How to Double Your Social Confidence in 5 Minutes (OFC-method)

Learn more about how we did the experiment here.

Here’s what I’ll send you in my coming emails:

  1. How to avoid awkward silence and conversations hitting a wall
  2. How to get past the small talk and actually start bonding
  3. Why conversations die out and what to do about it
  4. Why people stop keeping in touch after a while and what to do about it
  5. How to stay in touch with someone you’ve just met in a natural way (and how to meet up again without forcing it)


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  1. Anonymous

    I’m on a girls holiday and don’t know half of them – really trying to be friendly but am feeling quite isolated or left out can you help? Please?

  2. Prafful Agarwal

    You are amazing bro.

  3. Cecilia

    I am familiar with these techniques. BUT … My nervousness tends to make me over eager in that aspect of being interested in what the other person has to say. Often I find myself coming across as someone who is trying too hard. Especially when it comes to finding matching interests and similar traits with that other person. Such things that normally bond. So my eagerness drives me to almost cut the other person off instead. And that is not good of course. It kind of kills the intention, and instead I come across as a person who is just interested in talking about herself, or a know-all. And that is NOT what I want to do. I need to learn how to truly relate to others, without making these constant efforts to bond by commenting on similar traits and skills.

    The hardest thing for me is having meaningful coversations with persons that in my opinion is talking way too slow. It allways makes me feel like I allready know what they are about to say next. And most of the time it is extremely hard to stay patient and focused in such situations. I do not want to feel like my time is wasted, but yet I feel like this quite often. It makes me want to shout out ”For gods sake, get to the point that I allready figured out two minutes ago”. Do I not like conversating with others just for the conversations alone? Am I introvert? Probably. I would love to find a way to stay genuinely interested in what the other person has to say, not minding the pace. I do care.

  4. Kate

    OFC is also an acronym for “Of course!” which should be your response to any invitations to social events where you can practice 🙂

  5. Philip

    Thank you. This is exactly the sort of thing I need.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you. This is great

  7. Pamela

    The information shared in this video is amazing. I’m going to put it to use tonight at a small party.

  8. Anonymous

    This girl isn’t shy. She talks to a stranger.

  9. cinta

    My anxiety has proved difficult for me because I move from school to school each year never really stay long enough to become close enough with people that I’ll become friends with them.
    I hope remembering OFC in these situations will help me lots more in the future, thank you!

  10. Anonymous

    I need questions that I can ask people whom I’m trying to make my friends, and also people who are already my friends but missing that deep connection.

  11. Anonymous

    I can’t watch your video because the china line.doyou have other mean to watch this .Thank you so much!

  12. Anonymous

    I am a teenager and for the most part I have many friends. However this summer I haven’t been keeping up with them, and now I am worried that we many not be friends anymore. At night I start over thinking it and then I get very anxious.Then when I do see them again, I get awkward and scared. I just want to get over this and become more open and relaxed. Thanks.

  13. Abhimanyu

    I am bit weak at English speaking, but I am always nervous while speaking in front of others, especially audiences. I fumble, wrong pronunciations discontinued talks are the major problems. I just hope that you suggest me how to overcome this problem.

  14. Moniara

    I never opened myself to others. To be honest, I felt too confused about myself. It’s not like I’m shy but I feel overcomes by kind of negativity. Some people do say that I talk less but I know I don’t. At, home or around closest people I am good at conversations. It’s not like I don’t have friends and I don’t have fun with them…but I do. But there is some sadness lurking all around that I WILL mess up here and there, that I not better at them and seriously, I feel illogical too. When I’m at one place, I think about other things which made me sad. Believe me, I cried every night that no you have got to be better. Damn them saying anything about you, judging you. But the next day, when I approach the similar faces, I am the same old girl who is better then them, but failed to show anything. I just don’t I am writing but this is the most heartily writing I ever wrote. I just could hope you will take out from this mess and bring to what I deserve to be.

