16 thoughts on “How to socialize with people – 21 tips I’ve tried and know work”

  1. I don’t have many friends and i think its because my social skills. When im invited to hangout with people i go to see them but when im there everyone is talking and im the only one the whole entire time quiet without saying a single word.When someone trys to talk to me and i say something it gets really akword.Thats why i stay quiet because i feel as if i mess up everything.But then people think at school that im crazy because all i do is write write write.But when it comes to people i feel all weird and not in my body and i get super sweaty and tunnel vision and feel like shit. I think its ruining my friendships and relationships with people. Because everyone starts to fade away and i hate it and im tired of it. I just want to know a better way so i feel like i fit in the crowd.insteed i feel alienated and its getting to a point where i dont go outside or wanna see anyone anymore.

    • Just keep talking to people, say whatever, the more you talk, the more confident you will get and the more things you can say during a conversation. Don’t worry about what others think, if you still worry, just imagine that everyone around you are golden retrievers or hamburgers.

  2. Ok but I have auditory processing issues how can I improve my listening skills even more? There’s only so much I can do before mishearing something wildly wrong and making an embarrassment of myself.

    • I’m no expert but, with the little i know about socializing and human behavior, i would suggest to simply be honest. If you hear something that sounds a little off just tell them you have issues processing things (without boring them with details) and ask if you heard it right. In my experience people are generally understanding. Also opening up to them might give them the feeling of closeness and lead to a deeper conversation.

    • Happens to me too :/ the solution isnt easy but if you think you missheard something ask the person if they can repeat what they said and mention that your hearing is not the best(the not so easy part) and that you want to make sure you heard that right or ask the other person if they could speak louder ^_^ hope i helped at least a little bit good luck

  3. What if people around you think that you are a creepy person and just want to be physical with everyone , but deep in your heart you know that you aren’t a creepy person …. A lot for things to say but I just can’t

  4. Joe zale, try watching how others act around you socially and try copying it. Pay attentiob to what is going on.. Ask yourself how you would feel being aproached like that.
    You’ll get comfortable and learn your own true methods that are hidden from you; either because you are worry about social way too much

    Or b. You learned poor habitry growing up

    Keep practicin,
    Relationships are a spice of life that can build you or break you. So painfully worth it 🙂

  5. What do you do when a friend is talking to someone and you at the same time but keeps ignoring you, you thir being secretive and talkong quietly so you can’t hear.

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