October 29, 2013 David Morin

How to Be More Friendly

People are more apt to become friends with someone they feel comfortable with and express interest in them. With this in mind, if you want to make more friends it’s ideal that you express this sentiment through your behaviors. Here are some tips on how to become friendlier to others and be more sociable in the process.

It begins and ends with your attitude

First, you must express a genuine interest in other people. If your lone goal is to create friends for the opportunities they may give you, people will see through this and will be hesitant to approach you. Instead, make your motivations transparent. You can do this by engaging them in their interests.

It’s also important you project yourself as being friendly. This means keeping your head up when walking down the halls at work or school, smiling and saying hi to those that pass you.

Learn how to be more outgoing

People feel comfortable with those that are fun and confident. If you are anxious in social situations the best way to gain confidence is to find relatives or friends you are comfortable with, and initiate conversations. When doing so, practice respectful behaviors by putting your phone away, establishing eye contact with that person and not interrupting them when they are speaking. This can help you build confidence and the behaviors you need to thrive in a variety of social surroundings.

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Being flexible can help you be more outgoing and sociable

Life can be crazy with a myriad of things grasping for your time. However, it’s ideal that you carve out some social time. Even if you have to schedule meetups, find times that you and your friends can spend together. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try new things. If your friends want to do karaoke and the prospect of singing in front of strangers frightens you, make the effort to try. Sure, it might make you feel awkward, but you are also making a conscious effort to spend time with friends by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Learn to be more outgoing at work

At work, don’t be afraid to get to know your coworkers. Find out about their families and their hobbies. Further, schedule some time to hang out with them away from work. At those gatherings, try to move the conversation away from work to find common interests you have that can create a lasting bond between you.

Be patient with the process

Becoming friendlier and more outgoing can take much work. If you have an awkward conversation or if someone rejects a social offer you make, don’t get down on yourself. Instead, be proud because you took the effort to try. Not everyone will respond, but those that respond to your attempts make the whole process worth it.

These tips can help you learn how to be friendlier. The most important point to remember is that experience will help you build the confidence needed to be more outgoing to others.

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