How to Tell if a Girl Likes You: 42 Signs She Has a Crush on You

How do you know if a girl likes you or even has a crush on you?

My name is Viktor Sander. I’ve coached hundreds of men to have more success with women.

Here’s a list of 42 signs to help you understand if a girl likes you.

1. Is she laughing at all your jokes?

This has always been a BIG GREEN SIGN of interest for me. I’ve seen it both in most of the girls I’ve dated and also in girls my friends have dated. If she got a crush on you, she will most likely think all your jokes are super funny even if they aren’t.

Read more: How to be funny (for un-funny people).

2. Is she mirroring you?

Mirroring means that her body language, posture, or even what she’s saying reflects what you said or did. So if you take a sip of your glass, if she’s mirroring that, she’ll also take a sip of her glass. Or if you cross your legs and she does the same, that’s also mirroring.

Take note that mirroring is done subconsciously when she has a very good rapport with you. But it can also be done consciously if she really wants to impress you or bond with you. It’s a great sign either way.

3. Has she added you on social media?

This one means she wants to stay in touch and is at least a little bit interested in you. It also makes it a lot easier for you to take initiative.

4. Is she writing you long texts?

Is she always giving you short answers, or is she giving you a small novel as a reply?

If her texts are about the same length or longer than yours, that’s great. It’s especially good if they’re longer than yours.

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If you’re usually giving her long replies, but not getting the same in return, it means you’re probably too eager. In that case, it’s often good to step back a bit and try to match her better. Give her some space so she wants to come back to you again.

5. Is she teasing you?

Is it mean teasing or more flirty and light-hearted?

Most forms of teasing (even mean) are usually a sign she’s interested in you. I LOVE it when a girl I like tries to tease me. It means she’s trying to create a flirty vibe between you and that she wants a reaction from you. Just don’t take it too seriously and try to have fun with her!

6. Is she doing the “lean in”?

If she’s leaning in toward you, that’s a sign she’s eager to get your attention or get her message across. And in the best case, it also means she’s eager to get closer to you.

7. Is she getting close to you than others?

If you’re in a conversation and you feel like she’s edging closer to you, or as if she’s almost uncomfortably too close to you, that’s a good sign. It could mean she’s attracted to you and wants to feel closer to you both physically and mentally.

Take note that different cultures have different “personal spaces”. So, if she’s from a different culture than you, it might just be because of that.

8. Is she’s doing the “lip bite thing”?

Biting herself lightly in the lip is a flirty and cute (or sexy) signal. If she’s biting herself in the lip while you’re talking, that’s great. She’s probably into you.

9. Is she smiling toward you?

If she’s smiling toward you from afar, that’s an invitation to approach her. Or she’s flirting with you. (I’m assuming you didn’t just forget to put your pants on when leaving home. I almost did that once, not recommended!)

If she’s smiling toward you when you’re in a conversation, that’s a sign she likes you. Especially if she has a light smile while you’re not even joking.

10. Is she doing “the lick”?

Is she licking her lips or teeth? This is similar to biting her lips, but a bit more subtle and less flirty. Still a good sign she might like you.

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11. Is she blinking more than normal?

If she’s blinking more than normal, that’s a good sign.

12. Are her pupils larger than normal?

If her pupils get large when you’re in a conversation, you’re doing something right. This one is quite subtle because pupil size is primarily determined by light levels, but secondarily attraction can also increase pupil size.

13. Is she keeping eye contact longer than normal?

If you notice that she’s holding eye contact slightly longer than normal, she’s probably interested in you. That kind of eye contact often feels more intense, and can even be a bit weird or uncomfortable.

14. Is she giving you a light smile when you make eye contact?

Say that you’re all standing in a circle, and when someone else is talking, you two get eye contact. Does she give you a slight smile? She likes you.

Same thing if you get eye contact at a distance, in a park or at a bar. A smile is like an invitation to start talking.

