs are my weakness. I don’t want to make myself look stupid and then have to shop where he works. Any ideas?

    • He could be feeling the same thing as you. So think of it that way.

      If I were that guy, I would welcome a smile and a “hi.”
      Maybe introduce yourself, and that you have seen him before, and you just thought you would say hi this time. Then just get a conversation going, just like you would with any other stranger.

      Hand him your e-mail address, and let him know that if he ever has time, maybe you two could get to know one another better. That way the ball is in his court, and you don’t have to hear a possible rejection.
      End it with “see ya around.” Then leave.

      It’s pretty simple, actually.

  5. I have trouble smiling for selfies. I am told that I have a nice smile. But my mouth nerves clamp up when I need to pose. Any idea what to do about this?

  6. I am hoping this will help me a lot my problem is I’m always worrying that my house doesn’t look good enough nothing around me is good enough for the person I’ve asked to my home even if I know them I feel this

  7. It was really very helpful especially the state where you told to focus and be curious.. it really takes the brain in auto mode to be at ease and carry on the conversation


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