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  1. Anonymous

    I have a friend who constantly talks about herself herjob her family if i or anyone in the group speaks she puts her hand up and says….anyway and carries on. She never asks you anything and if the subject wanders from her to something else she steers it back to her…#rude..egocentric..self centered.

    • David Morin

      That sounds infuriating. It’s sad that she probably doesn’t know how it affects others impression of her.

  2. Anonymous

    I also found myself a little bit in this problem is that i am really interested when other people talk and i ask questions because im genuinly interested but after a while i have noticed that people just emd up talking about themswlves and as some oof them can be really interesting, most of them i have found boring, egocentric amd after the meet up i would feel so exhausted i did not want to meet those people again. Umfortunatel one if those is my childhood friend. Now as I got older and experienced and more confident i do not want to spend my previoud time on empty talks that exhaust me. But, sadly it is quite difficult to find interesting people who like to share their experience but also learn and paY attention to others.

    • Lolana

      I have the exact same problem. I do like to listen. I think that does set up an expectation that no reciprocal attention is OK. Because it doesn’t start to bug me, with a person, until it’s really clear that it’s a pattern. Then, it bugs me.
      The most recent friend I have had this problem with is a good example and it’s been a texting relationship, mostly. I looked back this morning and confirmed my suspicions and then some. Almost every single thing I say, she doesn’t respond or ask questions for further info, but ties it back to some experience she had. I guess I had been aware she wasn’t as engaged in knowing about my stuff, but perhaps it’s been such a regular pattern for me that I didn’t realize the extent to which I was letting this person do this. Since the conversations are saved in the computer, I can see how it all played out. If it weren’t for a couple of other issues I would try to communicate this…but I already sort of tried. I had told her some really important stuff about my life/my heart and she just totally either forgot, or never even heard me. When I raised it again, she had no idea what I was talking about. Not even a clue. ….I’ve had friends like this before. They’re delightful for the occasional outing or chat. But this person doesn’t realize, isn’t going to change. I hit a wall with her because she came unglued at something people were posting on FB, a viral post that annoyed her, and I got numerous, lengthy, repetitive messages from her for a couple of days complaining about it. Well…I was also posting about the issue, because my people were curious. Her rants were really over the top and it’s just really bizarre when someone goes at you like that, pretending it’s about someone else (supposedly various people on her feed were annoying her by posting about this, so she went on rants to ME). Anyway, that kind of sideways attack pretty much tells me …this person doesn’t value my thoughts unless they’re about her (and I’ve been freaking great about that) …..and actually feels entitled to attack me. I’m just out. And if I have to be alone with no friends, that’s actually less stress than having someone in your life who you’re getting to know but who might just stab you in the back or lash out unexpectedly at you. No thanks.

  3. Russ

    In my friendships I find myself to be the “listener”, having trouble putting in a few words in a conversation. At first I just accepted it as the permanent role in my life. But I think I have a lot of knowledge that people can relate to so that we can carry on a more interesting topic than just their problems in life. The problem is I don’t want to overstep and feel like I’m insensitive towards that persons important thoughts. How do I mitigate that to where both of us feel like we’re equally contributing to the conversation while still maintaining the “listener of problems” and my friend walks away thinking I’m a good person to talk to, to get thing off their chest? It’s a conundrum in my life that I’ve dealt with for years.

  4. Eva

    Hi, I read your e-mails and watch your videos.
    I wonder why people are so afraid of awkward silence when being around people? Do you think silence are so wrong? Me personally thinks that people talk too much instead of embracing moments in silence around people.

    • Viktor Sander

      It’s only natural to be afraid of awkwardness, but you are right, embrace the silence and it will never again be a problem.

    • Russ

      I personally enjoy a bit of silence every now and then, especially in topics of personal issues. It allows your brain to catch up and process the topic at hand. I personally find it useful in conversations, so that each person walks away not replaying the problem in their mind, since you got it out of you talking to the other person. Silence can be useful other than filling the gaps with nonsense.

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