Why You Should Create Your Personal Why

Why You Should Create Your Personal Why

Business people often talk about the “why”. Companies who give a fulfilling answer to the question “why are we doing what we are doing” often have motivated employees. Apple employees don’t see themselves as making electronics, they are changing the way humans interact with technology, and in that way they make the world better. 

You can find your personal why and let others know about it to become more charismatic.

Whether it is a hobby or a job, can you find a higher purpose for why you are doing what you are doing? I’m writing this text to help others live a more socially fulfilling life, and thereby becoming more happy. That makes me motivated to write. And when I tell others I have a purpose in what I do, that helps me become a more charismatic person

The big 3 factors in creating your personal why

1. Your passion

What truly drives you forward in life? What do you WANT to do? Find your passion by asking yourself these questions. It’s not about what you have to do, but what you want to do that truly defines your personal why.

2. Your dreams

If there were no obstacles in the world, what would you do right now and what would the world look like? There is no limitations when it comes to your dreams, let that show.

3. Your experience

How have your experiences so far made you into the person you are today, how does your experiences in life influenced your dreams and your passion? This gives a background and a context to your personal why.

What is your personal why and how did you create it? Please comment and give us your thoughts on the topic, we appreciate all feed-back and opinions! 

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