15. If there’s background music, what’s her body language, and what is she looking at?

This sign is most useful at a place with some background music, for example at a bar or a club.

If she’s moving in rhythm with the background music and at the same time looking at you, that’s a sign she’s attracted to you. Dancing like that and looking at you is an inviting form of body language. That tells you she wants your attention and is trying to get you to make a move.

16. What’s her posture like around you?

Does she straighten her posture when she gets your attention or is close to you? That means she’s trying to make a good impression on you.

17. What direction is her body facing in a group?

If she’s facing you more often than she’s facing others in a group, that’s a sign she’s into you and values you more than others in the group. This is especially telling if you’re not even the one talking the most in the group.

18. Where are her feet pointing?

If her feet are pointing toward you, that’s a sign in the same line as if her body is facing you. She’s subconsciously focused on you which makes her feet point toward you.

19. Is she fiddling with or straightening her clothes, jewelry, or accessories?

This could be because of nervosity, but it can also be because she wants to look good in front of you. It’s a classic sign of attraction.

20. What direction are her palms facing?

If the palms of their hands are pointed in your direction that signals she might be interested in you. It’s a weak signal, but it’s still positive because it’s part of an open and welcoming body language she has toward you.

21. If you touch her, does she touch you back?

For example, if you touch her arm, does she touch you in a similar area later on in the conversation? If she does reciprocate your touch, that’s a great sign, but it also depends on if she’s touchy with most people or just you?

Also, shy girls usually don’t touch back because they’re so afraid of messing up.

22. Does she touch you when you talk or in any other situations?

Common areas to touch are arms, shoulders, back, hands, or thighs. Hands or thighs are usually more intimate if she touches those.

23. Do you ever have “peripheral physical contact”?

Peripheral physical contact is when some part of your bodies are in contact with each other when you are doing something else.

For example, if you’re both sitting down and your thighs are barely touching each other. Or if you’re walking side by side and she grabs hold of your arm. That kind of passive physical contact means a lot and can build a lot of tension and attraction.

24. Is she giving you more of her attention than she’s giving others?

For example, if you’re in a group but she seems to direct most of her attention toward you. Or if she’s only asking you questions or if she’s laughing more than others at your jokes.

The more attention she gives you, the more interested she usually is in you.

25. Does she ever blush when you talk or get eye-contact?

She might just be shy, but she’s probably a bit extra self-conscious around you because she likes you.

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26. Does she ever seem to look in your direction from afar?

Girls are often a bit sneaky when they want to check you out. They can make it seem like they’re only looking in your direction or just grazing you with her eyes. I’ve even seen girls using window reflections to check out a guy (and to check if he’s looking at them). Sunglasses are even sneakier.

So if she’s looking in your direction, especially if she does it several times, she’s probably checking you out.

27. Does she keep the conversation going when you stop talking?

What happens when you stop talking or can’t come up with anything to say? If she seems eager to get the conversation going again, that’s good. If she excuses herself, she may not be that interested.

Click here to read my full guide on how to talk to girls.

28. Does she always reply when you call, text, or message her?

Quicker responses are often a sign of interest. But many girls are so afraid of appearing needy that they delay their response even if they like you.

29. Who texts or calls first?

If she’s often the one initiating, that’s a very strong sign she’s into you.

But if she never calls or texts first, that’s a sign of lack of interest. In that case, it can be good to take a step back to see if she will take initiative when you don’t do it before she even has the chance.

30. How often does she text you?

Compare this to how often you text her. It’s the same principle as matching the length of her texts. She’s eager if she’s texting more often than you, and you’re eager if you’re the one texting more often.

31. Does she ever stammer, stutter, or forget what she was about to say in a conversation with you?

This could mean she’s a bit extra shy or self-conscious around you, which tells you that she might also be a bit extra interested in you.

32. Does she back off if you get a bit too close?

If she doesn’t even flinch when you get a bit too close to her personal space, that’s a sign she wants you close to her.

