How to Always Have the Upper Hand on Someone Who Tries to Dominate You

How to Always Have The Upper Hand on Someone Who Tries to Dominate You

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In this guide you will learn the reason why some people try to dominate others and how you by knowing the psychology behind will get the upper hand.

A common way of being dominated is someone making fun of you. If you don’t know how to handle these kinds of situations, it can be hard to avoid, since the person trying to dominate you always can make a joke out of it; “I’m just kidding with you!”

The reason why someone make fun of others is that they get positive feedback out of it. People around might laugh and the person can feel power over someone else, which is a positive experience. By knowing about this, it becomes clear the solution is to undermine the positive experience of the dominating person. Anyone will stop doing something when he or she after a few occasions learns it’s no longer a positive experience.

  1. The next time someone tries to make fun out of you, don’t show any form of reaction. Don’t try to say something smart back or joke back, dont laugh with them, and don’t show dislike or anger. Instead, ignore the other person. React as if you got a temporary loss of hearing.
  2. To further reduce the impact of the other person’s behavior, continue the conversation from where it was just before the person said what made you feel dominated.

Play the following dialogue in your head and notice how unexciting it suddenly becomes being person B.

Person A – Who are joining me to the beach tomorrow?

Person B – Not Person C anyway, he’s too pale to be allowed to take his shirt of.

Person C – It sounds nice, I’m free after 12 if that works for you?

Use these two steps everytime someone tries to make make fun out of you. You will notice a gradual decline in attempts to push you down.

You have now learned how to always have the upper hand on someone trying to dominate you. However, there is a technique you should know to make this even method even more efficient.

The other way of being dominating is being interrupted or ignored when talking. Learn the three sentences you can use to stop anyone from trying to dominate you forever by clicking here. 

The Sentence That Forever Makes Anyone Trying to Dominate You Stop.

Those who say things on the behalf of others are often not aware of the irritation they cause. It’s your responsibility to tell them how you feel, if you want them to stop. When you are alone with the person causing you trouble, say the following:

“Sometimes you say things I don’t like. One example is when you [Tell the example]. I feel dominated when you do that. It’s probably nothing you have been thinking about, so therefore I would like you to know that.”

When you say this, think about the following:

  • Don’t generalize. Don’t say “You always try to dominate me”. This will only make the person go defensive.

  • Give a specific example. Maybe the person doesn’t know what you mean.

  • Tell the person how you feel. No one can argue against what feelings you have.

  • Don’t dictate what the person should do instead. For example, don’t explicitly tell the person to stop doing it. Let him or her draw own conclusions (The person will get it anyway – without feeling forced to do anything)

  • “It’s probably nothing you have been thinking about before” shows you are trying to help the person, not causing a conflict.

It can sometimes take courage to say this to someone causing you harm. But if you stand up with these methods, you will no longer be dominated.

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