How to Improve People Skills

How to Improve People Skills

People enjoy being around others that are personable, fun and respectful. When you develop your people skills, you can embody these traits, which will draw others to you. Here are some tips on how to improve your people skills.

First, you need to gain self-confidence particularly if you have struggled to make friends in the past. You will gain confidence with better self-esteem and more experience talking to others.

Once you gain more self-esteem, it’s important to embody that change in yourself. To do this, here are some simple tips that can help you.

  • First, you want to look presentable. This doesn’t mean you have to transform into a clothes horse. Instead, you should display your personality through how you present yourself. When you show others that you take the time to care about your appearance it will attract their attention.
  • When walking down the halls of your college, apartment or work building, keep your head up, smile and say hi to others as they approach you. This is an easy way for you to start a conversation with others while also give them the impression that you are outgoing.
  • Next, when you make small talk with others, stand up straight, maintain eye contact and ask follow-up questions. There is nothing more off-putting then talking to someone who’s busy playing on their phone. Your body language tells others much about you and whether you display interest in them.
  • When you feel comfortable, allow your personality to shine through. This, more than anything else, will allow others to gravitate to you. It’s true that some people won’t be receptive to your personality, but those that do can lead to great friendships.
  • Lastly, it’s important to keep your confidence in check. There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness, so while it’s ideal that you project confidence, don’t allow it to make you think you are better than others. This will only lead to people staying away from you.

As your confidence grows, you will become more comfortable meeting people. To meet others, it’s a good idea to join college or community groups that give you the opportunity to meet people that share similar interests . When going to these meetings, it’s important that you walk up to others to introduce yourself. A great way to make this process easy is to walk up to another person, smile, introduce yourself and ask them what interested them in this group. This is a non-confrontational way to start the conversation that will take the pressure off you while giving you a chance to learn more about the other person. In these small talks, allow your confidence and experience to take over by displaying good listening and communication skills, which can turn chance encounters into good friendships.

Another key component on how to have good social skills is you taking the initiative to make plans. You can do this by asking some coworkers to lunch, organizing a football game with friends in your dorm or asking a buddy out for a beer. By doing this, you show others you want to spend time with them. As a result, this will give you more opportunities to connect with others and help you to develop great friendships.

Ultimately, developing people skills can seem like a challenging process for you. However, by developing good self-esteem and building communication skills through chance encounters, you can develop the personal skills necessary to thrive in a wide variety of social situations.

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