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How to Find Friends in a New City

Moving to a new city can present you with many challenges. Along with discovering what your new town offers in the way of entertainment, shopping, and dining, you’ll want to take advantage of the social opportunities your new city has. Here are some tips on how to find friends in a new city:

First, if you have friends or relatives that live nearby be sure to contact them. They can help you find friends who are more like you and share your interests as well as help you become comfortable with your new surroundings.

If you don’t have any friends or relatives nearby, here are some tips on how to make friends in a new city.

Look for opportunities that exist within your life already. This means if you have a job don’t be afraid to befriend your coworkers and ask them to hang out outside of work. Further, if you are part of a group such as the Free Masons or a church, be sure to attend meetings or services in your area. Another good resource is your apartment or condominium complex. Many of these offer social activities for their residents.

Next, don’t be afraid to join groups or attend events on your own. This is a great way to meet friends in a new city. Web sites such as Meetup give you the ability to find groups in your area based on your interest. Furthermore, be creative when looking for social opportunities. For example, try a cooking class, as this is another way to meet people in your area.

Lastly, look for volunteer opportunities in your new city. This gives you a chance to give back to your community, discover some of the resources your new town offers and is another opportunity to meet others. While you shouldn’t treat volunteering as a social opportunity alone, you can develop meaningful friendships by giving your time to others.

Ultimately, when moving to a new town, you should be open to trying new things and take the initiative to join clubs or attend events. When you do, you’ll discover more about what your new city offers as well as meet others in the process.

While taking the initiative can be a difficult process, it forces you to step out of your comfort zone to discover and meet the people around you. In turn, this can help you find friends and build a social life. The process will be scary at times and it will take patience, but you can find friends by following these tips.

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  1. jhongregor

    A very good article, with helpful advice when moving to a new social scene, when I moved stuff like this really helped along with a couple of online websites like meetup, yelp, drinkingpartners.com to get a feel for the area and what is going on.