  15. Declan

    I’m over 50 and single and want lots of friends. I don’t smell, am of a smart appearance and I’m not mean. I’m not shy but just don’t know how to make lots of friends. Once you’re past 20 or so and aren’t married or dating, people just don’t seem to want to bother. I’ve tried looking for men’s groups in the UK but they’re few and far between. Please can you help me. Thanks a lot, Declan

  16. Anonymous

    Thank you. I hope it helps.I feel my social anxiety prevents me from trying new things. Also i am never confident doing things.It has reached a point at which i feel crippled because of it.

  17. Dom

    Thanks this truly helps

  18. Monica

    Thank you so much, that is exactly what I have been going through for years now. I always pick the wrong people to befriend, I get screwed. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t trust anyone anymore. I am partially disabled, sometimes I need to use a walker if I am going for a long walk or shopping and I believe people look down on that. I am tired of being judged before anyone takes the time to get to know me. I am a good person. I am trustworthy, caring, and a good person and friend. I am just tired of being lonely and alone. I want a friend I can get to know and trust. I hope you will read this, understand it and continue to send me emails. Thank you
    Monica Duarte

  19. steve

    I really appreciate this. It will help alot,I want meet more friends and to be closer with my friends but idk how to keep up conversations and become closer with them. 

  20. Anonymous

    I’m speechless.

  21. Alli

    Thanks for this! I will try it out!

  22. Elias

    You guys are very Swedish

  23. Anonymous

    Your video was very helpful and your email pretty much sums up how I feel in these circumstances.

  24. Am

    Thank you so much. Through my intuition i have started something like this recently as well. But this helped me so much!

  25. Nikki

    Anytime I’m with my friends I feel like I am awkward and run out of things to say and then I don’t get invited to stuff. I also feel like anytime I say anything I get judged very rudely and I just don’t know how to react. Anytime I confront my friends about them exluding me nothing changes. I want to be closer with my friends but idk how to keep up conversations and become closer with them. I also found out that they made a whole new gc without me in it and I’m rly sad cuz I wanna be closer w my friends but idk how. PLZ HELP ME.

    • Jess

      I’m sorry it’s like this for you,maybe try meeting new people because this friendship group seems toxic. If you have any close friends then I would try to stick with them. Obviously it’s a lot easier said than done :/ Alternatively you could stick with these friends but try to find things that you have in common with them and talk about that, or you could reccomend things that you like and are passionate to them so that you have things to talk about? I hope it works out 🙂

  26. Karim

    White right person ho is realyax i get more confedemvs

  27. Maddy

    I have social anxiety, and I find it much worse being on the receiving end of a lot of questions. How do you deal with this? If I was Patrick I would be hyperventilating by the end of this video.

    • Anonymous

      I think in your case you should assume that the other person is genuinely interested in what you have to say, and just answer honestly. People typically regret what they don’t say more than what they do after the initial nervousness subsides, and the best way to overcome anxiety is to do what you’re most afraid of until you become more comfortable and confident with it. Good luck!

  28. Maya

    I tend to overthink and to mess up stuff by thinking so much about what to say that I say something unnatural and mess up the conversation. I also care EXTREMELY much what others think of me, so much I dont want to walk in the streets alone, fearing people think I dont have any friends. Hope to get over this soon as possible.

  29. Anonymous

    Am looking forward to the next email.
    I feel more nervous with people whom I know. Especially my adult daughters.
    It’s almost an inferiority. I can’t think of things to say in the moment, and then say the wrong thing.
    Am usually very good at meeting new people. Does this make sense?

  30. John Bour

    Thanks for the video.I was hoping to get info on someone staring at me with an attitude.

  31. Jo

    I think rhis may be interesting and helpful for me.

  32. Zaheer

    It looks like I have come to the right place. I am so full in the company of others the automatically walk away from me. I hope to get over this awakwardness through this course.

