Become a Pro at Socializing at Work or in College

Become a Pro at Socializing at Work or in College

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The more you socialize, the more you will increase your social experience, and that will in turn build self confidence in social situations. To build confidence and make new friends it’s important to take the initiative to talk to and meet new people. Here are some tips on how to socialize in a wide variety of situations.

Build conversational skills

This is a key skill that will facilitate your ability to start and join conversations. It’s okay if you feel awkward talking to others. First, it’s important to identify what your problems are when it comes to talking to others. If you are anxious and insecure when speaking to friends or strangers, locate what caused this. Once you isolated the problem, develop small action steps to correct this. If you have trouble finding relevant material when speaking, ask others what their interests are and use this as a bridge to connect with others. You can also start small by finding someone you are comfortable talking with and build on these practices of developing conversational skills, as a big part of being more confident is experience.

How to socialize

While there are many ways to go about this, the best course of action is to start small. Find a sport, group or community activity that you are interested in and join it. This will give you the ability to speak with others that share your same interests, which will help build your confidence and conversational skills. Once you feel more comfortable, don’t be afraid to approach others and engage them in small talk.

Socialize in class

Whether you are in middle school, high school or college, you will have ample time to social in school. Class times can be a great time to speak with others due to activities. Many classes have you work in small groups, which is a great way to meet other people. At university level, you will find it easier to meet others to talk to because everyone is in the same position. Best of all, when you begin taking your core classes, you will find it is simpler to socialize in college because you will be seeing the same people often and you both share the same interests.

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Socialize at work

Work is another great venue to meet new people. It’s important to take the initiative to introduce yourself to your coworkers and make small talk with them to learn more about their interests outside of work and their families. Further, don’t be afraid to invite a coworker to lunch to learn more about them. This small step could lead to a lasting friendship.

Don’t be afraid to fail

This sounds easier to say than do, but it’s important to be patient during this process, especially if you lack experience. Not everyone will be receptive to your initiative and you may encounter people who don’t want to spend time with you. This is not an indictment on you as a person, and it’s important you don’t beat yourself up if someone rejects you. Instead, learn from these experiences and use it as incentive to go back out and meet others. When you hold the firm belief that you are a worthy person and can offer much to others, people will notice your confidence. In turn, the more of an effort you take to meet new people the more likely you are to build lasting friendships.

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