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  1. Wow, that sounds hard but rewarding. How do you actively stop your judgemental thinking?

    I think I’ve made a few steps, listening without judging, being open to others frame of mind. But can’t help judgments popping up instantly sometimes.

  2. Prakhar

    So its three years i’ve been in Australia all by myself. Studying, working, surviving. During this time i do manage to find a nice girl(although not many people would have liked to be with me at that time). And then she moves back to her home country. We are still in touch constantly, but after a few months her parents decide to find a guy for her(arranged marriage of course ). And because she never got any serious commitment from me she says yes. And decides to leave me cold turkey. No closure, no goodbyes. The next month was one of the most torturous i’ve been through losing hope constantly, reduced diet etc. It’s at this time i decide to read on psychology, self-improvement and all kinds of stuff. And obviously it has the past of not judging people, accepting who they are whole heartedly. Three years later in addition to lot of other changes i’m studying to be in meaningful profession, my relationships have never more strong and i’m looking forward to making positive changes in the society and hopefully the world.

  3. Anonymous

    Not judging people, means to me, accepting that people act in ways or do things or like things that are not to your taste. Maybe someone likes coffee and you hate it. Not judging doesn’t change what you like but you can accept that your friend likes coffee, they’re just different. A friend of mine doesn’t want to have kids and because I love kids I took it personally. But if I was non judgementle, which I try to be now, it wouldn’t bother me. It just means that is her choice and she accepts that I do have kids. We both like what we like and we accept that other people act or like different things. It doesn’t mean anyone is wrong.

  4. John

    I like this article and in principle I think it sounds like a very good way to take social interactions, but it’d be great to hear more about *how* to not judge people.

    As human beings, we judge everything, from whether we like our breakfast cereal or not, to preferences on what clothes we or other people wear, to what’s on the news. While-ever we know what we like or don’t like i feel like in some way or another we’re going to judge people.

    What ways do you make this work for you?

  5. vera

    I remember when I was still in high school. I wanted a boyfriend so badly lol 😛

    I wish my family would be more supportive of each other. I will try myself to be less critical from now on 🙂

  6. George

    Thank you for sharing Viktor 🙂 I have a similar experience in my group of friends. I don’t think I judge people that much, but I will try to be more positive. Will be interesting to see how that changes things!

    • Thanks, George! If judging isn’t your main problem, maybe there’s something else you can focus on instead?

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