The Best Social Events for Introverts

Although most introverts would prefer to keep the term “socializing” out of their vocabularies, it’s nevertheless a fact that being social is important for our mental and emotional well-being.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to hit up every cocktail hour in your city or sacrifice your dignity at an open mic night.  In fact, you just might find that there are some social events you enjoy attending if you learn where to look.

Put the ‘Active’ in ‘Activity’

An introvert’s biggest fear when it comes to socializing is that we might have to talk to people when we’d really rather not.  This is something that makes us nervous even when we’re making plans to spend time with people we actually like. read more

How to be More Relaxed in Social Situations

Socializing can be nerve-racking.

At one point in my life, I was so terrified by major social events that I would be physically ill for days prior to the occasion.  I was too nervous to eat, I had trouble sleeping, and I generally felt miserable.  Typically, I would end up canceling because I couldn’t stand to feel that way anymore; I couldn’t think about anything else until it had been erased from my calendar.

It wasn’t something I could rationalize my way out of; I knew that no matter what happened, everything was going to be okay when it was all said and done.  I knew that– barring Armageddon– there was no way it was going to be as bad as I imagined.  And I knew that plenty of other people all around the world were going to the exact same types of social outings and living to tell the tale.  But none of those realizations changed the way my mind and body reacted.   read more

How to Handle Feeling Inferior

Feeling inferior to another person is one of the quickest ways to tank your self-esteem, and as we know, self-confidence is critical to developing a healthy and successful social life.

There are many things that can cause you to feel inferior, but it’s what you do with those feelings of inferiority that will determine the type of impact they have on you.

When people boast of their accomplishments or achieve things that you would like to have in your own life, it can cause you to believe that the person is better than you— more attractive, more intelligent, better-liked, or more capable in some way than you are. read more

How successful people deal with failures and setbacks

Being a Swede, I have to share this behind-the-scenes story from IKEA.

The guy who started IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, took frugality to new levels. For example, IKEA employees are not allowed to live in hotels in cities that have IKEA stores. Instead, they have to sleep in designated bedrooms inside the stores.

Ingvar Kamprad’s car

There are stories about how he got furious if he found out that an employee still would spend a night at a hotel.

But when IKEA expanded into Russia, they ran into problems. They had to cancel their expansion and lost hundreds of millions of dollars. read more

How to Stand Out and be More Memorable in Any Social Situation

Standing out from the crowd is not in our nature.

As human beings, our brains are wired to produce feelings of pleasure when we experience social acceptance (i.e. “fitting in”).  According to Dr. Susan Whitbourne of Psychology Today 1, “The reward centers in the brain become activated when we’re influenced by others to conform… Once exposed to [social norms], they become so integrated into your own memories that you forget having held disparate opinions.”

In other words, it can actually be difficult to find positive ways to stand out from the crowd because it is in our nature to “go with the flow,” or look, speak, and behave like the people around us. read more