The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends Online

How to Meet Friends Online

Finding friends online is easy and fun – as long as you know how to do it!

In this guide, you will learn how to go from contacting complete strangers, to becoming close friends. Finding friends Online is great if you, for example, are in a new city and haven’t made any connections IRL yet. You should also check out our full guide on making friends in a new city.

There are however a few things you need to think about: For example, connecting with others for no special reason can easily come off as creepy. Therefore, you need to find a purpose when you contact people you want to make friends online with. If people think you contact them with the purpose of making friends, you risk looking desperate.

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10 May 2013

Small Talk Questions

The Best Way to Use Small Talk Topics In this post, I will let you know my best small talk questions - to make you awesome at keeping a smooth conversation running. While small talk might seem unnecessary, it has a very specific purpose. Small talk is your opportunity to…

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13 Apr 2013

How to Be More Self Confident

  It's obvious that a self-confident person acts in a self-confident way. What's more surprising is somethings social scientists discovered a while ago. Confidence works the other way around. This means a person that only acts in a self-confident way actually becomes more self-confident. A simple example is that if…

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13 Apr 2013

Why Pay Raise Advice Can Destroy Your Career

During my years as a founding CEO of a growing company with many emerging career opportunities, I met a lot of enormously talented and hardworking people. With time, many of them got pay raises. But one thing amazed me - and scared me. Those employees who were not qualifying for a raise didn't…

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