  33. Sharon

    Thank you
    That was a really interesting piece of research. I’m seen as an extrovert and chatty, but I struggle with the in-between phaze which I feel Is most importantly by that video and I’m interested. Thank you great video

  34. Pugal

    David, Ï’m joined a coaching centre for 40 days there a girl approach me by asking a subject related doubt.she is really day she want to talk to me but I ignored her but continuously she approached me.days rolled,on last I got her mobile number from her.on that night I call her I said I love you she said that she saw me as a friend but later on chat frequently she text me as I love you I replied her as me too but I asked her is that as a friendly type she said yes but I still love her .but I don’t know how to know show I love her pls answer my question plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  35. Viviana

    This is great. Thank you for sharing it.

  36. Henry

    Does this work the same way on 15 year olds as it does on adults?

    • Johan

      Of course! actually, the earlier you start the better

    • Lee

      I mean I’m almost fifteen. I’m pretty worried I won’t make good close friends. Better to try now then never 😔😋😛😀

  37. ERNEST

    Very brilliant and helpful im looking towards the mail too

  38. Anonymous

    I feel so uncomfortable around people that I can’t even maintain eye contact.
    Also have a very difficult time knowing difference between casual friend and good friend. Such as when seeking advice with my daughter.
    Honestly, currently have a difficult relationship with her as well. She is 14 and now has moved in with her father.

    • Alva

      Hi Anon, i totally relate to the difficulty with eye contact thing. Have you always had it? If not, perhaps you’ve developed depression. If you HAVE had it all your life, could you be on the autism spectrum? I am and it seems logical that lots of us will also develop social anxiety. Either way, maybe you might get somewhere by looking beyond your social anxiety into its causes.

      • Lee

        I used to have that problem. I gradually got out of it by forcing myself. One second eye contact, and avert, then two second, avert. I try to increase each time and eventually I forgot about the problem.


    Yes David thats so helpful to me..thanks i am ĺooking towards the mail too.

  40. Joan

    I don’t have a car and live in an area of the city I don’t know well. Bus service here is not great and does not run late. I am retired with limited income and have a cat and a housemate also without a car. I used to have a car and a job and was very independent but went through great financial loss including the loss of my home. I have gone through a long period of homelessness. Have a small place now with a male friend who is my roommate and my cat who is precious to both of us. I used to go out country line dancing but without reliable transportation I feel so stuck. Tired of watching movies I borrow from the library. I love to play skip bo but roommate doesn’t care for it. We watch movies together and share in housekeeping and meals. We Are friends no romance between us. O need friends. If I had a friend with a car to get out with that would be nice. I would help pay for gas.

  41. Mollie

    Thanks. I think this really could help me in my coming future.

  42. Brandon

    Thank you

  43. Michelle

    I’m new to this..I have (always) even from childhood seemed to end up attracting friends who have been bullying and self-centred and people that only want to talk about themselves and narsissistic people I look forward to upcoming emails and thankyou.

  44. Paulina

    Thank you David! That’s is amazing! I hope this will help me.

  45. Natalie

    It’s just I’m awkward in general, people at my school think I’m awkward and mean. Which in reality, I am an awkward person. That’s why I don’t have a lot of friends, the mean part is what I don’t get because usually I’m super nice. Just social things aren’t my fort-a which is becoming an issue. Even my step mom is saying watch out for me because I’m just not a fun person to hang out with. Kids at my school avoid me because I’m just not a fun person to hang out. I’m missing so much because of this, and honestly, I lost all hope. I’d hope this will help me, it didn’t, I’m just too far out to every fix. It’s not your fault, it’s mine

    • Sam

      I think your problem is that you don’t accept your self. You know you are super nice but you still doubt.
      You don’t actually let people know how really nice you are, because you feel awkward being yourself.
      I think if you are yourself with people, atleast you will be genuine. And there’s no way to be accepted all the time from all kinds of people,so it’s OK being yourself.
      Express yourself,your values and interests when you talk to people and share them with people.
      That way you will find someone who really appreciates your personality and likes being with you.

