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  1. Gabi

    I have difficulty coming up with something related to the topic that is being discussed, when the point that I was talking about has already been exhausted

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, thanks for the advice. There’s something else I think you can help me with. To keep a conversation going with a stranger I usually try conversation threading and asking questions. Do you have any advice on how to come up with questions more easily?

  3. Jean

    Yes, understanding things like this makes it less petrifying and easier to handle when one has social anxiety. So small talk is really about “reading between the lines” in terms of getting acquainted with a stranger and the important thing people assess is whether you’re warm and relaxed or cold and tense, etc. and these are characteristics that come across nonverbally or how you say things.

  4. Rocky

    Having the right tone of voice and a relaxed body language is very important. We are feeling creatures and I fell in love with the father of my son due to his body language and relaxed way and tone of voice.