March 1, 2014 David Morin

6 Quick Ways to Skyrocket Your Self Confidence (Infographic)

Here are 6 clever ways on how to develop self confidence. One of the most interesting findings, in my opinion, is how well connected physical activity is to well-being.

Research shows that we don’t need to do any monster workouts to feel more self confident or to feel well-being, but we only need to do a few minutes of activity each day to notice a huge improvement. More than 70% of test subjects reported that they felt better, were more optimistic, performed better etc, by doing just some kind of exercise.

Even more importantly, they were free to choose for how long they wanted to exercise – the only rule was that they had to do SOMETHING every day.

6 quick ways to skyrocket your self confidence


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  1. BMAN

    Great Infographic! It’s time to spend more time on Facebook I guess

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