  46. Tara

    I already got this down it’s only the keeping eye contact with people I find attaction with I’m having a bit of trouble and maybe maintaining a connection

  47. Tonite

    I am lacking of self confidence i even hide to people i know.. some individuals take me for granted when they found out my dis ability.. i want to overcome this but i dont know how to do it..please help me

  48. Mary

    Thank you. I enjoyed your video.
    It makes me wonder if you’ve ever worked with adults who have Selective (Situational) Mutism? My hunch is that you could make such a terrific difference in their life.

  49. Marsha

    I’m going to try this!

  50. Rhoda

    How to speak with a boss 20years younger than me

  51. Jaison Shaji

    I am pretty stoked in learning more about this. I am really struggling with my self confidence. I even hide from my own relatives. Thats how shy i am .Oh ,and one more thing, I am really scared to talk to people that i like,especially girls.I really think you,David,can help me overcome this. Just by watching one video i learned alot of things. Thanks Man!

  52. Anonymous

    Am so looking forward now in learning more about your instructions. Coz i really need it

  53. Anthony

    I purchased your conversation confidence book on paypal, and I never recieved it. There were no directions on how to access the book either. How would I be able to recieve it?

  54. Anonymous

    Can we still text if she didnt replies our first text

  55. Johnny gosney

    I deffinttly have a problem with my socail life. Infact it’s so bad i.stay away from people that I even know. Even my times most the time people laugh at me an underestamate me because of what I talk about an my words I times while I’m with people I get this feeling of total nervous Ness an a fear gets so bad. I don’t even know how to act

    • Ishika

      That’s my problem too !

    • Anonymous

      Same here like the harder I try the worse it gets.

  56. Morgan

    If this saves me, I’ll be forever grateful

  57. Baroque Keshi

    This video was actually really groundbreaking for me! I was professionally diagnosed with autism, and most of the “intervention” that I received revolved around making me think all the time about what other people thought of me. Not only did I develop horrific social anxiety, but I always felt like I was never getting anywhere with anyone. Now I realize why; I was getting bad information. I was being “anti-coached”. The stuff you said in this video is, in my uneducated opinion, what we should be teaching autistic people of all ages. Trust that I will take what I learnt here to heart, and hopefully get more success out of it than I ever did before in the past.

    • David Morin

      I’m sad to hear you were coached that way by them, but very happy that my video was helpful to you!


  58. Safia

    Thank you very much David. I pray and hope that with time I will overcome my fears of facing challenges.

  59. Anonymous

    thank you so much David
    you speak my heart
    i’m in a great need of your support ..
    lack of confidence is lagging me behind in every step of my life.
    please do help me
    Thank You
    stay blessed

  60. anonymous

    I found this by reasearching how to insert yourself into conversation as an exercise from my counselor.
    I also have an upcoming conversation I’m really nervous about, basically the first time I’ll be talking with a dude, just us at a place.
    I’m going to try this method when I meet with him, to see if it’ll help things go easier.

  61. Anonymous

    Thank you so much

  62. Tannu

    Nice video.

  63. Anonymous

    Really good video I’m going to try ofc I’ll practice it on people 😀😄😃😁

  64. Andrew

    Great video

  65. Kenneth Dan

    I wish to see changes in my social anxieties

  66. Danladi Kenneth

    I’ve read so many books and articles i pray your work for me

  67. Anonymous

    I will see in the coming days how this will help me to interact with people and how it will make me not avoid talking in front of other people

  68. Jim

    This seems really helpful. I think I’m going to give it a try as I really need to overcome my insecurities and nervousness in conversation. Thanks for the advice and I look forward to future videos!

