3 thoughts on “How to be Good at Telling Stories – 6 Storytelling Principles”

  1. It’s true that some people have natural good storytelling skills. But others can learn it too, through practice and by following a few tips. As you have mentioned, it is very important to tell stories that are related to discussion topic or mood of the gathering. If you start telling a story that is not related to the topic being discussed, it is very likely that people with not listen to you and they may even get annoyed.

  2. If I followed all your advice I’d be trying to remember 157 different principles. Just perfect for someone who overthinks. Do you actually see the flaw in your advice?

    • In the program that this extract is taken from, you get exercises for how to internalize the advice before you go into a social setting by practicing this form of storytelling on your own.

      That way, you don’t have to deal with overwhelm.

      If you want to focus on only one thing, I would recommend rule number 6.


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