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  1. one of my close friend want help from me in her project. I gave her middle part of my project that she can understand easily and compelete her project. the submission of project was after one month. I called her before two weeks of submission, to give my project back,so I can compelete it on time. But she didn’t gave me. she told me to took the project from her house. but i was not able to go there due to some reason. after 3…4days she came to my house,she want my 11th std. books for her younger sister . But, at that time she didn’t bought my project. I call her everyday but she make silly excuses .She lives very far from my house i can’t able to go there. next week i went in a family function, that was near my friend’s house . the distance from her house was of 10mins with vehicle. I call her and said to give my project here only, But,she didn’t came to give project. I didn’t have any vehicle to go there. Than before 4 days of submission i went to her house urgently in night. there also her brother came to give my project, she not even came to give my project. my mom dad get angry on me,how selfish is your friend. they said leave this type of people.

    I can’t understand how to handle this situation . Its hurts a lot that she did this to me . I really don’t want this type of people in my life. But she is my close friend .

    Please help me, what should I have to do. please reply…

    • From that description, she does not sound like a close friend, not even a friend. She’s just using you it seems like. You deserve better friends!

  2. I’m in a bit of confusion for this current situation my friend and I are experiencing. I understand his concern, that he has a past with the wrong side of a certain substance. Nothing hard, just something I want to do for fun before I decide to put in my whole effort for housing and working. This particular substance has been hung in my face since I met him 9 years ago, he always said if I wanted reliable stuff, go to him. But I’ve gotten nothing from him, he’s admitted to not looking and not being on my page. We kept trying. Finally, he has the stuff. After years of willingly letting him have anything he asks for, he tells me no, that I need to wait for it to be on his terms, his time, his place. Am I crazy for trying to experiment before trying at having a family and a steady career? I went out of my way to get it, he went to the person and had them hold out on me til it was okay by his word. He made a time limit that if he didn’t find what he wanted, I could have what I’ve worked for all these years. That deadline was yesterday and he told me “no,” to wait more, to wait for him to have money for something I don’t want to do. He has a kid and I’ve tried for years to get this to stop, I thought he understood I don’t want him to spend time looking, to spend his only dimes for his kid on my habit, and I honestly have no more years to waste if I were to enjoy this thing. But he always, and still does, get from me whatever he wants to do. What do I do?

  3. today i realised that when i get people things with my money they dont seem all that thankful or it seems like whenever they say ‘im hungry’ they auto matically seem to drift there gaze to me as if yo say ‘gon get this for me’ but why should i if i get nothing in return or no ones greatful for me getting them stuff?

  4. A lot of my friends are big talkers with no follow-through and they don’t care. They talk about how they want things and about how hard working and smart they are compared to everyone else, but they haven’t even tried to set goals.
    For the ones that set goals, they set goals, then ignore them and re-set the same goals, waiting to get motivated to actually do something. I’ve given two chances to more than a dozen people help themselves after i helped them, and every single one has given up on themselves, twice. I don’t know if its a matter of stupidity, mental illness, weakness, or just being lazy, but the majority of people are full of crap when it comes to integrity and the ‘i’ll never give up because i’m a fighter/survivor’ reposts you see all over their social media pages.
    I wish i had a better radar when it comes to who is serious about bettering themselves and who is a typical liar.

  5. i love how i’m always helping other people with stuff, but when i NEED the help.. nobody wants to help me ? its hurts me because my own family won’t even help me and they the main ones I help

    • i know what you mean because thats me in my family and its like im a ghost and no one notices im there until im needed

  6. i have a friend whom i share my things with but when ever he has his own thing. he won’t like to share it with me with the excuse that it get damage.

  7. the last point is so true. I have a friend who keeps asking my group(including me) for help and he would hardly help us with anything back. I cant avoid him at risk of losing everyone else. Any advice?

    • Hi David, I need some more information first to give you good advice. What type of help is he asking for and when is it that he hasn’t helped you out? What does the rest of the group think of him?

      Do you have any other history with him? Has he helped you out in any way before? Or any conflicts you’ve had?

    • Leave that friend behind, you deserve much better friends in your life. You are a generous person, surround yourself with generous people.

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