If you take a step closer, and she backs off by a step, that’s a sign she’s a bit more reserved toward you.

33. Does she ever talk about things she wants to do with you or show you?

Planning or mentioning things they want to do with you in the future is a very strong indication of some sort of interest, romantic or platonic.

For example, if you’re talking about a newly opened restaurant and they say “We should go there someday!” or “I’ll show you how amazing that place is!”

34. How does she react when you discover you have something in common?

If she’s happy, that’s good. This sign is extra strong if it’s something very trivial, like that you live in the same part of town, that you’re the same age, or that you both like pizza.

35. Is she asking you any personal questions?

If she is, that’s telling you that she wants to know more about you and is interested in you. The more she asks, the better.

For example, asking about your plans for the future, your childhood, or just about your favorite food.

36. Has she asked about your plans for the day or the weekend?

This might just be empty small talk, but it could also be her trying to open a window where you can meet again and hang out. It’s more likely it’s a sign of interest if she brings it up near the end of the conversation.

37. Does she seem embarrassed if you two are the only two people left in a situation?

If she does but doesn’t do anything to leave the situation, that means she’s just a bit shy but still interested.

A classic example is if you meet her with her girlfriends at a bar, and then all her friends leave, but she stays. That’s perfect because it also means her friends approve of you.

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38. Has she told her friends or family about you?

This one is most relevant once you’ve already started dating. But it’s such a huge sign of interest (and approval) that I thought it was worth mentioning. It’s even bigger if she’s from a culture where approval from the family is important.

If she’s told her family, it means she is visualizing and planning a future with you. Congrats!

If she just told her friends, that’s also great, but not as big as her family.

39. Has she ever offered you a massage?

Offering a massage is a nice thing to do, but it’s also a smooth way for a girl to get you both touching each other. (Remember to offer her one back. If you like her!)

40. Does your best friend like you?

Is she acting differently from how she usually behaves? Does she seem jealous or dismissive of other girls you might like? Is she suddenly extra touchy-feely? Is she unusually interested in your interests?

Those are all signs your best friend might have started liking you as more than a friend.

41. How do you know for sure if she’s interested?

You can’t really know for sure if she’s interested just based off of a sign in this list. But there are a few rules you can use to help you know:

  1. Is she regularly showing you different signs of interest?
  2. Does she act differently to others than to you? (So she’s not just flirty with everyone.)
  3. Has she shown any particularly strong signs of interest?

42. Are you still unsure if she likes you?

Write it down in the comments below in as much detail as possible for other commenters to help you out. I’ll also respond to a few of the most interesting comments. But I can’t keep up with all the comments alone, so try to help others by answering them too.

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Viktor is a Counselor specialized in interpersonal communication and relationships. He manages Socialpro’s scientific review board. Follow on Twitter or read more.

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  1. Hi there is this girl at my school and I have a feeling that she likes me but im not sure. I don’t have that many friends that are girls so I dont have much of a gauge as to whether she is just friendly. But the past few weeks she has been very friendly with me, much more than before, talking to me between classes and stuff. She also laughs at all my jokes and says stuff like “you are so funny” and copies things that I do, she has also started sitting with me in classes where she used to sit next to her friends. She also smiles and waves at me a lot, and does some of the other signs in this article, moves closer to me (like stands/sits right next to me) in group conversations etc. She is quite friendly though and I don’t want to misjudge and get into an awkward situation so I would like some help.