  69. Bailey

    What a great read! I too thought a lot of these things were just me and that others don’t get as nervous in social situations. I was told the other day that I always seem so ‘perfect and put together’ which really just emphasizes the point that I am scared to make mistakes. I have definitely hidden away my insecurities from people in the thought that it is not focusing on the positives, and also the fear of being judged. I can relate to not thinking that I sound smart enough because of the anxiety and that leads to me cutting off conversations or saying unnecessary dumb stuff to fill in silences. I am going to now make a conscious effort to focus on the other person and also share my insecurities with people so that I can seem a little more relatable. Thank you for your help!

  70. Anonymous

    Thank you will definitely apply this method in the future.

  71. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth. Interesting video, found it helpful and intregued to learn from this course.

  72. Ruth

    Thank you! I’m sitting with my friend and 2 other ppl at lunch tomorrow and I’ll see if this works! I think it will, thanks again and I look forward to learning more!

  73. Ayee

    Thanks for the vid! I do get nervous when I talk to new people as well as most people who have authority. I’m really trying to change this about myself because I’m noticing that it’s affecting my relationships as well as how I carry myself. I see potential in your program so definitely excited!

  74. Cee

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m always having a hard time focusing to what the person I converse with tries to tell me and to what I should say next when the conversation is ongoing. Hearing from you made me think maybe I could calm down a bit next time. This is very helpful! 💓

  75. Anna

    Thank you! I will go on a trip with three people today, and am quite nervous – this helps a ton!

  76. Melly

    You are a HERO!!! Thank you so much for your kindness and I hope you continue doing what you doing. Keep on the good work! I’ll try this! It looks legit. Just by thinking about it makes sense to me! I’m so lucky to found you!

  77. sanaullah

    just watched the video now and will comment again only to see if OFC works .. seems potent way though . thanks a lot u r doing a great job

    • David Morin

      I look forward to hearing how it goes!

  78. Donna

    I must say that was amazing! Simple. I am looking forward to learning more!!

  79. Abdul

    Great video. Yes i will try it, but for me usually to find the first word is not easy that’s my problem actually. So how to find the first is it will help me. How to get the best way o find the first.

  80. Liz

    Thank you, David. I will definitely try this techniqu next time I go to one of my meet up groups. I am finding that I have a very hard time engaging with people, as well as in keeping a conversation going, as I have severe social anxiety and a general lack of social skills. Im looking for word to the rest of your emails. Again, thanks so much!!

  81. Jason

    This almost seems like a miracle. I’ve never been good with conversations but im going to have to start anew in college soon, and im really hoping this can help teach me and take some of the stress away. Thank you for the opportunity.

  82. Anonymous


    Great video, thanks so much

  83. Aygul

    Great video. I am looking forward to your next lesson.

  84. Araka Okolie-aboh

    Nice to meet you brother…..

    Thanks a million times for the free training….

    I will continue to learn from you….

    Araka Okolie-aboh

  85. Christina Higgins

    I’m lying in bed (on a Saturday night)- no social life and have just watched your experiment video OFC and found it fascinating and helpful. Craving more of this sort of help so look forward to your emails. I feel empty with nothing to give and I am not comfortable with myself. I hope you can help me.

  86. Bassin1

    I really like this simple, and normal way to become engaged in a conversation with someone that I had previously not known. I plan to use OFC in situations beginning later today. Thank you

  87. Akumaru

    Nice video, I was able to learn something new today. Thank you.

  88. Gillian

    This is the best training. Have actually picked a lot.

  89. aaron kinder

    i feel like this is gonna help a lot. thank you so much!!

  90. Diamond Nichole Francoi

    I’m a little younger than the audience this is targeted towards and being in middle school is hard enough. I recently started my first year at my new school and what’s so hard is that the kids there are…how do I say…just more outgoing and more of a ‘pose for snapchat/trendsetters’ while I and my old friends are more of a weird, quirky type.
    This is especially hard because my crush is part of these people. They all just say things and people laugh. And I can’t be funny because all my jokes were for people of my, I guess, a metaphorical ‘social class’ not the actual social class though. I’m very timid and I want to find a way to stand out more. I don’t want to say awkward things that make them say “that’s not funny” or stare at me. They are troublemakers and don’t care about grades type, while I don’t aspire to be the ‘don’t care about school type’, I want to attract people to me. Usually making conversation ends in awkward silence, because I can’t find anything else to talk about.
    I need to be more charismatic and charming I think, if you could help, that’d be great.

