SocialPro helps overthinkers be more socially savvy

With all the information online, how come everyone’s not already a social genius? It’s time for a new approach to social skills.

SocialPro was started by David Morin and Viktor Sander in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2012.

Since then, it’s grown to become one of the most popular pages on social interaction with over 50 000 subscribers.

No “out of your comfort-zone” exercises. No trying to be someone you’re not to “fit in”. No “Just be yourself”-advice

Our Mission

Everything we do at SocialPro has one purpose: Help people develop deep connections.

A deep connection is, we believe, the single most important part of a happy, meaningful life.

Here’s what we do differently

  1. Instead of just “more information” we help you set up a system for how to improve. We don’t try to give you “all the advice you might possibly need”. Instead, we hand-pick and streamline the information and methods that are important to YOUR social success.
  2. With our recordings and analysis of actual social interaction, you get immersive real-world experience.
  3. Our material is scientifically based, optimized for results, based on thousands of surveys, created together with a behavioral scientist, and tested by a team of beta testers.

Signing up for one of our online courses means becoming part of the SocialPro community. Whenever you feel stuck or want to discuss something, you get help from me, our team, and all our participants who are sharing your journey.

What type of social overthinker are you?

If you’re like me, you think a lot. Sometimes your thoughts get you stuck in your head in social settings.

Contrary to most, you don’t enjoy endless small talk. You want interesting conversations and meaningful relationships.

Take this quiz and get a custom report based on your unique personality and goals. Start improving your confidence, your conversation skills, or your ability to bond – in less than an hour.

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