  2. Hi what’s up just wondering if you can tell if you get up close but nothing happens and you start talking would that happen if she likes you or be more reserved if you got a little too close to know what she was trying to say also we both go to the same classrooms we both go to two after the first one the second one when we come back I get there before her but as she comes in I notice her and stop her to say she had a hole in her upper thigh area but she just continue to walk and in the first class when she notices me looking at her she assumes im staring but actually we are in a group there’s different groups in our class but we’re in the same also I look around but when I look at her she says something she says what why do you keep looking at me but actually she means staring but not to make her feel uncomfortable but to be honest at the right moment when I look at her it’s like a feeling she might look up and notice and when she does I just kinda don’t know what to say but that I wasn’t staring at you and I say what to the others but what really concerns me is that she let me get up close not too close but let me sit next to her does that mean she likes me she has dark eyes so it is hard to tell if there dilated or not also another sign is she does put makeup when I’m in the group and when I look at her a few times I see her putting lipgloss and eye liner and looking at herself in e mirror so I think that can also be a sign I don’t know but it could be could that be sign of interest or to say she kinda sits in front of me and I think that her body position could be pointing towards me or the other person I sit next to on my left but she could be pointing kinda between us so I really don’t know but I think she might have some sorta intrest also to say the least that she does treat me differently than others but to say she also smiles maybe a way of being nice but I don’t think she does to others but when I look at her for some reason she smiles I really think this could be a sign but due to the coronavirus pandemic I still don’t know and want to find out soon enough

  3. If my friend has a dream about me and has it typed out on her phone and deletes half of because she did not want me to read part of it. Does she like me

  4. Hi, so there’s this girl I like in my university….I met her over text….I saw her one day then told her later that day over text but she complained saying she doesn’t know how I look then I sent a photo 😅 so she could have an idea of how I look in case she saw me anywhere in school.
    So on a particular evening I was coming back from the mall in school and saw her from afar so I was literally prepared to know what to say. So when she was close enough I called her name and she answered..she told her friend to excuse us for a minute or two….we did some small talk but all through she kept eye contact with me and smiled. So I closed off the conversation and told I’ll see her later.
    Ever since then she’s more expressive and Fun to text unlike before I met her in Person

    Sorry for the informal text I’m lazy😅😅😅

    • Plus when I first met her stretched my hand to hold hers for a while….the at the end if the conversation I did it again and she smiled

  5. what if my crush calls me by like a nickname based on what I’m wearing e.g army pants and making sure I hear it

    She sometimes calls me other things that just get me confused and still dunno if she like me

  6. I’m a girl and crushing big time on my martial arts instructor. We were hanging out last week just us and we got really close like I was touching her leg and she was very comfortable with that and didn’t move away. We stare at each other all the time and flirt alot. We were planning to meet up after texting everyday for a week. No she has gone really quiet like she has been online on whatsapp but hasn’t actually opened my message about meeting up… confused. I think she is scared if she feels the same way.

    • I’m so sorry to let you down but not opening your message and being a bad texter is a tell tale signs she’s not interested.

      Unrequited crushes are terrible but, don’t worry, not everything was meant to be and you’ll find someone else who likes you back and you’ll totally forget about her

  7. So here’s the deal….
    I have a small group that I have been playing outside since the 4th grade. And I have a crush on one of the girls in this group, and I want to know if she likes me back. I don’t want to ask because that will make things weird. But when Peter I talk to her, she always has good eye contact. Could this mean she likes me?

  8. So i have known this girl since i was 5 and we’re sixteen now. I’ve moved from the school she and I attended for our junior years of high school and have went to a private school in another county. I still live in the same area, in fact the school that we both attended is literally less than a 2 minute walk from my house. She used to always playfully tease me in primary and secondary school and has often been sympathetic when i was in a tough spot. She used to always ask am i going to the school disco and said it would be great fun. But since I have aspergers syndrome i dont do very well in crowds so i often politely declined. We’ve started messaging recently on Instagram. Im not sure who initiated the first text but either way we really started to connect… And sooner or later we gave each other our phone numbers. I might as well admit that my crush really began to develop once we did so. I know exchanging phone numbers isn’t as big of a deal these days as we have apps like Instagram Facebook etc, but i kinda hoped that would give a subtle hint that i had interest in her. The only problem i have here is that she takes a while to respond to ny my messages and im like a flash when she sends me a message, i also feel like im doing most of the texting and detail in text. I’m really getting mixed signals here… What should i do or think about??? 🤔😕

