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  1. TheIThinkTooMuchFeelingsHurtLikeABitch

    Joe zale, try watching how others act around you socially and try copying it. Pay attentiob to what is going on.. Ask yourself how you would feel being aproached like that.
    You’ll get comfortable and learn your own true methods that are hidden from you; either because you are worry about social way too much

    Or b. You learned poor habitry growing up

    Keep practicin,
    Relationships are a spice of life that can build you or break you. So painfully worth it 🙂

  2. Michaeline Hayes

    So nice since tomorrow I’m going to a social metting I will have no problem with socializing.

  3. Anonymous

    What if people around you think that you are a creepy person and just want to be physical with everyone , but deep in your heart you know that you aren’t a creepy person …. A lot for things to say but I just can’t

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