  91. Eugenie

    love the way it is coached.

    • David Morin

      Thank you Eugenie!

  92. Anonymous

    Very good. I think it will help me

  93. Rafa Rivas

    Great video. I want more. Is there any book with exercises?

    • David Morin

      We’re writing one right now! If you’re on our mailing list, I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  94. Bryant

    More please

  95. Anonymous

    Informative video. Please send additional videos.

    • David Morin

      Glad you liked it!

  96. Anonymous

    I will try it tomorrow in school, thanks!

  97. Anton Watson

    Brilliant!!! Please send me more!!

  98. Hafiz Suliman

    Awesome video help me how to achieve a conversation I’m looking at!

  99. Anonymous

    That was very educative and captivating I never knew there were tactics on socializing😂😂

  100. taskeen

    good send me more plzzz

  101. Fiz

    really informative, I hope it works when i will try it.

  102. Vashisth

    A Very helpful video and will try the OFC method imediately.thank you david

  103. Anonymous

    pretty interesting, and easy to apply with out overtaxing my brain. very simplistic!. I can’t wait to learn more.

  104. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing… I’m curious, though… do family personalities/traits have anything to do with our ability to communicate? How about personal issues… like personality disorders… can they have any bearing on a person’s ability to communicate? And if so, do you think your videos will have breakthrough results in these areas?

  105. Anonymous

    Everyone says that i am very quite and shy.I am only talkative to close friends and family. Please help me to become a smart and talkative person

  106. Anonymous

    Helpful, will give it a shot!

  107. Therese

    Thanks for the useful advice. I’m going to try testing this out

  108. Eldad

    That is Nice.
    It give an chance to have a good communication with people.
    I am looking forward for the next video.

  109. Anonymous

    What about eye contact?

  110. Jenny

    I’m really exited for the next videos because I’m such an over thinker. I always think about what the other person thinks of me instead of actually listening to them. This alone has been a huge help!

  111. Sonia

    Thanks, very inspiring!

  112. Linda

    Very interesting & useful! Thanks David, look forward to seeing more

  113. SK

    I do believe these are going to help me a lot coz I’m kinda the one who just keeps on listening or observe making it the only monologue. Oh! the awkward silences are real buggers too.
    Please do upload new videos quickly!! Can’t wait to learn and change myself.

  114. Rae

    this gives me a whole new perspective on socializing, will give it a shot!

  115. Ozan

    Wouldn’t it be better if she met with different strangers in every stage of this study?

    • David Morin

      Great question! We discussed doing that, but then her nervosity would slowly decrease over time simply because she got used to talking to strangers, ie habituation. We would then need several test participants. We argued that since the method has already been proven in a study, it’s enough to illustrate it with one person.

      Here’s the study:

      • Christeena

        I’m wondering whether introducing a second stranger would influence her level of nervousness, whether by increasing or decreasing it? To me it seemed it had more to do with her internal state (whether she was focusing inwards or outwards). When she was naturally self-conscious, she was more nervous and again in the third coaching (anti-coach) when you told her to focus on she taught Patrick viewed her (again back to focusing inwards), we saw similar results. So I’m concluding if she was introduced to a second stranger following the second coaching (the good coaching), the results would have been similar to the second conversation she had with Patrick. I’m hoping this all made some sense.

        So glad I came up on this space and the resources you provide! I look forward to putting some of these tips into motion!

        Thank you!