  9. I have known a girl for about a year since I have moved. One of my friends knew her and he introduced me to her. Over quarantine I got her number and we have texted and talked on a regular basis. She has introduced me to most of her family. Due to covid I have not been able to hang out with her for some time. She is not a shy girl and has many friends, some of which are boys, yet she tends to spend for time around me. Recently she asked for a photo of me so I sent her one and she responded by saying she will never be as cool as me. I am not shy but when it comes to girls that I like I lose my confidence. What should I do?

  10. I have never gotten a sign of interest from a woman and so have never approached anyone. There have been many women I’ve been attracted to but in the absence of any sign they’re attracted to me, I’ve always stayed away. Don’t get me wrong – I have several women friends who enjoy my company (and I theirs) but it’s always 100% platonic. They tell me how great a catch I am and that it’s just a matter of time until the right woman falls in love with me. I just laugh because I know that, at 43, never having kissed anyone, I’m doomed to be their sexually invisible male friend who will never be seen as a romantic prospect by any woman.

  11. Ok so, I’m a girl and there’s this girl that I’ve liked and its been a year now. We’re in the same class and all. At first I thought it was gonna be those normal crushes that come and eventually go. But something changed and I’m not exactly sure when, but it could have been when she flashed me her cleavage when we were in class playing cards and she hid a card, so my friend and I jokingly told her to strip, my friend moved to the other side of the room and she just zipped her jacket down, (she was having a tank top underneath), just for me to see, literally, and I stared wayyyyy longer than I was supposed to. But that was in the beginning of this year, so somewhere in August, after my friend exposed me for never having a boyfriend, I’d catch her staring at me, and I’d hold it for as long as my heart could then I’ll pull away. She’ll be talking to my friend and me and she’ll stare and smile at me throughout the whole conversation even though I’m quiet. The eye contact increased recently, because I’d catch her staring and we’d just look at each other then I’ll break it because it would be so intense. I thought I was hallucinating but it’s become so often. My friend once called her out for staring at me.But I’m so confused because I’m not sure of her sexuality and I’m worried that I might be imagining things because I like her so much.

    • OMG are you me?! Lesbian problems 😉

      Seriously tho. I’m in the same boat. My situation goes even deeper though except she’s married. The signs are overwhelming and have been for years but so are my feelings for her. She was my first crush. Ugh. Someone write an article for us specifically!

  12. Recently I have been chatting to this shy, cute girl and personally I really think she has become attracted to me. Now, she often begins conversations and when I see her around school it seems like she is avoiding eye contact at all costs. She also seems somewhat comfortable when I touch her, however she doesn’t glance at me during class. Often outside of class I would love to chat with her, but I lack interesting conversation topics and she is always with her group of friends. We only really talk during our science lessons. In addition, it is coming to the end of the half term, but I don’t know/am too scared to ask for her socials or number without it seeming weird. I am also wondering how I could make her think of me outside school.

  13. I have a crush on my new classmate at my new school. She is cute, smart and polite but also shy. Recently we talk a lot and I feel like she had something on me since I compared her actions with the signs above. I want to take the initiative and ask her out for a hangout but I am too shy to do so and also because I am unsure. Should I make a move on or I should not? I am fond of her.

    • Go for it, as you mentioned she is shy, shy people don’t open up too often and if she feels comfortable around you there’s no way you gonna miss this one, look for a common place you both like or spend most of the time together and ask if she likes you back, let me know how it goes, best luck!!

