My Number 1 Technique to Never Run Out of Things to Say

Imagine you are talking to someone, and the topic you’re on slowly dies out… Awkward silence is approaching and it is like the conversation just hit a wall!

Luckily – there’s a simple mindset we can use to look at conversations in a different way. When we think of conversations this way, knowing what to say gets much easier.

You’ll be able to walk into almost any conversation and know that you won’t run out of things to say.

This mindset, or method, is called “conversational threading”. In this email, I’ll show you footage from real conversations where people used this method.

In the core of this method is the fundamental realization about conversations: They don’t need to be linear.

Let me show you what this means.

Say that you come across someone you’ve never met before. Somewhere in the conversation that person mentions:

“I work as a Project Manager for an international marketing firm, so I travel quite a lot”

Afterward the conversation lingers on and eventually, the topic you’re on dies out.

Now, you can go back to any topic of your choice from that simple mention:

  • “By the way, you said that you work as a Project Manager. Do you like your job?”
  • “You mentioned that you work with marketing. What sort of marketing are you working with?”
  • “Do you like traveling or do you get exhausted by it?”
  • “You mentioned that you travel a lot, where do you usually go?”

A real world example

Here’s what you will learn in the video:

00:15 – The solution to never running out of things to say
00:36 – Linear- vs Nonlinear conversations
01:00 – Won’t you come off as random switching the subject?
01:24 – Real life example of Conversational Threading
02:30 – How to best practice Conversational Threading
02:46 – The best thing about learning this

My main goal has never been to have loads of friends or to be around people all the time. I’d rather have a close circle of friends with people I’m able to hang out with when I’m up for it.

If you can relate to this, then I think that the emails you will get from me in the coming days will be a real game changer for you.

So, if I’d say it myself, we did something pretty cool.

During two years time me and a behavioral scientist, Viktor Sander, worked together. We developed a scientifically based program to change your social life for the better.

We talked to thousands of people and tested our material on them. We listened to their feedback, made changes, and tested again. This way, we’ve been able to create material that is, what I’d like to call “pretty darn good”.

Here are the current stats


There’s one thing, in particular, we’ve seen over and over among our readers.

Many of them thought they lacked “something”. Some had an irrational feeling that things just wouldn’t improve. Still, they’ve made amazing progress. As an example, here’s what one of our readers wrote:

“… I am a lot more confident in social situations. I feel I’m a lot less awkward and find making conversation and friends a lot more of a natural process, rather than thinking it was like cracking a code…”

Armaan Chana, London, UK.

Over time, many of our readers make amazing progress. Even those who told us they felt totally lost when they started off.

P.S. What’s holding you back socially?

We all got some baggage and from my experience sharing it is the first step towards conquering it.

I read and treasure all your comments and stories. Comment below!

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