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Part 1. What I discovered about socially successful people

A couple of years ago I had a realization that changed my social life for good. In this video, I'll talk about that realization and how it might change the way you look at your social life.

Part 2. How to feel more confident in social situations

That there are specific techniques you can use to feel relaxed in social situations, even if today the mere thought of speaking to strangers might make you feel nervous.

Part 3. How to get the methods in the course to work IRL

It's one thing to watch an online course - and another thing to actually make a change in real life. Here I'll explain what you should do to become the person you want to be in real life social situations.

Part 4. A technique to quickly become more self confident when you need it

Imagine being able to use a simple trick to, after just a few minutes, start feeling more confident when you're in a social situation. In this video, I'll teach you this trick.

Part 5. Avoid awkward silence and always know what to say next

How to have a conversation to fall back on. Feeling confident that you will know what to say next will also help you enjoy social situations more.

Part 6. Going deeper into becoming a truly confident, outgoing person.

In this video I'll talk about what it takes to become a person people look up to and want to hang out with.

    We're the creators of this course

  • Viktor Sander

    Viktor has studied Behavioral Science, Social Psychology, Conflict Resolution and Interviewing Methodology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Viktor has written about Interpersonal Psychology since 2008.

  • David Morin

    David is a serial entrepreneur and business advisor. Co-founded the multi-million dollar corporation Axel & Morin in 2007.
    Founder and course producer.

  • Aida Robel

    She is the author of the book "A Better You" and a motivational speaker.
    Aida also blogs about personal development matters. Her area of expertise is self esteem.

  • Christoffer Lindgren

    Christoffer is an experienced public speaker with more than 100 hours on the stage. Has studied social psychology since 2007 and works with product development and idea generation.

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