  14. When I was in cls 8, I saw a girl. Even I knew her before it I had a strong feeling for her. But I didn’t know what she thought about me or even she likes me or not. But I am confusing for some hints that she does. Like her friends started teasing or gossiping with her when I am near. My some friends also said that she would like me. I have been connected with her on messenger but I am the one who starts most of the conversation with her. Sometimes she continues chat but not more than 20 or 30 mins. In cls she stares me a lot but when I noticed it she turned over. I heard from her friends that she like me. She is too shy. We have also some social restrictions. So I can’t touch her or go for a date. My question is does she likes me and what should I do to make her mine?
    Pls if any one knows what to do, then give me a reply as soon because I don’t want to lost her

  15. so like everytime i am at family gathering and i walk in the kitchen she always stares at me little longer like the last time i came in the kitchen i didnt close the door properly at first she was on her phone then when she saw me she was staring at me and she picked up her cup and strat drinking it while staring at me we was in full eye contact with each other but if it is my cousins she wouldnt stare at them long and next thing is when we were praying she had joined the circle and she had bent at me a little bit and smile and she walked away and when i ask her or text her she had said i had bent to see you i was fixing someone hair so this is the second time it happen and when she stares she doesnt say nothing and when i told her and keep texting her thats all she said and then she blocked me and then she unblock me so yeah thats it . but like she only gives me eye contact and when i said i needed to talk to her i didnt say what it was but i was assuming she woulda know what i was about to talk to her about

  16. Hello. There is a girl I like, who said she thought it me as a friend a few months ago. But about a month ago she started texting me out of the blue, having gotten my phone number from a common friend. We talk multiple times everyday, but I have no idea if she is interested in me as more than a friend. Please give me advice.

    • She may just want something from you. If she doesn’t show any other signs of interest, then don’t do anything. When they like you romantically, there will be no doubt.

  17. She rejected my first proposal but few months later,she followed me on instagram, likes all my post, watch all my IG story too.what does it mean?

    • Can u think of an incident in those few months that might have changed her feelings towards you ? Did u get a gf shortly after her rejection ? How did u react when she said no ? Calm and cool and no big deal ? Did u show her signs u were interested in her before u asked her out only to somewhat ignore her and move on after she said no ? Ideally you want to try to see what would have changed how she thinks about you. For her to start following u online and liking posts etc a few months later seems to long for it to be a ” sympathy ” thing or just trying to be nice , or girls can do this if they think your a nice guy ( friend ) . But a few months seems way to long for that. Were u posting pics on IG of u with other girls? Did u do something cool that she may have saw ? If your in school maybe there’s a pretty girl who she can tell likes you which will make her like u more .

      If she wasn’t into you a few months ago there must be something that happened that changed that. have u been hanging out as friends and possibly building attraction that way ? So many variables but I don’t know the details your situation. Ask yourself ” whats different about me now to then , or whats happened in that time that could have changed how she feels “?

  18. There is this girl I like and I thought she liked me she would secretly text when we were doing online classes and I text her back but I didnt make a move. Now, I think she lost intrest in me. She is flirty with a another guy. We still make eye contact and stuff Im confused

    • Sounds like u were late to pull the trigger and make a move but also sounds like its not to late . Try a Google search with something like ” texts to get a girl to re-engage ” or texts to send a girl to regain her interest ” pick out some texts that are best suited for u two . And once u get her re-engaged ask her out when u feel its the right time , not when u feel comfortable doing it but when u feel like u should. You’ll know when that is .

  19. Hi there is this girl I like that I know from a youth organisation that she and I mentor at but I’m not sure if she like me back. She and I see each other once a week normally but due to corona virus we only talk online once a week, we message each other occasionally but she normally reply either straight away or late as she doesn’t use social media a lot, I tried dropping hints to tell her I like her by offering to help her with anything she needs and trying to organise a day to hang out alone with each other, I want to ask her out but don’t know if she is seeing anyone or if she like me back or if she thinks of me as more of a friend than a bf. She and I make each other laugh a lot and I known her for a year now and she is a friend but I want to tell her I like her and want to ask her out without ruining the friendship or make things awkward between us if she rejects me.