  116. Anonymous

    Kinda skeptical of how it will work but I’ll give it a shot

    • David Morin

      No problem, I can see why it seems too easy to be true. But this is actually a skill you can practice and it’s not always that easy, but it’s very effective once you can do it automatically. Let me know how it goes!

  117. Anonymous

    add more video plz

  118. Anonymous

    Great video, will start with OFC and look forward to the rest of the videos.

  119. nathalie

    Thank you! My therapist gave me a exercise to focus on the other person instead of myself and my anxiety, but I didn’t know how to do it. These are some great tools! Thanks

  120. Christopher

    I thank you so much!
    With all love Christopher

  121. Martina

    Thanks you for the vid, i find it very intresting and helpful!

    • David Morin

      Good to hear, thank you Martina!

  122. Anonymous

    Thank you . Video was great… I will try OFC for sure

    • David Morin

      Let me know how it goes. I’m happy to give you some pointers if you want it.

  123. Debbie

    How can this be used to help a teenager (15) who gets very anxious and avoids going somewhere or trying out for sports when they don’t know other teenagers?

    Thank you,

    • David Morin


      Try showing her the video and see what she thinks!


  124. Amber

    I struggle with anxiety a severe case when I’m in a big room or area with strangers my heart beat speeds up and my hands start to sweat and I get real stiff what kind I do to get rid of that?

    • Noah B

      You cannot “get rid of” anxiety. Your body’s response will change over time as you try to be social and learn that it’s not unsafe (your body’s reason for having anxiety). You gain more confidence and the anxiety just lessens over time. If you never challenge anxiety (by facing what makes you anxious) it won’t go away by itself.

    • Biju

      According to my observation, this happens because your focus gets divided among so many people. Instead focus on one face at a time, and keep moving through many faces in the crowd, it’s important to look at faces close to you and further from you, left right and center. When you focus on these faces marvel at the wonder of nature and how varied these faces are, this is to bring a small smile to your stare.
      This is the same as OFC, it’s ok to be nervous in a large gathering, focus on faces, be curious about those faces.

      • Riki Brown

        My friend.

    • Riki Brown

      🐝 yourself.

      • edward

        i am really hasving problem sociaslizing. what should i do?

  125. Anonymous

    great analysis, im working on it,

    thanks bro

    • David Morin

      Glad you liked it!

      • Anonymous

        Loved it…OFC. Will use it♥️

  126. Anonymous

    Hi. I find it hard to keep a conversation going when I get nothing back from the other person. Any tips?

    • David Morin

      That’s a tough one, if you get nothing back, it’s almost impossible because that means they don’t want to talk (or they are really nervous/stiff/shy).

      The question is why you don’t get anything back? Is it because you don’t show interest in them and only talk about what you find interesting? Is it a new person or someone you know from before? I’d start looking at the reasons why you get nothing back and trying to experiment with different approaches there. Like showing more interest in others, asking more follow-up questions, and see if that changes something.

    • Biju

      Learn to read body language instead, be curious about body language. For example is the other person’s feet facing straight towards you or pointing away from you. The person you are talking to can sometimes choose to remain silent but they are sure unable to hide body language signs. If the feet are pointing towards you then there is interest but the person is too nervous to talk to you. Try to talk about something non personal at this juncture in order to open a conversation. If the feet are pointing away from you, then they are not interested in a talk. The reason is not always you, it might be that they had a bad day at work. Thinking it’s always about you is being self centered.

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        Patience is a virtue. Never stop improving yourself. I prefer meditation myself.

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      Good goals Amy, I see you have already thought about this topic quite a bit already which is great. Being aware and acknowledging our problems is always the first step. 🙂

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          First of all it’s good hanging out with young people. If this time you don’t get too much acceptance by the tribe, it’s just a sign you need to do this more often. I know a 96 year old lawyer who teaches just to stay connected to young people. Find avenues where you can connect with young. Go to a local couchsurfing weekly meeting, if there is none try starting one in your town or city. Be the organizer lend your experience to help young connect.

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