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The Complete Guide on How to Be More Outgoing

By David Morin and Viktor Sander

The Complete Guide on How to Be More Outgoing


This guide is the result of the 8 years of personal trial and error.

8 years ago, I realized that you do not automatically become more outgoing over time. Unless you deal with it, you will remain the same as years pass you by. The good news is that if you put the effort into it, you can be the person you want to become.

I went from being the lonely guy to becoming the socially popular guy with a lot of close friends. I would've made anything to come across this guide 8 years ago. It covers everything you need to know about how to be a more outgoing person.

This is an actionable step by step guide with material that you can implement instantly.

You can also get parts of this course as a video-report version here. It also contains a lot of practical advice and is great if you just want to lean back and watch me explain the principles behind making friends.

I still appreciate spending time on my own, and I want you to become an outgoing person without having to compromise who you are. I want you to live a social life on your own terms - just like I'm doing today.


This is a highly detailed guide designed to work for you who see yourself as quite OK socially but want that edge in social situations.

It's ALSO designed to work for you who might feel uncomfortable around people you don’t yet know and want to be a more outgoing person - but don’t know exactly how to pull it off.

Many of the concepts in this guide might seem obvious. But people often miss out on them. Therefore I’m going to go into detail on every part of becoming a more outgoing person to help you create the change that you want.

What's our background?

This guide is written by me, David Morin. I’m a social life expert who’ve so far helped more than 1 200 people live a more outgoing, social life.

I’ve written this guide together with behavioral scientist Viktor Sander. He’s one of the most knowledgeable persons I know in the area of social psychology and it’s an honour having him by my side.

He makes sure that the advice in this guide isn’t just the opinions of one person, but is actually proven to work in numerous studies.


You will learn my best advice on how to start a conversation with anyone.

You will learn how to avoid awkward silence and how to make any conversation feel more interesting.

Some end up being the quiet guy or girl at the party or social event. I will teach you how to instead be seen as an interesting and entertaining person that people want to hang out with.

You will also learn the one fundamental that decides whether a conversation ends up in awkward silence - or becomes interesting for both you and the other person and just goes on without you having to put effort into it.


2     Building a Strong Confidence in Social Situations

Most often, reading advice in a guide online isn’t enough to be able to just go out there and become another person.

We have to deal with our emotions and you also need to build a genuine confidence that will make you more relaxed in social situations.

In this chapter, you will learn how to feel confident and comfortable, even when talking to people you just met.


3     Obtaining an Outgoing Body Language

One of the most critical factors when it comes to both appearing and feeling outgoing is our body language.

If you can control your body language, you will be able to control how others see you.

You will learn what parts of the body language that you can adjust to come off as more relaxed and comfortable. You will also learn how merely acting in a self confident way actually will make you feel more self confident.


4     Your Smile, Eye Contact and Voice

You will learn every aspect of how to act like a truly outgoing person.

Something as simple as smiling can actually be quite confusing. When and how should you smile to not come off as nervous or creepy - but as a confident, outgoing person?

When and how should you use eye contact to not look nervous nor stare people down?

Here, we will go through every aspect of your appearance.


5     How to Meet New People and Socialize With Them

Where do you find people who share your interests?

How do you find friends who are like you, even if you live in a small town or in an anonymous city?

How do you get the opportunity to meet people on a regular basis, so that you don’t just put effort into socializing with people you aren’t going to meet again anyway?

In this chapter I will in detail walk you through how to meet new people and make friends with them.


6     Mindsets of Outgoing People

It's time to deep dive into the psychology of an outgoing brain.

I will give you several new perspectives that maybe will change the way you look at social situations for good. You will learn methods for how to rewire your brain to gradually feel more comfortable when around strangers.


7     Manners of Outgoing People

Here you will learn several behaviors that make some people come off as outgoing.

With simple adjustments to how you act, you can be seen as a sympathetic leader of the group that people naturally gravitate towards.

Learn how to involve everyone in the room with simple techniques and how to make people look up to you.



Or, you can watch my FREE video training here: Conversation Advice for Over-Thinkers.

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