    P.S it would be nice for some advice

    • Bro ! Your doing all the classic nice guy traits that send u straight to the friend zone! Regroup and change your strategy completely! There’s way to much detail to go into on this . However , if you are seriously interested in this girl and are willing to put in some effort then watch this video and it will change your life ! Hopefully it sparks enough interest that u watch several videos like it because there is alot to cover but IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Your welcome and good luck ! U can have this girl madly in love with u man. And I don’t mean tricking her into it . But once u really understand what attracts a woman your approach will completely change and so will your dating life( i.e its NOT doing favors and always being available for her , thats a good friend , not a lover) . Let me know if u try this and how it goes . Im rooting for u man!

      • Thanks for your feedback unfortunately I took this long to ask her out, she started seeing a guy she met at work but we decided to stay friends and that she promised me that nothing will be awkward between us and that if things don’t workout with the current guys she is dating she said she gonna think about considering dating me. I would like to add that she is about 9 months older than me

  20. There’s this girl and she is always playing with my friends she likes to hug everyone and she is always happy to see my friends but she doesn’t do that to me we are work friends we don’t talk much too

  21. i love a girl called eunice and am a lesbian.she rejected me and she said she is straight.i was told by one of her many friends that she confessed to also be in love with me.that left me confused to why she reject me if that was the case.after lunch she would tell me how other people bad mouthed me and how she hates it when the talk about bad things related to me.she would even say that she wanted to tell them what kind of person i am but she couldn’t coz that would even give the more things to say about me.i even took a step to bring her stuff and in return she brought me stuff.she would even ask me personal questions and told her that i have already had my first kiss and in return she said she has never kissed anyone.she even told me how shy she is and how frustrated the person she will date will be coz she would not want someone to touch her that tickles her.i sometimes walk home with another girl called jersey who leaves close to our home but since we were together i told her we will meet a head.eunice jokingly asked if i would date a girl like jersey but i said she is not my type she has big boobs than usual she then asked if she wasn’t my type coz her boobs are smaller i then touched one boob and she blushed and asked shying away,’what did you just do’.the come the lockdown and we saw each other last during the end of march until she came to my home at mid june she had come to take my locker keys since i had her books in my school locker and she didn’t take them so this was her chance to go pick them.since i was busy and couldn’t accompany her as she wanted and that frustrated me coz i really wanted to go with her.after i gave her the keys she asked,’what should i bring you’,out of confussion and nervousness i didn’t ask if she meant the usual good stuff we brought each other and instead i told her to bring me some novels i left in the locker.she left and never came and am not sure if my request upset her.please help am confused.

  22. Hi Viktor,
    So here’s the situation. Almost every Saturday I go to a local pizza shop. There’s always there’s always these two women working the front desk. I’m really shy so at this time I don’t even know their names. One I will call Annie the other I will call Brandi. The one I think has interest in me is Brandi. So several months back I went into to pick up the pizza I ordered online. Annie says to me, “She’ll get your pizza for you like she always does” as she pointed at Brandi. Annie could have easily gotten it for me as she wasn’t doing anything and Brandi was finishing up taking an order over the phone. This type of thing has been going on for months now. Every single time I go in there Brandi gives me my food and I have seen Annie give people their food before. It’s almost as if they have something worked out between them that Brandi will give me my food. Last week Brandi and I locked eyes for a few seconds and I I recollect that her pupils were dilated. However,I was unable to see whether or not she was smiling due to her having to wear a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. We really haven’t spoken much, but with the apparent arrangement between Annie and Brandi, I just can’t imagine that there is not some level of interest there. This Saturday I’m going to go in and finally learn her name and ask her out for coffee sometime. If you get time please let me know what you think. I’m really scared of rejection and don’t know if this is real interest on her part or if I’m just wanting her to be interested that much that I’m imagining it to be true


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